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29 January 2007


You should check out my friend Jeff's Blog today. It's an honest rant coming from a good place of righteous frustration with the way "Church" is today. Can you relate? Thousands and thousand are saying... "Hey that's me too!" What are you going to do about? Check our comment discussion and add your own 2 cents!

Breakthru 2007 was amazing Bob. While I know that "The Church" continues to be timid with stepping out into destiny that it was made for... to be the spotless bride of Christ... I'm so thrilled to have spent a weekend with the Glory of God, seeing eyes opened, deaf ears opened and the like. Just fantastic Fred. Check out Doug Collins website entry about this weekend!

In the category of the bizarro, at work, we were forced to write an ad for a place called, "The Bowen Institute". "Dr" Bowen, doesn't even claim he's a doctor but likes to call himself that. Many years ago "stumbled" across a method of self healing that is guaranteed to make a personal feel better all around. It's called "The Bowen Technique". It en tales...


Honestly. Take a nap... have a massage... and play peek-a-boo. How dumb are people?

That ALMOST beats my ad for Magic Window. A window that claims to make you smart and heal impotency. How??? Magic of course. Yup... that's a Magic Window

And now for something completely different

26 January 2007

What my faith is REALLY all about

I remember the very moment when I surrendered my life to Christ. I remember most of the events leading up to it. I remember the day after, where I walked into my high school cafeteria and told my friends that I wasn't going drinking with them at lunch that day... or any other day for that matter. I knew that I had found something good and I was IN.

I had a discussion with a good friend of mine today about our shared Christian faith. He was mentioning that he saw the documentary "Camp Jesus" and was lamenting some of the ways that the subject's acted on camera. But more so, we looked at how the secular media looks at Christians. Many Christians and Christian church, water down the gospel of Christ to make it palatable to the outsider or "seeker sensitive".

In my opinion, you couldn't do your faith (or your God) a greater disservice. It's not a tippy-toe kind of faith. It really is a you're in or out deal. Christ claimed to be God, whose blood is the only covering for sin, who did miracles... and said that if we accept him... we get to do greater things than He did!!!!

For me to give the rights to my life away for anything less... would make me look like a Mr T esc fool!

My brother was writing some church curriculum about miracles for his young group. He asked me to write about some of our experiences serving in Ghana as missionaries. This is what I wrote...

When my wife and were missionary’s in Ghana a number of years ago, we learned more about miracles than we were expecting. The first thing we learned was that in other places in the world… spiritual warfare is exposed to the eye whereas in North America, it is hidden. You SEE the occult. You SEE witch doctors. You also SEE God’s hand. Our first Sunday in a rural church, a teenager name Maxwell came to the altar and told us about an incident at school the past week, where pins kept falling down around his feet. This sounded peculiar to us, until we found that youth (who are involved in the occult) will physically blow actual poison pins at others to try to sicken them. But because Maxwell was a Christian and covered by the blood of Jesus, the pins had no authority to enter his body and simply fell to the ground.

On one occasion, we met a Ghanaian Missionary name Pastor James Abedingo and some of his associates. We found ourselves in a conversation with these men about how many people they had seen raised from the dead in the past month. “Oh Praise the Lord brother… we have seen 4 people raised from the dead this month!” one would say. Followed by “Oh that is great. We have seen 5 people raised from the dead this month!” They spoke of the miraculous; as we would about how “good” church was on Sunday. Flabbergasted, I inquired of Pastor James, “Why does this not happen in MY country?” He gave me a confused looked as if to say, “IT DOESN’T HAPPEN IN CANADA????” I will never forget the words he said to me. He said, “Well clearly the church doesn’t believe the Bible.” I was initially offended. But the truth is that Jesus said that we would do GREATER things than he did. So whose problem is it that we don’t see miracles? Ours… or Gods?

When I KNOW that these things are true, I simply CANNOT AND WILL NOT function as if my faith is anything but this. Professionally, we are afraid to stand out for God because WE still see it as socially uncomfortable. That's not God's issue... it's ours.

24 January 2007

Hey...I'm a Prince!

Had a very cool Voiceover gig yesterday. It was 4 hours of script voiced in old King's English! Nice eh? It's for an upcoming video game called Dawn of Fantasy. Check out the website here.

It's more or less a Lord of Rings type adventure game, complete with orcs, elves and dwarfs! I (of course) am Prince Erian of Dagbor.

Of course, since the only video game I ever play is John Madden Football, the chances of me ever seeing this game are slim to none... but it was a good time non the less.

It's fascinating the contrast in how larger scale jobs like this differ from my day job of radio writing and voicing. For the job last night, there was the audio engineer... then they flew the producer in from Manhattan... then they also flew in another dude from London England to "authentic" my British accent! We meticulously poured over every inflection of every line. They are 2 years into the development of this game and it's not yet ready for release.

In radio, we sometimes get an order for an ad in the morning, and have to get the ad written, approved, voiced and produced in hours. It's such a different discipline and explains the poor quality of most radio ads!

