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24 December 2006

Merry Christmas to All

As a radio writer swamped in the sea of political correctness, this past week has been full of writing the words... "Happy Holidays". So enough of that.

Krissy and I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Luke 2:14
"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests."

May God's favor rest upon you... in Jesus name.

22 December 2006

Embracing Gen X

I love that George Snuffleupagus. OK I know it's George Stroumboulopoulos but Snuffleupagus is funnier. For those of you who don't know who he is... he's the host of a cool irreverent news program on CBC Newsworld (Canada's Public Broadcaster).

When nothing is on TV (which is nearly always), my wife and I will always watch this funny/intelligent/sometimes rude/totally biased, look at what's going on in Canada and the World. I love it! He is a great representation of my generation. Unapologetically sticking it to institution.

You know what I've decided? I'm tired of apologizing for myself and Generation X. I was resently hired to do stand-up comedy at a Church. It was a disaster!!! An absolute bomb. In the first 2 minutes, I offended the entire room... they then proceed to carry on personal conversations instead of listening to a word. The leader of the night... who obviously smelled the BOMB going off on stage... actually came up and physically gave me the hook. And Boom goes the dynamite!

It was an icky religious experience I tell's ya. Honestly it was an institutional kick in the testicles. A few weeks separated from the incident... I now regret nothing. Last night on George's show "The hour" comedian Billy Connolly was talking about stand up comedy and was remarking that... " it's the job of comedians and poets to simply speak the world as it is and can't even think about the repercussions of truth." THAT IS AWESOME JACKSON!

"I'm in Generation X. There isn't anything that Generation X hates more.... than everything. " Dave Carrol
In high school I so detested the student government institution so much... that between my brother and I, we ACTUALLY got Lenny Dykstra (former MLB outfielder) election to student council. My class killed pep rally's because they are ridiculous and meaningless. The school stopped running them since we all just left. And you know what? I agree with both of those stances today. They are both false fronts with no value. You know what? It would be WAAAAAAY easier to just conform.

Conforming makes me gag. As a Christian, I hate the vain repetition of religion that Christ so abhoard. So many days, like after my comedy bomb, I wish to the dear Lord that sometimes I wish I could turn my head off and just play nice. But hear this!!!!! I cannot. It is not in me, and then closer I get to Christ, the more it rises up in me. Our establishments are corrupt. We've made little Baal's in our fancy clothes, comfortable homes, safe lifestyle, RRSP's, pretty little churches. Open your eyes... it's a lie. It's a front... and embracing them is an afront to God.

Check out these lyrics from Derek Webb's song Nobody Loves Me

i can always tell a liar
and i always know a thief
i know them like my family
because brother i’m the chief
i’m a dangerous crusader
because i need to tell the truth
so i’m turning over tables
i’m my own living room

then i might nail indictments up
on every door in town
because it’s not right or safe to let my conscience down
so i don’t care if...

nobody loves me, nobody loves me
nobody loves me but you

the truth is never sexy
so it’s not an easy sell
you can dress her like the culture
but she’ll shock ‘em just as well
because she don’t need an apology for being who she is

and she don’t need your help making enemies
so i don’t care if... nobody loves me

i’ll do whatever it takes to squeeze us into this wedding gown
i’ll say the words that rattle your nerves
words like sin and faith alone

So God, change me and this world to be more like you... whatever the cost

14 December 2006

Pimp My PM

So Stephane Dion is hinting at a spring election in Canada. Is there still time for someone to invent a TV show called "Pimp my PM"? I like this Lank Thompson esc handsome man but he needs a haircut and a personality... and quick. Oh yeah... and maybe throw the environment a bone. Trust me... it will help. Al Gore started wearing hemp paraphanalia and now he's popular with the kids.

Did you see this headline today? "World's Tallest Man saves 2 dolphins" REALLY??!!! That's stupid crazy-go-nuts-awesome. So let's pretend you're a Chinese veterinarian.
"Yao... the dolphins are ill"
"That's right Mao. They swallowed plastic"
"What should we do? Heimlich maneuver? Surgery? "
"Nah... let's call the world's tallest man and he'll yank it out with his ganley arms"

THIS IS A JOB FOR DUM DUM DAH... The World's Tallest Man!

