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31 March 2007

Break it down

It's been a very funny thing reconnecting with so many old friends on Facebook this past week. It's actually kind of been like a North Park class reunion as for some reason... everyone seems to have discovered Facebook at the same time and is totally enthralled with it.

It's been funny to me to see what and where everyone is. Let's comparison shop:

MANY: 0/1/ Maybe 2 kids
DAVE: Seems to be reproducing like it's going out of style

MANY: Newlyweds... isn't that cute... ahhh...
DAVE: Got married while in college, when wife's part time job at Zellers was only income! 9 years this summer!

MANY: Living all over the province/country/world
DAVE: Living in Brantford... proudly I might add

MANY: Politically Liberal/ very Liberal/Having inappropriate relations with plant life
DAVE: Has a dreamy poster of Steven Harper up in my bedroom

MANY: Read
DAVE: Write

MANY: Have important jobs in corporations or are still in school
DAVE: Does funny voices

MANY: Religion isn't a factor in life (some even used derogatory words about it...) GASP, the nerve (sarcasm)
DAVE: Accepted Christ in Grade... ummm... 14 (school didn't mean much at the time eh) and went hard.

I don't know if you've had this same experience when you reconnect with old friends. But I've felt very happy about who I've become. Not in the insulting, "pft... at least I didn't turn out like that guy" way. But I can honestly look and be very secure in knowing that I've been true to myself. And most of my friends are too.

I can most assuredly say that I've lived what I believed to be "The Truth" in every season to it's fullest extent, and who I am today is a result of those actions. Actions should be intentional... but where they lead you isn't always as understood. Life is funky, but circumstance too often dictates action.

Proverbs 4:5
Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or swerve from them.

Know the truth... and there will be freedom there. At that point, actions during circumstance will be intentional and your destination will sit well in your soul.

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