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30 July 2006

Oh no...Mel!

A blogger buddy of mine in Georgia, Chris wrote a very interesting entry about Mel Gibson and his adventures in drunk driving this weekend.

I was a drunk for a number of years. It was in a high school context and it never translated into adulthood because I got saved and freed up from the alcoholic life... so I do have some empathy for Mr. Mel.

I feel even worse because of his very very publicly professed faith. To admit that he's an alcoholic, is a hard one to admit (although clearly he has no choice at this point). I'’ve found that situations like these where, as a known Christian, and we publiclyly fail... it can be even MORE of an opportunity to share the love of God with the world.

The world looks at us as people who are trying to be perfect and we can come across as pompous. It's not even necessarily our fault, but it's a by-product of trying to live a Holy life. But admitting to the world that the only real difference is that we a’re accepting the forgiveness that Jesus brings, paving the way to have the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE not to sin, it actually shows us as human... and it can be a "common ground" moment with others.

I feel bad for Mel, but at all times when you a’re walking with Jesus, your life a process that God uses for His Glory, His Name and His Renown. He's no respecter of persons and that includes Mel Gibson. He's a lump of clay that God is molding... and I suspect that God has a larger plan for Mel because of it.

27 July 2006

Bits and Pieces

Stop what you're doing and look down. Wait... that won't work. OK, get a mirror, and look behind you. Those are your buttocks. We all have them. Deep thoughts with Dave.

This thought occurred to me today as I drove to work after seeing girl, after girl, after girl, on the walking on the street with their little short shorts strutting their "stuff"... soaking up the all-too-short Canadian summer.

It's funny that we attempt to flaunt our body, since everyone is built with the very same bits and pieces. For some reason people feel like what WE have is even somewhat unique or special, when, it's the same bum, or breasts, or one-eyed trouser snake that BILLIONS of others have... it just happens to be growing on you.

There is line in the Train song, "Calling all Angels" that says...

"When children have to play inside so they don't disappear. And private eyes solve marriage lies cause we don't talk for years. And football teams are kissing Queens, and losing sight of having dreams; In a world that what we want is only what we want until it's ours"

I hate that the last line is true. But why else would infidelity be so, almost institutionalized in our culture. We're overbearing, ravenous, consumers of EVERYTHING. And once we get what we want, we're after something else... and human bodies fall into this category. They are beautiful and desirous things. We're built to be excited by them. They are awesome gifts that we get to present to our chosen partner for their pleasure. Becoming "one flesh and one spirit" is an overwhelming, powerful, spiritual experience. I'm a big fan personally.

But we always seem to want more. Follow this rabbit down the hole, and you'll find that when you give yourself over to this method of thinking, you'll never be satisfied. Because EVERYONE has these parts. I do... you do... your 85 year old grandfather has them... and thanks to the little blue pill... now he can still use them... Shudder.

We're addicted to the infatuation stage of relationships. How many love songs are about anniversary's??? They're all about first kisses, first dates, romantic tingles... Infatuation stuff.

Proverbs 5:

18 May your fountain be blessed,
and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth.

19 A loving doe, a graceful deer,—
may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be captivated by her love.

If I wanted to, I could choose to become sexually infatuated with another woman (not if I want to keep my testicles but theoretically). Even if I physically acted on my thoughts, I'd find that there is nothing on the other side I don't already have with my wife. Far less actually. With my wife, I also find security, friendship, support... along with the physical part of life that we were made to enjoy.

And just for free... when the church gets free enough to talk about sex, we might actually start understanding what it means to have a Savior who is our DESIROUS bridegroom. So quit squirming and get free!

24 July 2006

Better Days

Well my soul checked out missing as I sat listening
To the hours and minutes tickin away
Yeah, just sittin around waitin for my life to begin
While it was all just slippin away.
Im tired of waitin for tomorrow to come
Or that train to come roarin round the bend.
I got a new suit of clothes a pretty red rose
And a woman I can call my friend

Well I took a piss at fortunes sweet kiss
Its like eatin caviar and dirt
Its a sad funny ending to find yourself pretending
A rich man in a poor mans shirt
Now my ass was draggin when from a passin gypsy wagon
Your heart like a diamond shone
Tonight Im layin in your arms carvin lucky charms
Out of these heard luck bones

These are better days baby
These are better days its true
These are better days
There's better days shining through

Now a life of leisure and a pirates treasure
Dont make much for tragedy
But its a sad man my friend who's livin in his own skin
And cant stand the company
Every fools got a reason to feelin sorry for himself
And turn his heart to stone
Tonight this fools halfway to heaven and just a mile outta hell
And I feel like Im comin home

I was thinking about this very cool Springsteen song today. In a weird, round-about, secular way... this song speaks to the Biblical principle of destiny.

