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23 February 2007

How'd you find me?

Hi... My name is Dave. I have a Blog. How did you find my blog? I'd love to hear, so please leave a comment. let's call it "an internet experiment". Just for kicks... here's a list of some of the words people have Googled and found my blog...

becoming a hippie
billy bee
"general taylor" "dead and he's gone"
big ear sword
big ears day school
blue ear chicken
bono hypocrit
bulah land
ghanaian donuts
haircut for big ear man
how big is a thunderstorm
money comes out of ears smurf

myspace birthday chicken
rent snowshoes detroit
why is there a webdings?
"big big god" chords
louie giglio's birthday
michael jordan on stuart smalley
pimp my myspace with looney toons


Eric said...

It was easy... I know you... Ha!

R Gerardi said...

you left a comment on one of my blogs, www.relevantmessage.org. thanks.

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