I guess it's either that or for the world's smallest man.

12 December 2006

Big Big God

Since Sunday night, the words that have been rolling through my spirit are "Ancient of Days". The Hubble Telescope is one of the most amazing things that man has been able to piece together...

... but our most amazing contraption is only able to take a little peek at what our God orchestrated. It's unbelievable. Especially since when you look in Isaiah 43 (where God calls Himself "The Ancient of Days"), He calls US His witnesses. We're THE Vessel He's chosen to show His love to the world.

8 December 2006

Let'er Rip Bathroom Worship

This morning I watched something that truly made me smile. I was about to walk out the door for work and I heard a commotion going on in the bathroom. My wife was up in the bathroom getting ready for the day and both of our kids had wound up in there with her. She was listening to the David Crowder "Lime" CD that has a wicked version of "Undignified" on it

My kids and my wife were dancing around singing off tune in various stages of daily readiness singing... it rocked the Kazbah

I will dance, I will sing, To be mad for my King. Nothing Lord is hindering this passion in my soul. And I'll become
Even more undignified than this. Some may say it's foolishness but I'll become even more undignified than this.

The more time passes, the more I detest religion and everything it stands for. It's about formality... a reserved lifestyle... repetition. Yuck. Why in the WORLD would you want to be a part of that club???? Oh yeah. I don't.

Check out this. It's an article that was in the LA Times about a group called the Godmen. They are a group who are carrying the banner of "Church has become too female and our men are no longer free to be REAL men." They're message basically is... "let'er rip brother."

I loved watching the Undignified Bathroom Worship. I thought to myself... this is more pure and honest worship than most of the churches I've been in in my life. It's an on the spot honest expression of adoration. It's "let'er rip" worship.

"Hello world. My name is Dave. You remember how I used to care what you thought? Bite me Doughboy."

6 December 2006

We were wrong

We were so sure that this one was going to be boy. But there it was on the ultrasound.... The hot dog bun.

Soon in my home... I will be officially outnumbered.

1 December 2006

Business and Ministry

Something that has always amazed me, is that the church shows little to no innovation when it comes to accomplishing our goals. If we were in the business world... (and we are)... we would suffocate and become obsolete... (which we are) Doh!

If you haven't heard yet today is World AIDS day and there are quite a number of companies that have decided to come together and release products where a portion of the proceeds go towards AIDS like AMEX, Converse, The Gap and More

I would love a "Red" Credit Card. What great idea that my purchases and interest actually gets to partner with something worthy of my investment. But the cool thing is that American Express still makes money. LOTS of money. And AIDS medication gets into the hands of those who need it. LOTS of it! Bono's into it too.

Interesting eh? Bono's theory is that "celebrity" is a currency. He gets to spend it however he wants.

Now what would happen if the church partnered with business? What if we finally began to see what God has given us as an asset instead of a demerit? It's THE power to change the world. What if business saw what the church does as an asset too? Know why it hasn't happend yet? Because we're answering questions that nobody is asking. We're not actually impacting our world to the point where AMEX who has access to Billions of dollars says... it profits me to partner with you because you're doing sooo much good.

Chew on that for a bit!

29 November 2006

Christmas is going up!

These pictures are actually a couple of weeks old now, but Christmas is up and running in the Carrol homestead.

Growing up, my parents were pretty strict "Not before December" people. Some of that had to do with getting a real tree. But after Krissy and I tried that our first year of marriage and I spent 6 months picking pine needles out of the carpet... we bailed and got a fakey.

But we seem to get just more and more excited for the Christmas season each year. One year we actually put up the tree on Halloween. We held off a bit longer this year... but our reasoning is.... WHY WAIT? I'm an adult and I likes it... so I does it. Jared is wishing everyone a Merry Christmas these days and asking for Harry Connick Jr. Christmas CD's to be played. Rock on Boy!

I think it's just the feeling of the season. Gifts have thankfully become less important to my family gatherings as more and more kids make their appearance on the scene. The gift part is more for their sake than anyone else. I took Monday off to spend the day with my wife finishing up shopping for Jared and Aislin. Quite fun... although that evil Toy's R Us Giraffe took a nice chunk of our money!

