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16 February 2007

Brant NOW.com

My friend Jamie Stephens who runs a cool website (especially for those of us living in Brantford "City of God") has updated BrantNOW.com to include some cool new features... Click the logo on the right to check out more...

One of the New Features... is a new article by me!

It's called "Our Dirty Little Secret". It's the latest in a series of article's that I'm writing called "Gen X in BDot". They're all about living life as a Revolutionary liver in Brantford... and how our actions and mindsets can change the world.

This month's article deals with Hookers, Porn, and SEX SEX SEX... here's a snippet...

"I will never forget the first time I saw a picture of naked woman… outside of a National Geographic story about the wild women of the Amazon. I can still tell you who was in the room, what they said, and how I felt about the experience after. In some indescribable way, I was forever changed. But it wasn’t a peaceful feeling."

Check out the whole thing here...
give Jamie an email and tell him that you're enjoying his
website... it would be a big encouragement to him... and tell him Dave sent you!

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