I've been having a "making sure I'm putting my time into what I'm supposed to" spirit-check season. Time is a gift but we get the choice where to invest it. Some time investments come back fruitful and some don't. We don't get a say in the outcome.

But knowing what's important to us, and what's going to be fulfilling to our spirit is vital. I love the lyric "I took a piss at fortune's sweet kiss. It's like eatin' caviar and dirt". Not understanding who we are and striving for the wrong things will always leaving us feeling unfulfilled. Not that we can trust our feelings, but just because you're doing something good, doesn't mean that it's what you're supposed to be doing to fulfill YOUR destiny.

"It's a sad man my friend who's living in his own skin and can't stand the company" I never want to be in this place, and it's always worth an honest look at ourselves to make sure we're not going anywhere near that road. Go Bruce Go.

23 July 2006

This weekend's news

In the news this weekend...

Aislin learned to walk... with "Jazz Hands"...

Sadly Krissy and Jared were put in a minimum security prision.

But them seem very happy about the Jazz Hands.

21 July 2006

Cuddly German Backrub

George is the source of fantastic unintentional comedy. God Bless this man. I believe that my Grandmother would say, "Oh Bless his little heart".

I mean, he treats every situation like he's in a frat house.

"Hmmm... there's the new leader of Germany. I know I've just met her for the first time., but the German's are cuddly people... I think I'll give her a back rub!"

I'm "DOWN" with W. Could you imagine how boring life would have been with John Kerry???

20 July 2006

"Beer and Popcorn" money cometh

Homes like mine (kids under the age of 5) are about to get our first "Beer and Popcorn" cheque from the Conservative Government. (Better known as the Universal Child Care Benefit). You'll remember that during the last election campaign, mics caught a Liberal candidate bashing Stephen Harper's plan saying that Canadians would just blow the money on "Beer and Popcorn". Nice.

It may not be the ideal plan for everyone in the country, but actual, extra, physical, spendable, cash for families like mine, who choose to have one spouse home with our kids is amazingly helpful. Now I can't help the Liberals on the beer part (kinda done with that season of life. Thanks for the shot though!) but I will officially commit to spending at least 1$ of the 2400$ that my household will receive over the course of the year.... on popcorn... cause Conservative kids looooove popcorn... Just to keep those lefties happy.

19 July 2006

I love $#@! disturbers sometimes

One of the things that I've always believed is that you should live truth. As a Christian, we should seek it out, believe it, and live it at all costs. A while back I tried to define what I thought a Christian should be. I came up with,

"We need to be truth-seekers, willing to walk by faith wherever it leads, expecting great things to come out of obedience"

I was reading an interview with controversial pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church today. He said some great things that contain some real good nuggets of truth... but, more than anything, do an excellent job stirring us out of our malaise and really looking at what the heck we're doing. Check these out...

"The major blind spot of megachurches is that they tend to be very effeminate with aesthetics, music, and preaching perfectly tailored for moms. Manly men are repelled by this, and many of the men who find it appealing are the types to sing prom songs to Jesus and learn about their feelings while sitting in a seafoam green chair drinking herbal tea...—the spiritual equivalent of Richard Simmons."

"The two hot theologies today are Reformed and emerging. Reformed theology offers certainty, with a masculine God who names our sin, crushes Jesus on the Cross for it, and sends us to hell if we fail to repent. Emerging theology offers obscurity, with a neutered God who would not say an unkind word to us, did not crush Jesus for our sins, and would not send anyone to hell. I am, however, a boxers, not briefs, Reformed guy."

Nice! Ha! Now I know very little about Driscoll and couldn't speak to his church whatsoever and obviously the dude has some bias in there (Duh), but love what these 2 quotes say... Here Here... reminds me of reformers like Luther.