We honestly didn't know where money was going to come from for Christmas presents this year. But we have never once known... and every year, something happens to make sure there is enough. This year, I got a nice cheque from one of my freelance partners for whom I write radio ads and voice some too. A bunch of work "happened" to come my way and it took care of our kids for Christmas.

I love how God works. Mysterious ways yes... but in not so mysterious ways too. Because you can count on him to give you the desires of you heart.... when you trust him to. Faith is the ingredient of provision-instigation. Let the Christmas season begin!

21 November 2006

Good Gosh this so called inter-net

A couple of years ago while on a Missions Trip to the Philippines, I had the surreal experience of chatting with my wife on MSN from half a world away. We were on our "vacation" couple days at the end of the trip, scuba diving on a small island in the South China Sea. I remember typing,

"You wouldn't believe what I'm looking at right now...."
Yet we were just chatting like we would while I'm slacking off at work any day of the week. The world we live in.

Today I had the chance to chat on MSN with a Missionary name Christopher Elmerick in Berlin Germany. I found his Blog maybe 6 months ago and have been following what God's been doing in their lives in a city and country where I feel I'm going to be released to go one day... and have this seemingly random heart for (for no particular reason other than God).

I've been able to learn what he's learning. Experience from a distance what his wife Stephanie and he are experiencing.... as well as pray over their family and ministry from afar. Today... even though he's in Europe and I'm Brantford... we found out that Krissy and I spent a couple of night's on our vacation this summer right around their neighborhood in Ohio. It was great!

We shared what God's been doing in each of our ministry's. We briefly debated about how God's people get spurred into action. It was like sitting in my living room with a Brother in Christ from around the corner. And you know what? That's what we ALL are in these days.

In this day and age, we can learn ANYTHING ABOUT ANYTHING and basically stay in connection with ANYONE we choose to. And that goes for ANYTHING. It goes for God's leading too. Oh burn on that one. Whatever God speaks, is accomplishable. It always has been... but now... there are NO MORE EXCUSES for inaction.

When God speaks... do. When God teaches... learn. When God imparts... eat it up! At our "Fusion" Evangelism Conference this weekend, the quote that stuck out the most was that
"every gift in the Kingdom is free... when you take it by faith"
Get to the know the Elemerick's at their Blog... pray over them... speak life in Germany. God wants to EXPLODE there... just so you know. I speak that into life in Jesus Name! Don't be shocked when it happens... I told you so.

20 November 2006

Got it... need it

Freedom House is really on the verge of exploded. It just couldn't feel any better honestly. Well no wait. It would feel better if...

a) There was heat
b) there was a bigger, better cool bar we could move into.

Hmmm... If you pray... pray that God does what He loves doing and provides for Accelerated Impact

14 November 2006

Speak your heart... Spur me Baby

It can be an interesting life as a leader.

I woke up just wiped today after last night's city election where my Pastor finished 6th of 7 in his Ward. While, those numbers don't look great, it was honestly amazing because God has opened so many door because of his obedience. Just awesome really. God is Good... all th... OK STOP THAT!

But I woke up this morning feeling quite emotionally tuned. I was a bit down because Chris Friel was not successful in his bid to because Mayor and we didn't as many votes as we hoped for.

But I also felt full of brotherly love for my Pastor. His obedience to the endth degree is inspiring. God's anointing is overwhelming when he functions in his apostolic gifting.

But I also felt very in love with my Savior today. I had the U2 song "All I want is you" rolling through my spirit. Check these lyrics.

You say you'll give me eyes in a world of blindness
A river in a time of dryness
A harbour in the tempest

But all the promises we make
From the cradle to the grave
When all I want is you

I love singing secular love songs to Jesus. It brings our love affair with the eternal to a level where we can dwell together with some semblance of understanding.

Tonight, my task at hand is to preach to 40 young adults. Unlike other weeks, tonight God has told me simply, "Speak your heart". Not much else. My task is like Joshua... to lead the march as the heavenly orchestra plays (metaphorically of course). To speak when the spirit of God releases with the words he gives.

