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29 November 2006

Christmas is going up!

These pictures are actually a couple of weeks old now, but Christmas is up and running in the Carrol homestead.

Growing up, my parents were pretty strict "Not before December" people. Some of that had to do with getting a real tree. But after Krissy and I tried that our first year of marriage and I spent 6 months picking pine needles out of the carpet... we bailed and got a fakey.

But we seem to get just more and more excited for the Christmas season each year. One year we actually put up the tree on Halloween. We held off a bit longer this year... but our reasoning is.... WHY WAIT? I'm an adult and I likes it... so I does it. Jared is wishing everyone a Merry Christmas these days and asking for Harry Connick Jr. Christmas CD's to be played. Rock on Boy!

I think it's just the feeling of the season. Gifts have thankfully become less important to my family gatherings as more and more kids make their appearance on the scene. The gift part is more for their sake than anyone else. I took Monday off to spend the day with my wife finishing up shopping for Jared and Aislin. Quite fun... although that evil Toy's R Us Giraffe took a nice chunk of our money!

We honestly didn't know where money was going to come from for Christmas presents this year. But we have never once known... and every year, something happens to make sure there is enough. This year, I got a nice cheque from one of my freelance partners for whom I write radio ads and voice some too. A bunch of work "happened" to come my way and it took care of our kids for Christmas.

I love how God works. Mysterious ways yes... but in not so mysterious ways too. Because you can count on him to give you the desires of you heart.... when you trust him to. Faith is the ingredient of provision-instigation. Let the Christmas season begin!

21 November 2006

Good Gosh this so called inter-net

A couple of years ago while on a Missions Trip to the Philippines, I had the surreal experience of chatting with my wife on MSN from half a world away. We were on our "vacation" couple days at the end of the trip, scuba diving on a small island in the South China Sea. I remember typing,

"You wouldn't believe what I'm looking at right now...."
Yet we were just chatting like we would while I'm slacking off at work any day of the week. The world we live in.

Today I had the chance to chat on MSN with a Missionary name Christopher Elmerick in Berlin Germany. I found his Blog maybe 6 months ago and have been following what God's been doing in their lives in a city and country where I feel I'm going to be released to go one day... and have this seemingly random heart for (for no particular reason other than God).

I've been able to learn what he's learning. Experience from a distance what his wife Stephanie and he are experiencing.... as well as pray over their family and ministry from afar. Today... even though he's in Europe and I'm Brantford... we found out that Krissy and I spent a couple of night's on our vacation this summer right around their neighborhood in Ohio. It was great!

We shared what God's been doing in each of our ministry's. We briefly debated about how God's people get spurred into action. It was like sitting in my living room with a Brother in Christ from around the corner. And you know what? That's what we ALL are in these days.

In this day and age, we can learn ANYTHING ABOUT ANYTHING and basically stay in connection with ANYONE we choose to. And that goes for ANYTHING. It goes for God's leading too. Oh burn on that one. Whatever God speaks, is accomplishable. It always has been... but now... there are NO MORE EXCUSES for inaction.

When God speaks... do. When God teaches... learn. When God imparts... eat it up! At our "Fusion" Evangelism Conference this weekend, the quote that stuck out the most was that
"every gift in the Kingdom is free... when you take it by faith"
Get to the know the Elemerick's at their Blog... pray over them... speak life in Germany. God wants to EXPLODE there... just so you know. I speak that into life in Jesus Name! Don't be shocked when it happens... I told you so.

20 November 2006

Got it... need it

Freedom House is really on the verge of exploded. It just couldn't feel any better honestly. Well no wait. It would feel better if...

a) There was heat
b) there was a bigger, better cool bar we could move into.

Hmmm... If you pray... pray that God does what He loves doing and provides for Accelerated Impact

14 November 2006

Speak your heart... Spur me Baby

It can be an interesting life as a leader.

I woke up just wiped today after last night's city election where my Pastor finished 6th of 7 in his Ward. While, those numbers don't look great, it was honestly amazing because God has opened so many door because of his obedience. Just awesome really. God is Good... all th... OK STOP THAT!

But I woke up this morning feeling quite emotionally tuned. I was a bit down because Chris Friel was not successful in his bid to because Mayor and we didn't as many votes as we hoped for.

But I also felt full of brotherly love for my Pastor. His obedience to the endth degree is inspiring. God's anointing is overwhelming when he functions in his apostolic gifting.

But I also felt very in love with my Savior today. I had the U2 song "All I want is you" rolling through my spirit. Check these lyrics.

You say you'll give me eyes in a world of blindness
A river in a time of dryness
A harbour in the tempest

But all the promises we make
From the cradle to the grave
When all I want is you

I love singing secular love songs to Jesus. It brings our love affair with the eternal to a level where we can dwell together with some semblance of understanding.

Tonight, my task at hand is to preach to 40 young adults. Unlike other weeks, tonight God has told me simply, "Speak your heart". Not much else. My task is like Joshua... to lead the march as the heavenly orchestra plays (metaphorically of course). To speak when the spirit of God releases with the words he gives.

Tonight I know I'll be overcome with emotion in the presence of God. I know I'll speak with abandon. I know I won't check my "will I offend the dead?" meter before speaking honest truth that cuts... then sooths... then releases into freedom.

So God... you tell me to speak my heart. Let my heart be your heart.

10:48PM now
Listen to what came out...

2 November 2006

Ahhh Underpants

Every morning when it comes time to get my son's underpants on... what to know what I hear 10 times, followed by repeated giggles? Click Melman. Enjoy. Maybe enjoy 10 times. Then giggle. 10 times.

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