Last night, I preached out of Isaiah 61 that "this is the year of the favor of the Lord" and that "He's pouring out his oil of gladness" in these days. I also shared some second-hand stories from our Pastor's experience atBrownsvillee Assembly in Pensacola Florida a number of years back, where the Holy Spirit was moving in a HUGE way. It made some uncomfortable and I couldn't have enjoyed doing more.

The point being that This IS The God we serve today. Denominations don't matter. It doesn't matter what you think you believe. YOUR theologoly about what God does and does not do is irrelevant. Sucks to be us! What matters is who God REALLY is. Finding out truth and living it/speaking it out loud will rarely make you popular. It will isolate you from others at times. But it will set you apart,consecratee you, mark you... which is what the annointing oil in the OT, and the NT annointing of the Holy Spirit is all about.

18 July 2006

Don't think meat

"Don't think meat, just pitch" is what Kevin Costner as Crash Davis told Tim Robbins as Nuke Laloosh in the classic baseball movie Bull Durham. He was trying to get Nuke to stop over-thinking everything and simply throw what the older, wiser catcher was asking him to throw.

One of the best things about learning to hear the voice of God on a regular basis is that at all times, we just get to throw what our older, wiser God is calling. If He's looking for a fastball, it's sure to fly by the batter. If God puts down 2 fingers for the curveball, it will invariably fool the opponent. The slider will have him diving out of the strikezone. He's teaching us to be better at who we are.

In Relevant Magazine today, Jeremy Gardiner writes an amazing article called "rhythm", talking about how life is not about it's destination... it's about God teaching us to dance so we better sense His leading and become more intimate with Him.

I preach nearly every Tuesday at our young adult ministry called Revolution. I do this along with commuting, working a full time job, leading a small group, and being a Godly husband and father. Rarely do I get the time that I wish I had to prepare an in-depth piece of theological art, written to be delivered by a powerful orator.

In fact, tonight I only have a vague concept of what I am to preach about. I've asked God for more... but He won't tell me yet.

There are times where I feel pressure to be something other than this, but this is man's pressure. My responsibility is to be true to my redeemer, not to man. He's repeatedly taught me that I not think so much. To follow, to listen, to obey, to let Him open doors and simply be the vessel of His presence, not a mini-creator. "Don't think Meat, just pitch"

15 July 2006

Shakespeare in the Park

Spencer Smith Park in Burlington on the Waterfront is becoming one of our favorite places to be. Tonight, we walked the boardwalk, ate ice cream, and watched a poor Shakespeare spoof on blanket. These are the days that bring me the most satisfaction. They make my spirit calm.

Rich Mullens once wrote:
"And it tells me the Lord is in His temple and there is still the faith to make mountains move. I've seen love make mountains move"

The assurance of the unwavering beauty of simple things are what the makes uncertain moments livable and gives them the ability to burst with faith.

I KNOW when I get home, Aislin will make a b-line for me. I KNOW that my son will choose to worship over any other activity. I KNOW that when I serve my wife like a real man, she'll gush over how good a husband and father I am.

I KNOW that I can be still and KNOW that He is God... and He'll be God.

Bubble night

To be young.

13 July 2006

Astro Boy? Is that you?

As many of you know, I'm a freelance voiceover artist and my agency sends me various projects to audition for. Often then send me descriptions of what the voice needs to sound like. Check out this mornings audition:

"An engager is going to do a casting session for a character called "Eddie". This character is going to be used as an ambassador to help introduce _____ Hospital's New paperless administration system. The voice needs to sound like a boy, Like an Astroboy. Kind of androdgynous.

Please confirm your attendance with me

Now that's hilarious. If I'm a hospital, I definitely want a young hemoaphrodite child as my spokesperson for paperless administration. First thing I think about.

It's also ironic because I'm now officially driving, what will henceforth be known as "ASTROBOY"! Our brand new 1994 (or 95... there is a debate) Chevy AstroVan.

Today... I am a man! A small animated, androgynous man.

12 July 2006


"Worship is a posture of life that takes as its primary purpose the understanding of what it really means to love and revere God."

Ravi Zacharias from Jesus Among Other Gods

I'm a "Rural Urbanite"...