Tonight I know I'll be overcome with emotion in the presence of God. I know I'll speak with abandon. I know I won't check my "will I offend the dead?" meter before speaking honest truth that cuts... then sooths... then releases into freedom.

So God... you tell me to speak my heart. Let my heart be your heart.

10:48PM now
Listen to what came out...

2 November 2006

Ahhh Underpants

Every morning when it comes time to get my son's underpants on... what to know what I hear 10 times, followed by repeated giggles? Click Melman. Enjoy. Maybe enjoy 10 times. Then giggle. 10 times.

26 October 2006

Why worship when there is work to be done?

Mary or Martha baby? What's the deal? Why does Martha get so much smack talked about her when there IS MUCH work to be done? Evangelism doesn't happen by itself numbnuts! Why do those who hold worship so dear get poo-pooed because there are homeless to feed and the Salvation Army get criticized for only ignoring the spiritual things?

Check out this Post I put up on our young adult ministry's Blog earlier today... linked to logo...
There's a quote from Louie Giglio, the passion behind "Passion"
If you've ever wondered, that's what's driving Passion. Yes, we are moved by the glory of God, and the desire to see His fame come to the campuses of the nation. But there is a direct correlation between these millions of hearts awakening and His name echoing through the courtyards.We are not pouring our energies into Passion07 just so we can have another fantastic event for believers. Rather so that every student might have a chance to breathe mercy and be embraced by hope.

We know another Passion gathering is not the solution. That lies in the kindness of God and the willingness of those who do know Him to live out vibrant faith in open spaces so that one by one the numbers can shift and the anthem can grow louder for His renown
Love that! Because seeing the world come to know Christ... and worship... are not diametric. They are complimentary. Check out Acts 2. The wind blew in the new season... the fire came and empowered the hungry then Peter walked outside into the earth and began speaking with a new boldness that other's noticed... and why? Because he was actually equipped to do the job right.

Our level of worship, hunger and willingness to submit to the Holy Spirit and it's authority is vividly displayed by the fact that we're impotent when it comes to changing the society around us. Worship is primary... it activates the tools necessary for effective evangelism and serving.

The problem with Martha was never her actions... it was that she didn't give Jesus his proper due while in His presence.

24 October 2006

Things I've decided

That not unlike Bruce Springsteen... I'm a "Cool Rockin' Daddy".

That if it's not in a box of 8 crayons... it's not really a colour.

That I'm a Dave in every aspect of the word.

That I'd rather sleep in my bed than any other bed in the world.

That (most of the time)... I love how my wife smells.

That I still get off on making other people laugh.

That I'm more excited about heaven than I realize.

That my own death doesn't scare me even a little.

That there is not one single good use for Smooth Jazz.

That the pen is mightier than the sword but the Holy Spirit beats them both down with a stick

That I like writing way more than reading

That 3 legged jeans will always be one of my favorite obscure SNL references that nobody remembers ("A leg and a leg and a leg")

What have you decided?

19 October 2006


Honestly, sometimes I wonder about time. Most of my life, I've wondered why it moves so slowly. But now, at 30 (which is awesome by the way) I'm busier than I've ever been. And it's not even close in the busy contest. Even when I was in college... getting married... playing baseball every waking hour... have I ever felt this busy.

Days can come and go and I'll think, "Did today even happen?", it can be such a blur. I really enjoy it more than ever too. There are people I know, who's life is extraordinarily boring. I sometimes wonder what it's like not to be involved in anything and at the end of the day have your life be about nothing but work.

It's one of the plethora of reason's why I love God. He gives you a reason to move... a fuel for joy... and a grand destination to arrive at. I love that He puts us in positions of INFLUENCE when we're willing to be put there.

I realized the last couple of mornings as my kids have decided to wake up pre-6am and come into bed with us and stick their feet in my face to wake me up... that like never before... time is not mine. God's walked me into a new season of releasing my own selfish desires to Him... for His Name and His Renown... (I love that scripture BTW... I'd get it tattooed on me... if tattoos didn't look stupid!) Ha

BTW... you can check out my new Podcast if you're interested linked on the right. You can follow along with the teaching on my other young adult ministry blog brantfordrevolution.blogspot.com

15 October 2006

A visable tapestry of time

This is one of my favorite things that I have ever written. It poured out of me last fall while feeling the texture of a midway turned leaf.

