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14 February 2007

Year of the Breakthrough

New Year's Eve at Freedom House... our Pastor's rolled out what they heard from God about what 2007 was going to be for our church. The called it "The Year of the Breakthrough"... Based out of 2 Samuel 5... the story of where God broke out against David's enemies by his hand. It spawned the very popular Israell Houghton song "Lord of the Breakthrough"

Later that night, our church was broken into and trashed. How's that for "Breakthrough". Since then, people in our church have had... "break-throughs... break-ins... break-downs... break-ups..." Just wild really!

Last night, after canceling Revolution due to the disaster snow storm....I was with my pastor in my van, driving to Tim Hortons. A man in another van decided that it would be a good idea to smash into us at a greatly accelerated speed. Aaannnddd Boom goes the Dynamite! It sure was a lot of fun!

After much thought... I think that I'll called it a "Break-less"

Here's the fabulous part the of the story. Is that God gave us that van to start with. It was divine provision. Check out the story here. So that was a BLESSING. The Bible says that my God is the God Breakthroughs... that he has plans to prosper me... and that every scheme of the enemy to hurt us, He'll turn to good. All of the seemingly unfortunate incidents that have happened to our friends since declaring "The Year of the Breakthrough", have VERY QUICKLY, been turned into amazing blessings!

So join with me...

  1. I declare Breakthrough Blessing in Jesus name...
  2. I declare that God ALWAYS provides for our needs
  3. I declare that God with provide a new vehicle and I declare it will happen is such a way... that's God's Name and His Renown will grow!

Let's see how long this takes... 1...2...3...4...


Will said...

You and Krissy are inspirations for me.I mean, i freak out and fall out for a meaningless midterm paper that i think is unfair.

In the name of Jesus, I declare blessing on Dave, Krissy, Jared, Aislin, and the new one financially, spiritually, relationally, and any other way God has promised.
I declare your time of testing and spiritual attacks are over.
I declare the spirit of Job on you and your family.

P.S. Do not worry, my blogging return shall be soon, with a new emphasis (not sure what, but differnet)

Susan said...

I was also reminded of Job:

"You have heard of Job's perserverance and have seen what the Lord finally brought about." James 5:11

Waiting to hear what the Lord has brought about.

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