...Or am I a "Urban Ruralite?" Hmmm. My Dad used to always say, "You can take the boy off the farm but you can't take the farm off the boy." Now I've never lived on a farm (of course neither did my Dad) but I'm not sure if I've ever really fit into either world. Let's break this down.

I'm born and raised suburban. Although to be suburban, doesn't there have to be a major center that you're outside of? Brantford's 82,000 is not exactly "hopin'" I have worked both in an office and outdoors. In a state of the art television studio and digging graves. I've traveled to Africa and Asia, yet every vacation I've ever had, has been to a forest on a lake.

My skill-set draws me towards "clean" work, yet I just followed through on an impulse to walk in the rain. I don't know how I would deal with living without the amenities of the city, yet there are times where I'm just screaming out for some space to breathe and the sound of crickets Jerry, crickets!

I'm a demographic nightmare.

10 July 2006

Yoda knows best

I think I believe this...

"Knowledge can only give us the keys to wisdom. It's the application of wisdom that releases

It's a Dave Carrol original. When you Bible Gateway "knowledge", you come up with 130 places that it's used in the NIV. It starts off with the 'ole garden where man wanting knowledge more than he wanted to listen and obey, led to disaster for all of us. We're still paying that bill.

Later in 1 Timothy 6:20 it says,
"Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to your care. Turn away from godless chatter and the opposing ideas of what is falsely called knowledge"

In 2nd Peter, it talks about knowledge in regards to knowing Jesus. But really, at all times it's clear that knowledge in itself is risky. It guarantees nothing. Learning is wonderful and it can be a key to unlocking deep deep truths. But as Freedom House was learning in our small groups last week, even those who are "gifted" Teachers at times will struggle with the ability to function in faith and can become too confident and trust only in what is provable.

Sometimes I think Yoda was right when he said to Luke (the Jedi... not the Apostle) "You must unlearn what you have learned."

John 3:8 says...
The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit."

This is Spirit God who chooses to use us as creative outlets... not as mini-creators. We are vessels of His presence. More often than not, do not KNOW what's going on.

- We don't know the hour of His return
- We don't see the whole picture of God's working
- We don't see the scope of our destination

Choosing to put our faith in knowledge, slewfoots God's ability to be God. Our world is not struggling from lack of knowledge. Knowledge is at our fingertips. We're choking like a flower among weeds due to a lack of wisdom application.

8 July 2006

Healing Rain

It's 2:30am and God is astounding. He is beyond what my feeble mind can reason. He is vast, all knowing, and the conductor of the world's symphony.

I didn't feel like going out this evening. My family just got home and I desperately wanted to spend my evening in house. But I had committed to "spying out the land" outside of Freedom House (my church). I wasn't going to go, but my wife asked me, "What did God say?" So I got in the car and hung out on the street for what turned into 5 hours.

Our mission was to see what goes on in our downtown local after dark. Who are the people? How do we reach them for Christ? Again, God... like a wise instructor, showed us that we simply need to be willing to be used and He does the rest. For 2 and a half hours, next to nothing happened and we were about to walk away saying "It was a slow night tonight", when 2 young couples walked past the open doors of Freedom House and began to peer in. After totally passing by, we'd find out later that one young man thought "I have to go back". He literally walked backward until we met him.

He and his girlfriend gave their hearts to Jesus, are going to be married at our church this summer. The other couple had their spirits lifted as they saw the supernatural transformation of their friends. Relationship with hurting souls were birthed and encouragement was dispenced in the most unlikely of times and settings.

As things seemed very late, we stood outside once again and spoke of leaving as 2 drunk university students left their gaggle of friends to come across the street to speak with us... strangers to them. I ended up being called a brother to the guy, since as we shared of our reason's for drinking (mine in the past). They said that it was one of the most meaningful nights of their life.

Both parties were LITERALLY drawn to us... but really, they were drawn to God's throne. I have been very edgy lately for something real. I love writing, conceptual speaking, spiritual functioning and the like... but I'm DYING for the REAL FREAKING HUGE power of the MOST HIGH KING to be unleashed. I am not a gifted Evangelist. My spiritual gifting are more Apostolic and Prophetic. But tonight, because of the willing spirit, mind and body of a number of people from our church, lives were abruptly transformed.