"I love the melancholy nature of fall. Odors of damp leaves combined with rich rustic colour blanket the earth. Cool mornings and dim evenings. The boisterous summer, with it’s flashy cars, muscle shirts, teenagers possessing the landscape give way to an earthly hush and mature introspective moments. It’s the texture of the fall that excites me. It’s visable tapestry of time. You remember when life was conceived… you had your moment in the sun, and you can taste the cold coming. The texture of
autum."Life is constantly changing. Even in the appearance of dormancy, there is change. You are being changed into the sum of your actions.

I've been mulling this thought over for some time now and I'm feeling stronger and stronger
about the fact that "Good things and Bad things do not exist... only things". We sense a beautiful, evolving, flawed earth, in which we are amazed, challenged, and knocked around. Should we choose to acknowlege it, we'll see that The Artist knows what the whole painting looks like as He wields his brush.

13 October 2006

Big Ear Speaks

Hey there. Though you all may like the chance to hear my weekly teaching from Revolution... the young adult ministry that we run on Tuesday nights at Freedom House.

Just click here to download, or I'll link the site on the right. Although download would likely work better... since they have me talking in double time right now... glitches... go figure.

11 October 2006

Thanksgiving Camping

For likely 15 years or so, my family has been travelling to the small town of Owen Sound (on Georgian Bay) for our traditional Thanksgiving camp. The number's of people involved have ranged over of the years from 25 on the high side to 9 this year. Since we started, there have been MANY variables.

There have been marriages, divorces, kids have come, kids have gone, new jobs, loss of jobs, friends that have come, friends that have gone, many shapes and sizes of cars, different tents and trailers, various pets, weather from blizzards to shorts and t's...

There have also been MANY constants. The re-establishing of unity, the beauty of God's creation, the Salmon making their spawning run, the entrenching of true function of family, allowing ourselves a break from world, and more than anything... perspective.

This year during one of my many long sessions of starring at fire. God spoke to me about what it takes for His fire to fall.

  1. It takes Substance (Wood) = It takes us giving Him our life in Worship
  2. It takes Space (Oxygen) = It takes us taking a step back and being willing to LET God change us
  3. It takes Combustion (Spark)
This is the part where we have little control over and the part that can be most frustrating. Only God can light our fire. It's not something that the apostle's did that let a wind blow into the Upper Room and let the tongues of fire rest on them. Check out Acts 2. It's wild baby. They simply allowed God to supernaturally take them where He desired, and what followed was quite simply a Revolution that we still feel today. Azuza Street and it's 100th anniversary this year was great and all... but it's the same spirit that can take us places... if we bring the elements to allow for combustion.

I've heard my family tell the same stories over and over and over and over and over again around Thanksgiving campfires. I can't say that it doesn't grow tiresome sometimes. But it's part of my "Thanksgiving Soundtrack"It's extremely contenting.

Combined with the sound of the river, the geese flying overhead, the sound of my own voice saying, "Aislin... come back here"... all let my spirit refresh itself and has me re-focused on what is shaping up to be a busy season of life, work, and ministry. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

1 October 2006

Clean-ups and Smack-downs

Today was fall clean up day at the Carrol home. Pulling out the whithering plants... getting those last few tomatoes, emptying the waterline so the pipes don't freeze... the most wonderful time of the year. The kids had a great time helping with the chores and being outside with the family. THEN.... KABOOM!
Like Hank Hill once said, "I'll tell you what..."

I love my kids with all of my heart. Looking into their perdy little faces bring joy to my spirit... then as peaceful little angels, they look back at you and scream...


Usually this is followed by a series of will-battles, kicks, time-out, spank threats (I don't care ... the smackdown flat out works :) It was just one of those days where life with kids was a fight to understand why we're hatching #3! Are we lunatics????

