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31 May 2006

The church needs to come out of the closet

When I was in college, one of the electives I choose (for whatever reason) was called "Social deviance". One of the topics we discussed was Homosexuality. We proceeded to discover that our professor was a gay rights activist that would not let anyone with a contrary opinion to his speak. By the end of the class, security guards were brought into class so that Christians were not allowed to speak. This is 100% true with no exaggeration. Once "Rick" discovered that I was a Christian, I could not even hand in a paper to him without him backing away in fear. He would not get within a 10 foot radius of me, even though I had been nothing but intentionally kind. I couldn't help but wonder, "What did the church do to hurt you this deep?"

But it doesn't take much searching into our "holy closet full of skeletons" to find the answer. We treat homosexuality with contempt, outrage, and harsh harsh judgment. It is just plain DISGRACEFUL that the church is this guilty in this area. I have news for you... We are dead wrong and owe many people a lot of apologies. Not because homosexuality is right or acceptable, but here's a sobering thought... In Romans, the other issues listed along with it are things like Jealousy, Discord, Selfishness, Envy. Ever had issues with those??? Yes??? Why??? Because you're a human and you'll be attacked in whatever area you are susceptible to. It doesn't matter to the devil if you live a life bound by Homosexuality or bound by ambition.

Even with the great and wonderful post modern church (sarcasm), Homosexuality is still so taboo, nearly all who struggle with it will never share it with brothers in Christ for fear that it will bring judgment. And this is likely a justified thought. How would you feel if you were in this position. We claim to be free from our sins while heaping judgment on others. It's prideful and it's wrong wrong wrong. Allow this to be spoken about without joking or shame. It will create a place where it can be another (in our long line of human struggles) burden to be shared by our Savior and his body, instead of a heavy, shame-filled, secret that is carried solely by so many.

29 May 2006

The Begats

Enough of the bliz blah and flim flam and get to the bloody point" Mr Burns

I once knew a guy who, by heart, could rattle off "The Begats". Was he ever fun at parties! They could be one of the dullest portions of scripture. Janie from The Simpsons even once skipped double dutch to their rythmic nature.

"...and Abishua begat Bukki, and Bukki begat Uzzi, And Uzzi begat Zerahiah, and Zerahiah begat Meraioth..." Oh baby, now that's good scripture! Even the Message couldn't make these interesting.

Begat: To produce as an effect; to cause to exist

I love that God uses generations. He passes things down from generation to generation, both good and bad... because as John 3:6 says, "Flesh gives birth to flesh but spirit gives birth to spirit"

Whatever you are, rubs off on others around you. Like it or not... you are influenced by what you see, what you hear, who you hang around, who you choose to learn... along with those you don't want to learn from. Have you ever heard people say they want to "give their kids the lives they didn't have"? That's all good, but it only actually works if you live it first. You can't pass on something that you don't have.

First get free... then live free... then free others. "Begat" freedom!

27 May 2006

Walking in Paris

The fam went for a walk in "The prettiest town in Canada" Paris Ontario today. My sister in law grew up there and I spent many many days poking fun at it as "The land of corn". But it's really quite a beautiful little town when you get out into it! Gotta love this sun... Oh Canada!

25 May 2006

The New World

The view from the plateau is both imposing and wondrous. It can feel as if you are peering over a rocky cliff into the New World like a child spying quietly from a hiding place. The Old World carries on obliviously behind you. It’s full of familiar sights, smells, and friends that you know intimately. They’ve been there for you, and you for them. It’s filled with tangible treasure. Some earned… some not. You know the Old World. It’s ins… and it’s outs. You know how that world will shout when it’s prodded and how far it can be pushed with cracking. Manipulation of the old world now comes easy. To some, it’s prime, fresh real estate to be conquered and subdued. But to your eyes, its sheen has faded into the grey mist.