Our church could have 6 new bodies in it on Sunday. That's EXPONENTIAL growth, just because of a few hours of letting the Holy Spirit do It's work. Why shouldn't Freedom House EXPLODE in Jesus name? No reason. Godi is ITCHING to be ENORMOUS. I want more... I want more... I want more... I'm greedy for the Holy Spirit. I never want to be full or satisfied with the degree of closeness I have.

God met my spiritual need tonight through meeting the needs of others. I can sleep easier tonight because the burden of the moment has been lifted. Tomorrow, God desires more. And here's the really funny thing...

It's not about DOING. It's all about us being transformed by the renewing of our minds. It's about our spirit being conformed to God's likeness. It's about ridding our selves of flesh and simply LETTING God be God. That, my friends, is how God works. Not through striving, fighting, and foolish man-plans. Don't waste your time on those because they'll only leave you dissatisfied and will restrict the Omnipotent God of the Universe.

Healing Rain over Brantford "City of God"

7 July 2006

Like Marvin the Martian once said...

"...You're making me very angry". These flags are beginning to pop up all over and I'm pretty much done with them. I understand that flag is just a piece of cloth and I'm not a big symbolism nut... but come on! This is brutal!

Back in my heathen days, I smoked pot a wee bit and hated it. (Raging alchoholism worked for my lifestyle I guess). It makes you feel absolutley STUPID. It's like there is a cloud in your mind that does not allow you to think... at all. Oh wait, maybe that's why stupid potheads are putting drugs on my flag.

6 July 2006

Welcome "AstroBoy"

Friends of ours have given us a van! A 94 Astro Van. My dream car (nudge). Woo hoo. There is not enough blog space to tell the whole tale, but I thought after months and months of the, giving the van process, today we were finally going to bring AstroBoy home, but alas, not yet. Rrrrrr. The government and their "rules"!!!!! It will have to wait until Monday.

It's extremely interesting how God's provision can happen. We've been in need of a van for some time now and have been praying for God to provide one since we simply did not have the money to buy one. The way this PARTICULAR story goes, is that friends of ours who knew we were praying for one , decided to just buy it for us... upon God's leading of course.

It wasn't a stranger dropping it off on our doorstep or purchased with money from an anonymous envelope (you know, the kind that every time you're in a financial bind you secretly hope is there when you open your door... come on... you know).
It was the kind of provision that it talks about in Acts where everyone was together and they had everything in common and they sold what they had and gave to each other as they had need. That's what this provision was. Friends meeting the need of friends.

God has always used cars to speak to me and teach me about who He wants me to be. And it's funny, because I really don't care for cars... at all.

When we were first married we had a busted up 89 Cavalier that had bungee cord holding the trunk closed. I used it to commute an hour and a half everyday to college while my child bride worked at Zellers. The good ole days of being married at 21! Without fail, everytime I would not spend enough time with God devotionally, my car would break down. I remember once standing beside this car spouting antifreeze, kicking the tires, yelling at God WHY WHY WHY? He replied... "Do I have your attention?" Doh.

After that, we had a little bit of money so we sunk it into a pretty pink 96 Neon. Every man's dream machine. It was a good car for us... until God told us to give it away. It was not paid off whatsoever, so it cost us not only our only car, but thousands of dollars... just to give our car to an elderly lady in Barrie. She was overjoyed someone would care enough to bless her this way. Meanwhile, I ended loosing my job, we lost a child, and had no vehicle so spent a summer walking around Brantford. We learned how to worship in the hardest of times. It was a season of huge growth.

Then friends of ours moved to Toronto and couldn't keep 2 cars so they gave us a 2 door Cavalier, which blew our family away since we had just given ours away. It was a "what the nuts is going on here?" moment. As our family has physically grown and we'd juuuuusst about grown totally out of this car when it the rad blew up last week. And Monday, we get the van.

Provision always comes:
1) Where you've sown (we sowed 1 car and now reaped 2)
2) Just in time for you to continue to walk on in faith

Cars are just stuff that help you live your life as a minister. Welcome aboard AstroBoy.

