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26 February 2007

Happy fun ball lives!

Last week, I was driving home from work and heard an ad on WGR Sports Radio ad that I absolutely loved for "Mighty Taco". It's Western New York Taco chain with AMAZING creative! Click the Logo to hear a few!

They actually put me in mind of one of my old favorite Saturday Night Live fake ads "Happy Fun Ball" Check this out...

Isn't that funny? I wish that Happy Fun Ball was a real product. I would actually picking up a Happy Fun Ball... but don't taunt it!

As a creative writer... it's so difficult to find a client that is willing to go out on a limb with their ads. When you hear the Mighty Taco ads on the air, they are engaging, they bring you into the scenario (however bizarre it may be), and they simply make their name heard! With radio advertising... this should be you #1 (if not only goal)! HAVE YOUR NAME HEARD.

Don't worry about phone numbers...
How long you've been in business...
Or even your address...

Be BOLD baby

23 February 2007

How'd you find me?

Hi... My name is Dave. I have a Blog. How did you find my blog? I'd love to hear, so please leave a comment. let's call it "an internet experiment". Just for kicks... here's a list of some of the words people have Googled and found my blog...

becoming a hippie
billy bee
"general taylor" "dead and he's gone"
big ear sword
big ears day school
blue ear chicken
bono hypocrit
bulah land
ghanaian donuts
haircut for big ear man
how big is a thunderstorm
money comes out of ears smurf

myspace birthday chicken
rent snowshoes detroit
why is there a webdings?
"big big god" chords
louie giglio's birthday
michael jordan on stuart smalley
pimp my myspace with looney toons

20 February 2007

A mythical conversation with John Gibbons

And now it's time for a mythical conversation with John Gibbons (aka Boomhower)...

Dave: John, really nice to have this chance to sit down with you today

Gibbons: Yeah, dat dang ole' press secretry did gum tells me to come by here flap a little gum wich ya dis merning

Dave: Well that was mighty fine of her John

Gibbons: Yeah... she's a stand-up cow poke ... and hey dere... call me Gibby

Dave: OK Gibby... you're the proud receipient of a new contract extension. How does that feel?

Gibby: Weeeeeeeeeeellll... dat dere's a not too much of a skull scracher. I did some o' dat number crunchin' while on me ranch while you Canajen' be shiverin' in duh snow... you do know dere's no snow in Texas?

Dave: Yeah (holding a grudge) I know Gibby

Gibby: (Giggling) huh huh huh... well I figguers out dat... well dang 'ole near everyone be makin' more dan Johnny G. So I picks up duh phone and called dat true blue-state baston boy JP and says... we need to chat... den it got dun pronto. Don't mess with Texas.

Dave: Deal. What about the rotation? Zambrano, Thompson, Chacin, Okha... who's in and who's out?

Gibby: (wiping brow) Be danged if I got any idea... ya got Zambrano! I dang-near wet myself when heard dat name!

Dave: Oh you thought it was Carlos Zambrano?

Gibby: Naw I figgered it was Jose Zambrano from Zambrano San Antonio Ford. Dang ole feller sold me a F-150...(awkward pause) ... yeah he's a bang up hombre. (Kicks at the dirt before coming to) Shoot eets pree dern hot out here in dis camp. It's duh sunshine state ya know? You's got any lemonaid?

Dave: No I don't have any...

Gibby: (spits chaw on the ground)

Dave: Careful... I'm wearing sandles

Gibby: (Chuckling) Heh heh heh

Dave: Last question Gibby.

Gibby: Hoppin' horney toads already?

Dave: Where do you think the Jays are going to finish this season?

Gibby: Terawna.... (more chuckling)

16 February 2007

Brant NOW.com

My friend Jamie Stephens who runs a cool website (especially for those of us living in Brantford "City of God") has updated BrantNOW.com to include some cool new features... Click the logo on the right to check out more...

One of the New Features... is a new article by me!

It's called "Our Dirty Little Secret". It's the latest in a series of article's that I'm writing called "Gen X in BDot". They're all about living life as a Revolutionary liver in Brantford... and how our actions and mindsets can change the world.

This month's article deals with Hookers, Porn, and SEX SEX SEX... here's a snippet...