Nothing is sure about the New World ahead. Its expanse is alarming. From my vantage point, only the gateway is visible to eye… and even that is a blur. But it’s vibrant! To even think about it, causes your entire being throb like a late-round fighter. It has the sensation of danger; but you know who goes before you. Over the mountains, you are assured of a warm refuge from whatever comes your way. Do you dare set your foot in virgin soil? Will support present itself when the territory is so foreign? Will others follow… and would it matter if they did? What will the Old World gossip be, when someone of your simple pedigree set's out on a path not yet carved?

It’s a task, a quest, a thrill ride, but holds in its hands an unwavering compass for the invisible map drawn for one. The New World is an ancient country full of lore and enticing mystery. It’s a land that has been inhabited by many; yet in my moment of decision, it’s a blank canvass screaming aloud for a design... that only my dreams can see.

What I once knew as home is no longer filled with music. The sounds life, the odor of freshly baked bread, and the prosperity that was once in abundance, left my four walls vacant… lamentably, long before I packed my own bag. There is nothing left for me there.

Today is declaration day. This new terrain deserves the forward motion that requires two feet. “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored. He hath loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword. His truth is marching on.” With boldness, subjection and righteous fear, I forge onward in the presence of King.

Dave Carrol
May 25th, 2006

24 May 2006

Lost is going away!

A couple of days ago, Jack Bauer saved the world... then got captured by the Chineese. I'm sure he'll be OK. Seems like a nice boat. See ya in the fall Kiefer. Now tonight, summer claims another victim. Listen to me ABC...Do what you want to Jin, Michael, even Sun... she's the grower of fresh veggies but I'm OK with it.

But for the love of all that is good and right in this world... don't kill off Mr. Ekko. You mess with Ekko, you're messin' with Dave. Or Hurley. Just because... well... he looks like this. Claire is apparently trying to burrow through his intestines in this picture. .

23 May 2006

I love my church

The more I think about it, the more I love my church. It's more than just the mirror ball... although I'm a big fan.

When I come across articles in Christian publications that I actually agree with and don't leave me with that dirty... I gotta get out of here feeling... more often than not, they are written from the "Church has got to change because it's stiffling me" perspective. As so they should be really, because church has got to change... because it's stiffling God. But I have to say, that my church seeks out truth and chooses to live in it... whatever that may look like. I actually end up not being able to relate anymore because I'm not having to say "Oh I wish I could....x at church. I wish we didn't have to_______".

We have people rearranging vacations so as to not miss church, I ditched a free Isreal Houghten concert because the Holy Spirit is so strong at Freedom House... dang... a couple of weeks ago, we released the kids in our church to pray/prophesy over the rest of the body and it was a stinkin' blowout! Kids can HEAR God like you wouldn't believe. Try teaching them... then just sit back with a pad of paper and be amazed.

Freedom House is a place where...
- Worship is paramount
- Culture is passed through God to see what's truly of value
- Time is given to God to move... how HE desires to move instead of how we can schedule the maker of the universe
- Extravagant Giving is a way of life
- Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Evangelists and Pastors are identified, equipped and released to be what they were intended to be. No more kind hearted shepards being jammed into incorrect roles only to have their hearts broken... or prophetic vissionaries suffering through visiting every person who has the sniffles.

It's all about God... not really about Freedom House... because (all of us) we're only ever just facilitators of God's Movements... But honestly, I'm not sure what I'd be doing without being allowed to be in a place of Freedom. I wonder if Barna's Revolution would even exist if God was allowed to be as BIG as He'd like to be? I'm choosing to raise my kids in Revival... whatever that means... wherever on earth we ever go... whatever church setting we find ourselves in... I'm choosing to do whatever I have to let God be HUGE in my world and the world around me.

He's worth it.

22 May 2006

Happy Birthday Queen Victoria... I got you some poop

Every May 24th weekend, my grandmother who was born and raised in the very British Bahamas used to sing this little ditty...

"Oh...The 24th of May is the Queen's Birthday. If we don't get a holiday, we'll all run away".

That's Europe for ya! Did you know that in Germany, they have 24 legislated holidays? Honestly? We have about 3... and one is the birthday of a Queen we haven't had for quite some time now! Back when the name Camilla only made us think of Gonzo the Muppett and his weird chicken fetish.

