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9 March 2007

Doin' it Bible Style...

Found a great story on www.churchmarketingsucks.com about Granger Community Church, and a campaign they ran recently called "Pure Sex". It was a series they did with topics like...

The Greatest Sex you'll ever have... The Language of Lust... What happens in Vegas WON'T stay in Vegas!

They created quite a stir in their community by putting this billboard up in town with naked feet showing! GASP! Are Christian allowed to be naked? Aren't we all supposed to Tobias Funke esc. never-nudes?

It simply advertised a link to a website called mylamesexlife.com. Check out the link... it's AMAZING!

It's so hard to believe that Christians are still outraged by talking about sex. Check this quote out:

"Instead of using scripture, he's using fads," said Gene Koessel, 70, a retired Lutheran pastor from Roseville, "What's next?"

What's next? Talking about Healing? Money? Orgasms? Note to Gene. Sex is not a fad. It may even be older then you and your stuck up, starch stiff, emotionally repressed gang of freedom-stifling cronies. I'm telling you something. Sex needs to be redeemed. And if it takes shaking down a few "Gene's" to get it back... well billboard me up Sally.

Not to mention... wouldn't (as a heathen... WINK WINK) you be more likely to go to that website than one that tells your you're damned while driving through the Amish Country. Do the Amish use websites?


hannah said...

nice blog!
how did you find mine?

hey your a youth leader. i work in youth ministry with Youth With a Mission. if you even wanna take your kids on a mission trip to vancouver. hahahah...(oh i know how lame that i am inserting a ploy to get you into my program but i did it! muh ahah!)

Big Ear Creations said...

I just searched blogs and happened across it! That's cool about YFC. I almost took on a YFC center in Woodstock Ontario at one point.

We help run a church www.freedomhouse.ca in Brantford and this are good good... but hey... Vancouver would be a great mission's destination!

do you run a center?

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