"I will never forget the first time I saw a picture of naked woman… outside of a National Geographic story about the wild women of the Amazon. I can still tell you who was in the room, what they said, and how I felt about the experience after. In some indescribable way, I was forever changed. But it wasn’t a peaceful feeling."

Check out the whole thing here...
give Jamie an email and tell him that you're enjoying his
website... it would be a big encouragement to him... and tell him Dave sent you!

14 February 2007

Year of the Breakthrough

New Year's Eve at Freedom House... our Pastor's rolled out what they heard from God about what 2007 was going to be for our church. The called it "The Year of the Breakthrough"... Based out of 2 Samuel 5... the story of where God broke out against David's enemies by his hand. It spawned the very popular Israell Houghton song "Lord of the Breakthrough"

Later that night, our church was broken into and trashed. How's that for "Breakthrough". Since then, people in our church have had... "break-throughs... break-ins... break-downs... break-ups..." Just wild really!

Last night, after canceling Revolution due to the disaster snow storm....I was with my pastor in my van, driving to Tim Hortons. A man in another van decided that it would be a good idea to smash into us at a greatly accelerated speed. Aaannnddd Boom goes the Dynamite! It sure was a lot of fun!

After much thought... I think that I'll called it a "Break-less"

Here's the fabulous part the of the story. Is that God gave us that van to start with. It was divine provision. Check out the story here. So that was a BLESSING. The Bible says that my God is the God Breakthroughs... that he has plans to prosper me... and that every scheme of the enemy to hurt us, He'll turn to good. All of the seemingly unfortunate incidents that have happened to our friends since declaring "The Year of the Breakthrough", have VERY QUICKLY, been turned into amazing blessings!

So join with me...

  1. I declare Breakthrough Blessing in Jesus name...
  2. I declare that God ALWAYS provides for our needs
  3. I declare that God with provide a new vehicle and I declare it will happen is such a way... that's God's Name and His Renown will grow!

Let's see how long this takes... 1...2...3...4...

12 February 2007

"That Smell"

***This article found at bluebirdbanter.com***

There are some February days where I step out of my house on my way to work, and the disturbingly increasing amount of nasal hair that I have instantly freezes. Those aren't great moments.

But there are some February mornings that you can smell even the faintest smell of Baseball. You know that smell. It's that tease of spring that starts to happen when the "pitchers and catchers reporting to Florida" countdown begins.

It's "The smell" that awakens my baseball soul.

It's not the annual JP/Season Ticket holder love in... it's not the fantasy magazines springing up like tulips in corner convenience stores across the land... it's not the "Jays are going to contend... you're on crack" emails that begin going back and forth between friends... ITS "THE SMELL"

It brings something to life inside me. It reminds me of the late winter days that I would begin to get my "arm ready" for my upcoming house-league seasons that used to mean so much. It makes me tingle for summer evenings where I can finally discard the latest reality show for the pleasing ebb and flow of a ball game.

Yesterday I was watching some of ABC's Cleveland Cav's game. Mark Jackson would not stop whining about how cold it was in Cleveland... made me giggle. Poor old Mark. But they showed a wide shot of downtown Cleveland and a snow covered Jacob's Field directly beside the Cav's generic arena. I remembered the smell of that beautiful ballpark. The sounds of the fans in the left field bleachers... the nut-job playing the drum...the taste of the GIANT Nachos we ate!

My wife and I found out that she was pregnant with our 3rd child after the Indians game this past summer...

"The smell" triggers many wonderful things in my spirit.

8 February 2007

Jared turned 4

Just unbelievable that my son is now 4 years old!

There are days with yelling, defiance and gnashing of teeth... yes even a little teeth gnashing every now and again.

But I remember the day we decided to have kids, we realized that we were bored of life being just about US and OUR every little nit picky whim. Life if is about giving away life to others and releasing it into the world around you.

I'm such a proud father.

6 February 2007

Stop Bitching and start a Revolution

Did you realize that this was becoming a popular saying/slogan/t-shirt/bumper sticker/mantra?

It comes from www.zendik.org. I saw this first one Sunday morning while visiting another church in Brantford (City of God). A friend of mine wore the shirt to Sunday morning service... to the chagrin of many I'm sure.