Now that we have a house to take care of, we've crumbled under the societal pressure to spend this weekend by purchasing sheep poop and scattering it strategically in our backyard. Then later tonight, we will stare into the night sky like mindless drones as we watch yokels shoot off 30 dollars fireworks.... "Uh shucks clem... look at 'dem perdy lights!"

I'm not a big fan of tradition. Our society is as bound by tradition as our church is by religion. "We've never done it that way" are some of the most dangerous words a man can speak. They can stop you from ever growing, learning, and succeeding in whatever endevour you're working at... because to go somewhere you've never been, you have to do things you've never done. Socrates said "An unexamined life is not worth living."

There's nothing inherently wrong with planting flowers this weekend. I did it myself! The sad things is just that, eyebrows would actually be raised if I didn't. Weird people we are.

18 May 2006

Voiceover world

I'm not sure if I invented this phrase or whether I stole it... but working in broadcasting is basically "perks in lew of pay". You get to do some pretty cool things and have access to a whole lot of free stuff, but don't always get paid that well to do it.

A couple of years ago, a friend suggested that I try to get into the world of voiceover work, and after about 3 years of plugging away I'm finally starting to get some fairly regular voiceover work on the side. And I've found that it's quite the opposite... "pay in lew of perks". But I'm OK with that. A couple of weeks ago, I played "annoying NASCAR freaky husband" in a commercial that is running all throughout Ontario. For one 30 second ad and one 60 second ad, it was one hour of work and 400 dollars. Not too shabby.

Then there are jobs like last night, where this voiceover thing is truly work. I wound up in a small, smokin' hot studio for close to 3 hours, trudging my way through 45 minutes of financial technical jargen. One with my own voice, one with a British accent and one with a Bronx accent (which I based on Hank Azaria's "Nat" character off "Mad about You"). It left me exhausted frankly. And since most of studio's that I work in are in downtown Toronto, it's quite a trek. You can listen to a sample of my stuff at the address below.


But it's a cool feeling seeing this weird gift I've always had, being translated in something practical and usefull in the adult world. But, just like anything, when it's business, even humourous things become like paperwork. I'm thrown in a booth and am basically a piece of meat and poked and proded until the right sound comes out of my mouth. Was it Kierkagard or Dick Van Patten who once said "I joke... and yet there is no laughter".

The reality is that I have very little idea what I'm doing most of the time. So I fake it, until I can do it. And somehow, God is using this voiceover gig to provide... for HIS purposes. In the last days my friends....

16 May 2006

Finally a good credit card... if I lived in ENGLAND!!

This is the card that my good friend "Bono the cussin' Christian" is promoting. It's a the best! 1% of all of your purchases throughout the year are given to prevent AIDS in Africa. Except it's only available in the UK. This Must change. I need one. Say buh bye VISA boy!

What an amazing example of what can be accomplished when business teams up with genuine passion. Everybody wins. Tell me one party that losses in this transaction. Today, Bono bought an ENTIRE NEWSPAPER for a day, just to say "No News Today... just that 6,500 Africans died today as a result of a preventable, treatable disease" Look out!

Bono's the man. Sure he swears, drinks, and sure seems to be angry alot... but you should read what a sober, refreshing view of Christianity he has. And he actually uses what he's been blessed with to change the world to look more like Christ! Try arguing that. He puts 99.9999...% of me and my brothers to shame. Go team Red!

15 May 2006

Where are my weird web readers?

Where are my weird web readers and how do I get them? Other blogger friends of mine seem to have random people from all over the world who read their blog and post violent opposition to seemingly simple issues. How do I get some of those... cause they seem fun.

Maybe I should start off making some wild ludicrous statements that people can object to...

1. Most Martians prefer llama meat to that of an ostrich
2. I blame Grapenuts for the downfall of the 13th Century Persian Empire
3. People who chew with their mouths open should be bound, gagged, covered in honey and left out in the hot Texan sun to be devoured by red ants.