I hate having to discipline my son, but...
  1. He needs it
  2. We need it
  3. If we didn't... he'd wind up as crack snortin, knife wielding, long haired freaky lookin' person who couldn't get a job because he dropped out of grade 2 to follow his career as a mud wrestling official
Hebrews talks about how not only does God discipline us, but it's because he accepts us as son's that does it. Because he's a good father. Responsible. Even has the nerve to call it encouragement. What a wonderful reminder, because many times as parents, we wish the yelling, fighting, arguing... and pooping if we're asking... would just stop. But kids are kids. They look for the limits to find out what truth is. My son doesn't hate me. He loves me to death. And I love him enough to reciprocate that love. Moo ha ha ha ha.

Sidenote: I've never actually spanked yet. My wife does it... because she's the man.... metaphorically of course

30 September 2006


Today I tried on my old winter jacket. I would say that I'm swimming in the stupid thing. Of course, it was big on me before and I weigh 50lbs less than I did last time I wore it. Nertz. I guess that's what a year of fasting will do it a fat guy!

Our pastor has called Freedom House to another 40 day fast beginning Monday. Now weighing 159lbs... I started to wonder just how thin this man wants me to get. But instead of food this time, God has called Krissy and I to fast the almighty television for 40 days.

One of the things that God taught be during my mother of all fasts, was that in the moment it's all about obedience (like nearly everything our walk with God) and answers come later. I know now that my previous fast accomplished many things.
  1. I never really believed I could loose that much weight
  2. Spurred me on to begin actual exercise
  3. Taught me to think about what I'm putting into my body
  4. Taught me spiritual discipline
Going without television (just when the baseball playoff are about to start I might ad), is going to walk us into another new world. As sad as this may sound to some, television has always been an overly large part of our lives. It's only on the rare occasion that we will shut the TV off in the evening and read, talk, etc. together. Don't get me wrong... we're careful what we watch but even if we're not intently watching what's on... it's on.

The Bible talks about how some things only happen with prayer and fasting. The practical result of fasting, is almost like a social experience. "What would happen if a person was without _______ for a period of time". Hmmmm let's watch shall we. Invariably we turn to God because our flesh begins squirming since it's accustomed to the comforts of our world.

One of things that irked me most when returning from Ghana a number of years ago was when people would talk about Africa and say... "Well aren't we blessed to not have go through what they do" or,"Makes you appreciate what we have." Well no Homer. They have something that we don't and, in many cases, it as a direct result of being without our precious physical comfort. They have a reliable social network (not government... actual friends... not computer MSN friends... wild!), they have joy. I WANT what they have.

I'm quite looking forward to seeing how, first my flesh, then my spirit reacts to no television for 40 days. It is likely going to be in a way that could only happen with a fast. Supernatural God leading dead flesh just releases our spirit from the POW camps we're struggling not to have to live in anymore.

24 September 2006


I woke up to the sound of a pre-dawn thunderstorm
It’s where we stand in history my brother
It’s where we’ve stood for a long time
God sends rain, we feel rain, we hide from rain because its effects are unknown
What will happen when we stand out in the rain?
What will the neighbors think?

A woman screams in childbirth
With the welcoming of the new, comes real pain
With pain comes violent change
There’s no hiding from it, there’s no escaping it, though there’s peace in embracing it
What will happen when change is embraced?
Will time release its close-kept secrets?

Raindrops stop and I look around the room
Everything is in disarray
It had to be this way
I know it
The way it was wouldn’t do, the way it was couldn’t have held up, that way is gone.
What happens next?

22 September 2006

Could I be Billy Bee

Today I auditioned to be the voice of "Billy Bee" of Billy Bee Honey fame. In all Billy's days he has never spoken. Could I be the one? I was telling my small group about last night and they were saying "You should pray and ask God what voice to use". What a funny prayer that would be

"Dear Lord, what does this adorable corporate logo sound like?"

19 September 2006


I love living in Canada. The seasons are so different and distinct. Each have their own feel, attributes, smells, stimuli, and lessons to be learned. The melancholy nature of fall is my favorite season. Odors of damp leaves combined with rich rustic colour blanketing the earth. Cool mornings and dim evenings. The boisterous summer, with it’s flashy cars, muscle shirts, teenagers possessing the landscape give way to an earthly hush and mature introspective moments. It’s the texture of the fall that excites me. It’s a visable tapestry of time. You remember when life was conceived… you had your moment in the sun, and you can taste the cold coming. The texture of autum.

