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30 April 2006

The ticket, the blessing and the bike

Tuesday night turned out to be quite something. I spent 2-3 hours Monday night setting up Freedom House... really funky like... for Revolution. This meant that on my way to church on Tuesday, I'd be able to spend a few minutes with the kids, get a Tim Horton's and be able to hang with people at church instead of running around setting up tables. But as I was crossing over the Grand River, a friendly neighbourhood police officer decided that he should run my licence plates (co-incidentally... nudge, nudge, wink, wink). As it turned out, I had apparently forgotten to renew my drivers licence... LAST OCTOBER! Seems that is frowned upon! Long story short... the officer informed me that I would be getting a 325 dollar ticket and went back to the cruiser to write it up. As I sat in my Cavalier... I heard God tell me "Pray for him. Don't worry about your money... I always provide. His life is more important than your money."

There was a time where I would have ignored God and turned up the sulking-meter. But I've learned that, as Junior Aspargus says, "God's way is the best way... I know that He will take care of us if we will follow Him." So I prayed God's protection on a man who puts himself in harm's way for others everyday. A number of important people in my life are policemen and women and I respect them greatly for what they do. God told me... "Don't worry... he'll give you a ride to church and by your actions, I'll teach him something about MY character." After giving me the ticket, the officer proceded to give me a ride, where he apologized to me a number of times for having to give me the ticket, and proceeded to tell me that all he gets most days are people lying to him and how refreshing it has been to chat with me!

Did I shove a track in his pocket? Nope. Did I walk him through the book of Romans? Nope. Did God teach him something about His character? Yes Sir. And what was Dave's role? Nothing. Just hear and obey baby.

Being fresh in my mind, I spoke about this incident at Revolution, putting the whole incident behind me. Later on in the evening as we were having a very cool intimate time with the living, speaking, God whom I live for... Brian Beattie, my pastor, felt that I should not have to walk out the Big Blue House with this ticket hanging over my head, and 30 something young adults (spontaniously) sowed around 700 dollars into my life. Humbling man!

A couple of things of note came out of this situation. First thing of note was that,

a) Strangely... we actually HAD the money to pay the ticket. But this money would come out of our "fund" that was going to let Krissy and I take a vacation together (for the first time since our honeymoon). Minstry, life and kids (none of which I would ever ever change) has never allowed vacations to be a reality. This was God, sowing back into my marriage. That is so overwhelming and meaningful because God not only cares about putting bread on our tables, but he wants to lavish "Good and perfect gifts" on those who trust him"

b) My wife and I then prayed about what to do with the rest of the blessing money. We are in DESPARATE need of a van... should it go into a fund? Nope. We have a debt... should be pay that off? Nope. The darn kids are always growing... should we get them clothes? Nyet. God showed my wife that this was to go to bless me. As pictured above... yesterday God blessed me with a bike. I haven't owned a bike in maybe 12 years! I rode it today and it was just awesome. Such a simple thing but I am so apriciative.

God has so many reasons for leading us how he does. In this specific instance, here are 10 thing that I can see already see that God did.

1) Teach police officer something about God
2) Teach Dave that obedience is more important than money
3) Now I won't get an unfortunate suprise fine on my 30th Birthday
4) Taught the young adults at Revolution the same lesson
5) Release others in the area of giving... therefore releasing even greater financial blessing on them
6) God encouraged us that our marriage is important to him
7) We still get to go on a vacation
8) God allowed my wife to give into my life
9) More money is given to the provincial government (I'm not being sarcastic either)
10) I get a new story to tell for the rest of my life

Isaiah 26:8
Yes Lord, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; Your name and Your RENOWN are the desire of our heart

25 April 2006

Comic Sans... I still love you

I seem to have created quite a stir about the use of the only font that even a mental patient could readily use and enjoy. Think about it. When you see the beautiful round "e", and the flowing grace of the capital "P"... it will bring salty tears of love to you eyes.

My search for a superior font has taken my far and wide. From the choppy insanity of SimSun to the nether regions of Tahoma, there is none that quite compares to Comic Sans. To me, there are some distinct advantages...

1. It makes you feel like you're at the circus
2. You can make others think that you're actually a very intelligent young person instead of a partially braindead 30 year old
3. You can "stick it" to (as my hipity hop friends say) "The Haters"

I have found quite a number of websites devoted solely to discredit this misunderstood rebel font that somehow slipped past Bill Gates icy grip on humanity. 2 words... "pomp-us". There are many ways that "the enemy" tries to divide this world my friends. And while I believe the principle of Unity=Commanded Blessing... I'm not sure how people like me can breathe the same C02 that Non-Comic Sans folks do.

Mother Theresa did many wonderful things, Gandhi had some interesting concepts, and Kermit the Frog's it's not easy being green still makes me weep to this day... but Comic Sans... you. You my friend bring nations together as one.

Please observe the deep philosophical points made in this website which is Pro-CS. The parallels between Casablanca and this miracle font are stunning.


Dave (taking my tongue out of my cheek)

My people

24 April 2006

Blog This!

Dave learns to Blog... tonight on Fox. My first question... why can you use the font Webdings (webdings) and not comic font. Are there many webdings writers out there? Honestly... how is one supposed to write without COMIC? So instead I'm using something called "Trebuchet" which loosely translated is French for "that'll do donkey" Wow... now that's font.

To get a few little items out of the way, I have to put a few words in the Blog that will let weird strangers find me if they're searching Blogs. Here we go.

Freedom House
Niagara College
Flying Monkey Livers
Dave Carrol
Ernest goes to anything

Whew! Glad I got that out of the way. My lovely wife informed me that I was only allowed to be a nerd and have a Blog if I did it at work. So if my boss comes in, I'll have to fabricate some Smooth Jazz nonsense. For those of you who don't know... I write commercials for www.wave947.fm Very intense work. It's like being stranded in an elevator 24 hours a day while Kenny G is on "a roll".

That's it for now. Look at me... I'm a Blogger!

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