There... Discuss... bring on my world wide weirdos

In other weekend highlights

Friday Night: Holy Ghost moved... ate at truckstop
Saturday morning: Holy Ghost moved...went to child's birthday party
Saturday Night: Holy Ghost moved... visited friends in Waterloo
Sunday Morning: Holy Ghost moved... picked up new patio stones
Sunday Night: Holy Ghost moved... another amazing night at Freedom House

I must say that Krissy and I are getting hungrier and hungrier for more of God. Before leaving Africa in our missionary commissioning back to Canada, I made God a deal. I told him that if he will promise to always take care of my family then I wanted to live a life that "always challenged other people's idea of how big God could be". And God always promises provision in Matthew 6...

25"Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? 26Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?

... so I'm ready for ALL OF IT! I never want to stop pushing the limits of how close we can get to God. It can makes for some uncomfortable moments in life, but the result of it is a fruitful, amazing life that I wouldn't trade for all the comforts in the world.

11 May 2006

Flower Power

Tuesday June 27th at the Rogers Center, you have your very own chance to sample "Chacin". A cologne for men, developed by a radio DJ and a lefthanded Venezuelan pitcher. Yum Yum gimme some! During this publicity stunt, camera's followed the 2 fragrance magnates into the lab where Gustavo picked the scents that best represented what it means to be "Chaccccccceeeen"

It occurred to me that every pleasant odor they were working their way through, was a smell actually found in nature. Found (in it's purest form) in God's creation. Everything else is just a pitiful facsimile of a God breathed work of art. I don't know about you, but I have to gag my way through the toxic-like bombardment of gas that is the perfume department of every Sears store. Like Mr. Bevalauqua said to George Costanza "Can't stand ya!"

"You make everything glorious and you made me. What does that make me?" David Crowder

Song of Solomon 1:3 "Pleasing is the fragrance of your perfumes; your name is like perfume poured out. No wonder the maidens love you!"

Spring is fun to be a part of. Flowers never used to interest me, but it the last number of years, I've discovered that walking on a Spring evening can be a sensory adventure. Have you seen those tulip trees?? Gotta get me a tulip tree!

Last summer, I walked home from church one night and, more than I normally would, I became more aware of the sweet fragrance filling the moist night air. When I got home, I had an MSN conversation with my childhood best friend who lives in Ohio. He told me the story of how he had accepted Christ earlier that day. I was blown away! The highlight of the year. After inviting Jesus into his heart, he was driving home with the windows down and suddenly his car was filled with the overwhelming smell of flowers. To him, it was a conformation that he was now living in God's presence.

"Every good and perfect gift comes from God". We can attempt to recreate God's presence... and we can fool some people sometimes. But there is no substitute for the real RAW thing.

9 May 2006

Seein' things for the first time

Many lunch hour's while at work, I drive to a nearby park that overlooks industrial Hamilton harbor. You can look down the Hamilton "mountain" at a city that is a far cry from Zanadoo. From the top though, it's very pretty. Today I watched an older man pointing out landmarks to an older woman. Clearly, they were very familiar with the city (at eye level), but the view from above can make even the very commonplace seem distant, obscure and unfamiliar.

That's such a trap that we fall into. We only see the world through the eyes of our current circumstance. It rarely legitimately occurs to us that things could be different than the reality we've created for ourselves. When we get closer to God, and He starts stripping us down, like a much-painted room, being readied for restoration. It's like we starting seeing things for the first time.

Things that you assumed fell into the black and white "that's just the way life is" category, begin to blur. And it can be intimidating. When you first find yourself in the real, honest, powerful presence of God... it can be shocking and even disconcerting. Because it's nothing like what our little minds can dream up. We have no previous context to hold on to like the support of a walking stick. But just as when lights are thrown on in a dark room... you need a moment to adjust. "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind"

New altitude, gives new perspective, allowing new insight, releasing new degree's of authority in our world. Never get too caught up in the world you see. Sight can be deceptive. Because there is always another level.