I loved it. Hope it offended people. Really do.

I often think about Jesus storming into the house of God turning over tables... just totally unhappy with the way things were in the temple and doing something about it

Matthew 11:12 (Amplified Bible)

And from the days of John the Baptist until the present time, the kingdom of heaven has endured violent assault, and violent men seize it by force [as a precious prize--a share in the heavenly kingdom is sought with most ardent zeal and intense exertion]

Check this clip out. It's my boys from the xxxchurch.com on ABC News the other night being interview by Martin Bashir. It's a great interview...

God responds to our action. It's an unfailing thing. Faith is the substance of things not seen. Our job on earth is to worship... listen... act... But we must act upon the voice of the Holy Spirit for it to come to pass.

I read this yesterday and almost fell off my chair. Here are two stories... one and two... about a team of Major League Baseball player who are RIGHT NOW as we speak in Accra Ghana, investment of time, money and expertise in Ghanaian Baseball. If you didn't already know, 7 years ago I was in Ghana beginning an evangelist baseball league.

There was almost no-body who knew anything about baseball... almost no space big enough to play in... only the equipment I brought with me... But what I did have was

a) God's obscure leading (spoke to me about baseball)
b) The faith to walk out vision
c) Someone in Ghana and people in Brantford willing to partner with the vision

While we were there... we struggled and saw SOME fruit, while believing for the kind of fruit that is happening there right now. And the funny thing is that my friend Albert Ocran (who knew NOTHING about baseball) is now the Vice President of Baseball in Ghana. God catapulted him to a place of influence and now is the distributer of wealth... and why...

Because instead of sitting around in a pew Bitching about crap... I did all I could do... listened...obeyed and started a Revolution...

2 February 2007

Shed my skin

I can't stand "celebrity" any longer. It simply disgusts me having to be bombarded with news about what Brad Pitt eats for lunch. Yet I acknowledge that what celebrity's do... actually impacts the world. I love Bono's quote: "celebrity is currency". I also love that the most impacting celebrities in the world give glory to God...

You must read this interview that U2 gave to CCM in August of 1982. This is where these guys came from and the fruit that is coming out of them now is a result of determination, principle, and worship

Here are some of the highlights...

The Edge finally realized somebody was going to have to speak out. “I really believe Christ is like a sword that divides the world,” he said. “and it’s time we get into line and let people know where we stand. You know, to much of the world, even the mention of the name of Jesus Christ is like someone scratching their nails across a chalkboard.”

Bono said, if another crowd of people wants him to only go after the “safe Christian subjects” and the “safe Christian crowd,” they can forget that, too.

The song “Gloria” is about the difficulty Bono has in talking about his Christian faith. It is a mixture of the two things with which he feels comfortable in life—his faith and aggressive rock ’n’ roll. It is ironic, Bono said, that many people stop thinking the song is a love song when they notice the lyrics. “Of course, it is a love song. It’s a song about my love for God.”

Bono prefers to talk about Christianity instead of religion. The band is anxious not to be pigeon-holed as a “religious band.”

“I can’t accept a belief that I just came out of gas, you know? That we as a race just exploded into existence—I can’t believe that, and I don’t think others can, really. Maybe they can accept it on a sort of ‘thin’ level, but not really deep down. Deep down, everybody is aware.”

This life is about shedding our skin. It's about peeling away the superficial (natural) and revealing truth (supernatural). And this is a fight in our world... it doesn't happen without work. Yet...the the Bible says that we do NOT war against flesh and blood... our fight is spiritual.

So that means that we must "Get Wisdom" and live truth out loud. U2 lived truth out loud, and litteraly nations have shaken. A group of punks from Ireland sought Christ... lived Christ and now shape the foreign policy of nations... through nothing more than radical obedience.

Sometimes radical obedience means defiance too. My friend recently preached and, somewhat in jest, prophesied the "Twisted Sister Anointing"... making reference to their big 80's hit "We're not going to take it", over our young adults at Revolution.

And man, I'm receiving that. You better believe it. I have a wife who says she's wants it too... a church that says they want it too... so that means that because God never changes and is desperate to pour out his spirit on ALL flesh... no-one is excluded!

Shed your skin... get wisdom and live truth
Dave Carrol

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