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26 March 2007


It's such an ever changing world this so called inter-net.

I'm now on facebook... likely just in time for it to become obsolete.

So go to facebook and search for Dave Carrol. I'll be there... looking like this...

Facebook is exciting to me because now it's a whole brand new technology that we can use to become less actually socially interactive hermits with half hearted text based relationships, leaving us functionally inept.

The possibilities are endless really.


Notes from the Tall, Dutch Guy said...

the possibilities really are endless. I read on the internet somewhere that there are now these 'friends' that you can ask questions to like an instant message dealy. Oh ya, these 'friends' are computer simulations... So now we don't even need there to be real people behind the computers that we talk to, we can just talk to computers. I dont think I'll ever leave my couch agian, whats the point?

So the question now is, do we need to evangelize to computers now too?
I'll go ahead and say no so I'm not accountable for that statement later.

Big Ear Creations said...

I think that it's all about what people are calling internet 2.0

Where people are using it as a personal tool. So for me... it's actually best used to build on exisiting relationships.

But without actual human relationship it's not THAT effective... and as far as evangelize... not so much methinks. Sparking though yes but evangelize... why not just go have God heal them instead

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