18 September 2006

The Carrol's go to the Zoo

I hadn't been to the Toronto Zoo in quite a number of years... but if you're going to punk out of work on a Monday, definetly not a bad place to take the kids!

12 September 2006

I'm a hypocrite

This can be such a discouraging/encouraging part of Scripture:

Romans 7: 14-25

We know that the law is spiritual; but I am unspiritual, sold as a slave to sin. I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.

On my lunch break today, I browsed through Chapters and was reading snippets from the book "Bono in conversation with Michka Assaya. He had some absolutely fascinating things to say about our Christian faith (which I do believe we share with Bono).

"Bono: If only we could be a bit more like Him, the world would be transformed. …When I look at the Cross of Christ, what I see up there is all my shit and everybody else's. So I ask myself a question a lot of people have asked: Who is this man? And was He who He said He was, or was He just a religious nut?....

This man was strapping himself to a bomb, and had "King of the Jews" on his head, and, as they were putting him up on the Cross, was going: OK, martyrdom, here we go. Bring on the pain! I can take it. I'm not joking here. The idea that the entire course of civilization for over half of the globe could have its fate changed and turned upside-down by a nutcase, for me, that's far fetched"

He talks about how being around the religious makes him squirmish. And... play this out... and you know who he's talking about to a great extend? OUR PRECIOUS MODERN MEGA-CHURCHES!! Jesus kicked in the areas of His culture that needed a book-kicking. He didn't put up with wrong motives. He didn't put up with false fronts. He didn't put up with selfishness about the sacred. Bono's a hypocrit too mind you... and revels in it. Embraces it even to a certain extent.

I feel like my perception of the term "being sold out for God" is being rocked. In safer times, it used to mean, go to Bible College, be a missionary in a far off land, work at finding the right way to bring Jesus into a conversation with heathens, start a church and coddle over-fed larded up saints into bulah land, sing Amazing Grace at the funeral and start again. My apologies for my harshness... but not really.

I'm starting to see that we're like Paul... knowing what we should be, but being conned into SECOND BEST. And our "Modern Style" Churches that we all thought WERE the needed Revolution... was just a new context in which to compromise.

"Bono: The point of the death of Christ is that Christ took on the sins of the world, so that what we put out did not come back to us, and that our sinful nature does not reap the obvious death. That's the point. It should keep us humbled… It's not our own good works that get us through the gates of heaven."

What's the answer? I simply do not know... YET. But I do know that living with hypocrisy is not good for my spirit. It deadens it. And it's heavier and heavier the further I go into ministry. I have a ravenous desire for the HOLY, yet my actions and words are yet to line up. When I preach or teach, it simply exposes more areas of my heart that have not had true heavenly revelation brought to it yet. At the same time, I know it's my merciful, gracious God spurring me further and challenging me to release what I know and exchange it for a new mind. Are other people experience this bubbling up in this age?

8 September 2006

Veggies on NBC!

Check this out! Starting tomorrow morning on NBC... VeggieTales will begin airing at 10am... followed by Larry Boy cartoons. Check out the personal blog of Phil Vischer... one of the creators of the cartoon. He tells the whole story about how originally NBC only wanted to take out the scripture verse at the end, but then gradually pushed to remove more of the God related references. Did they actually watch Veggie Tales??? It's an interesting scenario that I'm sure they got stuck in. Do we continue on without the God references or do we bail on an amazing opportunity to have a whole new audience for the veggies.

One of the things that VeggieTales have always done VERY VERY well is communicate Christ-like values in well-thought-out scenarios... that actually make me laugh. I'm glad that they've gone ahead. Props to Phil. Like he talks about, these video with Christian teaching are available in Walmart and this can only lead to more children learning about Christianity. Not to mention good values... and as a parent of their target audience... it's not easy to find programs that really point towards truth... not just fun. Go Veggies! I'm a big fan.

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