4 July 2006

1 sleep down... 3 to go

My wife and kids are have gone with my parents camping for the week. It's funny that the longer you're married, the harder it is to sleep without your spouse in the bed. For me, it's not any one THING specifically, it's just having Krissy there that makes the world feel normal. I'm lucky that this time around, my days are scheduled pretty heavily so I won't have much time to walk around the house pathetically like a lost dog, randomly opening cupboards and drawers hoping to find something interesting.

It's really quite fascinating that the longer you are "one flesh", the more you really are one flesh. It must be why people who have been married for a long time wear the same clothes. Just for poops and giggles one day, take a walk through a cemetary and find the people who were married for over 50 years. MANY people die months, or sometimes weeks, apart.

It's an astounding concept. Far too often in marriage we take each other for granted. And in a way, I understand why. Because when it's right, you are POSITIVE that they'll ALWAYS be there. It takes about 10 minutes (knowing that I'm not going to see my family for a week) for me to get that lonely feeling. Because a part of me is missing.

2 July 2006

What should have been

Have you ever listened to a piece of secular music and sensed an "anointing" on it? This happened to me during my commute with my car-pooly friend Craig this week. He's an 80's rock hold-over kinda dude, so when it's his week to drive, it's always interesting to see what mix of synthesized glam rock will be the soundtrack of our trip.

This week, one of the CD's included Freddy Mercury's and Queen's duet with David Bowie "Under pressure". It's one of the saddest things I know to think that when anyone under 20 hears this song, they immediately thinks of Vanilla Ice, but I digress. It's this soaring rock-ballad with a hammering hook, unforgettable vocals, and gripping lyrics. It's all about the struggles of a homosexual man, screaming "Let me out!" It's honestly heartbreaking since the majority of the world lives in this state due to one issue or another. We just vilify his because it's harder for us to grasp. At least Freddy had the courage to be honest about his personal struggle and the emotions that come along with it. More than can be said for most of us.

But on this particular day, my mind and spirit started racing... Because I swear I sensed an "anointing" on this man's voice and music. I began to imagine what a soaring "Hallelujah" ballad from Queen would have sounded like. They were so gifted. It should have been breath taking. They commanded the attention of a generation. Just by opening their mouths and singing about "Fat Bottomed Girls" they had thousands eating out of the palm of their hands. If they had been singing about Jesus, we would have called them prophets.

Some time ago, God showed me that he TRULY was not a respecter of persons. That His functioning was much like a wine press. As we call on his spirit, it's as if God turns the pressure on the press a little tighter. Our responsibility is to open the spigot and allow for the wine to pour out. It doesn't matter much to Him who does it. It doesn't matter what they look like, how much money they make, what their personal struggles are, or even what their gifts are. Just that they love Him, and ask.

I look at Freddy. It's so clear to me that God jammed him full of great gifts, talent, an understand of music, an understanding of the functioning of the world, the ability to communicate and most importantly, the vision to take people someplace totally different and refreshing. God DESIRED for Freddy Mercury to be a prophet. A musical revolutionary that, in the Christian music world, would have rivaled Handel in his day. But Freddy clearly did not choose to open the spigot so that Queen's music could be part of the "every good and perfect gift" category. It's what should have happened. Instead... we had Stryper. Yikes.

I joke but there WAS an annointing there. And because spirit gives birth to spirit, God wanted to send ripples through His church but selfishness strangled it. Instead, Freddy Mercury functioned out of the flesh and gave to life to other flesh. Yippee. We all need more flesh (SARCASM).

Your gifts are not for you. They are for God's name and His renown. They are for making His name great and, in doing so, releasing you (and other's around you) into freedom. All you have to do is open the spigot.

1 July 2006

Oh Canada

One of our good missionary friends in Africa named Raf Zinah, said this once... "Most of our problems are not because of the pressence of evil, but the absence of good"

Social activism is fine and dandy (not really my bag). But sometimes we need to just stop picking at the "problems" and "flaws" in our nation, and begin SPEAKING LIFE. Do good to other people. Where there is death, breathe life. What makes darkness go away? Light.

I really do love my country and it deserves to have life spoken over it! Today when thinking about Canada, these worship lyrics popped into my spirit...

Freedom reigns in this place
Showers of mercy and grace
Falling on every face.
There is Freedom

We breathe this life into our home and native land.

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