6 May 2006

Riding in the Rain

Last night, my beautiful wife surprised me at work and took me out on a date to the Jays game! Isn't she just the best! An attractive, great mother, who thinks I' m more than just funny! How did I wind up with someone this cool?

It's funny because since getting on my new exercise kick, it's becoming something that I plan to work into my day. My "plan" last night was to ride up to Jumbo Video and rent a movie... Krissy changed all those plans. Hmmm, it's almost like being kind can change people's worlds.

Romans 2:4- Or do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness, tolerance and patience, not realizing that God's kindness leads you toward repentance?

So this morning, I saw the rain and thought "nertz... no bike ride again". But since I'm dumb like that, I still rode around the downtown area in the, sometimes pouring, cold morning rain. And I loved it. I rode past New Life Assembly (where Krissy and I both accepted Christ), I rode around the new homes being built in the Cherry Hill area, I rode by the casino, I rode past Freedom House and our Pastor's house. All the while just praying that God would pour out his kindness and glory on Brantford.

About what I wrote yesterday, we did almost move out of Brantford a couple of years ago. When you grow up in Brantford, you spend alot of time trying to figure out how to get out of here. And we've had many chances to go. Still do. But God wants to do something VERY Big here... and I want to be a part of seeing this city changed. It's got such a dumpy, poverty reputation (and deservedly so frankly), because it's the mentality of many of the people who live here. But that's PERFECT really... because you can't revive something that's alive.

Let me ask you something... no matter who you are, what you believe, or what city you're living in... what are you doing to change it? What are you doing to Revolutionize the world in which we currently live? Do something today to change what is into what could be.

5 May 2006

Great Big Sea

Who are these people and why can I not stop listening to their random East Coast ramblings? A couple of weeks ago, I snagged a older album of their's called "Turn" from my brother. And, far be it from me to be able to explain it, I can't NOT listen to them. I generally have a rule that I would rather be on fire then listnen to anything that even resembles country music, but I can crank up a song called "Jack Hinks" containing the lyrics

"He's a seafaring sailmate. Can gambol a caper, Grog drinking hero, Jack Hinks"

What does that even meen? Would you drink something called Grog? Not me. But I can't get enough of that Mandolin! On the way to my wedding, I blasted the song "Lukey" (Lukey's boat is painted green... ah me boys!), and so I didn't get nervous on the platform (during the ceremony), I sang "The Night that Paddy Murphy Died" over and over in my head.... its a night I'll never ferget. Ain't I "rementic" eh. Since becoming a Christian, I've been to 2 secular concerts... both were GBS. Both in the middle of winter... outdoors... the way Canajuns was supposed to do it. We very nearly moved to Fredericton a couple of years ago, and while I'm sure God was in the mix, I'm quite sure that it would have mainly been for the music and the chance to get into a real "Kitchen Party". But as long as I've got a smile on my face and four walls around me... I know I'll be alright

I don't have many vices. I don't drink, I don't chew, I don't run with girls who do. I make it a policy not to run with girls at all! Even that sweet little lass who's name was Mari Mac. In fact, I don't even run! I'll just stick with taking a dip in the occasional Great Big Sea. God Bless ya buys! Please stand and salute General Taylor... my mythical friend.

Well General Taylor gained the day, Walk him along, John, Carry him along.
Well General Taylor he gained the day, carry him to his bury'n ground.
Tell me way, hey, you stormy. Walk him along, John, carry him along.
Tell me way, hey, you stormy. Carry him to his bury'n ground

We'll dig his grave with a silver spade
His shroud of the finest silk will be made
We'll lower him down on a golden chain
Every inch we'll carve his name
General Taylor he's all the go
Walk him along, John, Carry him along
He's gone where the stormy winds won't blow
Carry him to his bury'n ground
General Taylor he's dead and he's gone
Well General Taylor he's long dead and gone

4 May 2006

Doh! Two deer... Two female deer

For about a year, I have been trying to wake up early. Like 5am early. I have found that ends up being the only time in my day that I get to just to myself. But during my just completed "the mother of all fasts" I wound up being so tired that the early morning wake-up call was a near impossibility. So after a week of sleeping through snooze alarms, this morning I actually got up early and went for pre dawn bike ride.