Hey if you're going to be in Brantford this weekend... and even if you're not... you should head to Freedom House for Breakthru 2007! Click the Poster to find out more... but it's going to be hard core weekend!

19 January 2007

It's January 19th... and I'm thinking about Baseball

I'm happy to announce a new gig for Dave! I'm going to be a contributing writer/blogger for Bluebird Banter, which a part of SportsBlogs Nation (which back in 2005 was named one the 50 coolest websites by Time Magazine!)

Some of you will find it very interesting... and some of you may not. But being a huge baseball fan for all these years, it's going to be a blast for me to write about the Jays!

As with everything I'm getting to write these days, I'm going to do it with a purpose. I love using obscure humor, poking fun at the oddities of life, seeing how Biblical principles are revealed in our daily world... and in this new case, analyzing the Toronto Blue Jays... but all with a distinctive point. It's all over the map content-wise (February 1st on www.brantnow.com I'll be presenting a new article about prostitution, porn and sex!) That should be fun! Point being that everything points toward God... because it's ALL His anyway.

Blogging has become both an influencer of people, and a conduit of community for like-minded people. Baseball is wonderful game that I really truly enjoy. I like baseball people and therefore... I should be a part of this community. I SHOULD attempt to influence those I come in contact with... using the gifts I've been given for whatever reason. Shouldn't I?

This is what George Barna believes "The Church" is going to look like with 20 years. Small groups of people with like passions, hearts, and minds... getting together for fellowship, discussion, and encouragement... with very few traditional mass worship times in organized religious institutions. Don't know how great this is honestly... but there is great benefit in building relationship with new people.

What "community" can you gain new influence in?


18 January 2007

Meet Earl

You know, I write a lot of things. About life. About God. Jokes about the world. Insights into the human condition. Poking fun at myself.

But today... I bring you news of great significance and importance. News that could shake the way we all see and feel about earth and all that dwelleth within'

Friends, Romans, Countrymen... today... I introduce to you....


I call mine "Earl, Princess of the Puck"

15 January 2007

Wouldn't it suck if

Wouldn't it suck if you turned on the news and they were doing a story about obesity and realized the reason that the creepy guy shooting your biscuits with a digital camera wasn't doing it for his own purposes? I'm just sayin... that would be bad.

14 January 2007

Porn Blows

Not sure if you've ever heard of xxxchurch.com... but it's a fantastic ministry that helps people with online porn addictions. On their website, you can join support groups, have your browser activity emailed to an accountability partner (whether you have a problem or not) so that we don't get overtaken by temptation. It's awesome.

It's hard to believe how inundated with porn our society is. It's not even the sex in advertising thing that gets me as much as the easy access to hard core porn. I can't tell you what's wrong with my computer. It seems to have virus after virus after virus. One day, for no reason... all of my favorites just turned into porn as I was sitting here... reading stories about sports! I mean what the???

Like EVERY man in our society... I've seen porn. I remember the first time I saw it... where I was... who was with me in the room... how I felt... and what it did to my impression of sex in an instant... and what it did to me over time.

Porn is something that needs to be brought out into the open in Christianity and more people need to admit their struggles (whether it's an active addiction or not)... because it's all about our thought life. Men are tres tres visual and porn attacks that area viciously and is a cancer in a marital sex life.

When you expose these things to the light:
a) There's nowhere left to hide and...
b) Nothing to hide from anymore

What are your thoughts and experiences with porn?

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10 January 2007

No man is an island

You've got to check out this fascinating story in Christianity Today here. It's the story of John Lennon and Bob Dylan.

There have been very few people who have frustrated me as a public figure more than Lennon. Along with Oprah, they epitomize... "good message bad method". But I did not realize that John once genuinely called Christ his Savior.

Both men... seen here chatting it up in a taxi, were self-indulgent, ego centric, celebrities with the world at their fingertips.

Both men found no peace in self and turned to Jesus. 1 hung on to some degree. 1 cracked to peer pressure like a teenager. Lennon went on become more of longstanding credible voice and is still deified today as a revolutionary. Yet in the end simply did not find the "peace that passes understanding"... choosing to function in man's third-rate attempts.

Some fascinating points come out of this tale of two cities.

1) Worldly success is hollow. "Serve yourself" even when it's well intentioned and may even refer to Godly principles... without the God ingredient comes back void.

2) "Our" voice fades over time. God's word never fails.

3) Celebrity, common man, rich, poor... we all NEED More.

4) Yoko stole something even more valuable than the stupid Beatles (and will only be held accountable for one of them when it matters)

9 January 2007

Lazy Sunday

It's been MANY years since I've found Saturday Night Live funny. But it does have its moments.

4 January 2007

Gen X in BDot

Hey everyone.... you should check this out... www.brantnow.com. I've been given the opportunity to be the GenX/Pop Culture writer for this very cool new website focussing on what's going in Brantford.

It's called "Gen X in BDot". I'm also going to be writing about faith and how it functions in our lives...

I'm excited about this... it could open some cool door to share Christ with a whole new group of people. It should be lot's of fun!

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