It's so invigorating being up at that time. Getting to see the sun come up is really something else. Try to describe the beauty of a sunrise. That's why metaphors were made. I'm not sure when I officially became a hippy! I talked about this a while ago in my Freedom House column. http://www.freedomhouse.ca/bigear-cooldawn.html

I discovered this morning that the trail by my house runs all the way to Hamilton. I decided to start off with a slightly more modest goal. But as I rolled on through God's creation and marveled at "what kind of God is this?"... I happened upon a family of 3 deer. That's a rare occurrence for me. Other people seem to see them all the time. I guess it's like Elvis... without the chops... and cocaine... and sequins... and...

I stopped my mountain bike to watch the deer, and my first thought was, "Boy I wish I had a gun on me so I could slaughter and eat those things!" (This is called sarcasm. Why do I even silently think in sarcasm? Is there something wrong with me?) The thought crossed my mind, "What is the joy in shooting these things?" I mean, it's just an animal. Like a pig. Or a sloth. Even though I went sans meat for a year, I'm far from a vegetarian evangelist. But they ARE part of God's creation, and were created a couple of days before I was. Then God started pointing something out to me.

"This is the problem Dave. You don't care to hunt... but you sure do like eat. Don't judge the passions of others. Christians impose their own personal thoughts, opinions and passions on others... then try to create doctrine out of it (most often without direct knowledge of what they are doing). This is the kind of attitude that leads to control, manipulation of freedom, and people not being released in their own destiny's. Dave, you learn what I have for you to learn from observing these deer. Write about it. Stir up other's imagination. Someone else with hunt those same deer and will be just as much in my will as you are"

God is very smart. For reasons that are His own, he decides to shares with us wisdom about this world and how it works... if we choose to hear HIM. It's not a matter of IF God speaks, it's a matter of whether or not we're listening.

2 May 2006

I'm a picker. I'm a grinner. I'm a lover. I'm a sinner

This is CS Lewis. I always used to joke that it was impossible for a Christian to write a book without quoting GK Chesterton or CS Lewis. So please allow me to do yet another thing that I never thought I would do. I'm going to quote CS Lewis.

God opened a door last week to speak at an elementary school and, of course, I jumped at it. They gave me a Chapters gift certificate as a thank-you. Mere Christianity is a book that I've always wanted to read, so I picked it up... now I can't put it down.

This book was written in the early 1940's buy a guy who describes himself saying

"I am a very ordinary layman of the Church of England (Anglican), not especially high, nor especially low, nor especially anything else."

In it, Lewis articulates some of the most beautiful descriptions of Christianity's essence... and unshakeable depictions of our lives and how we function within our world and in relation to our God. Check these out...

God is well aware of the wretched machine you are trying to drive

There are no ordinary people. It is immortals whom we joke with, work with, marry, snub, and exploit.

How monotonously alike all the great tyrants and conquerors have been; how gloriously different the saints.

Everyday we wake up and must decide what kind of immortals we wish to be.

That is some serious wisdom there! The thing that I love about CS Lewis, is that he is just some dude serving God with what he had been given. He was nothing special and he knew it. He wrote extensively about how man's opinion can infiltrate God's working and it was dangerous to take you own self, or his work, or other people too seriously. Mere Christianity was origionnally a series of spoken word radio broadcasts that the BBC asked Lewis to deliver during of time of great turmoil. It was an Era that was considered to be "Post Christianity".

His desire was to, as a common person, with no personal hidden agenda's display this great unifying faith to a splintered society of people he loved. Lewis's work is flawed, passionate, inspired, debatablspectacularlyularily used by God to bring many to Him. He was one who fulfilled the Great Commission in the way HE was called to. The world continues to be grateful for it.

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