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21 March 2007

Ghanaian Baseball

This just is awesome! My heart is pumping. In 2000, my wife and I were in Accra Ghana for 7 months. One of things I did was set up a baseball league that finds kids in poorer areas of the city and runs baseball camps for them. The camps include, job skill training, AIDS training, mentoring, as well as being a full baseball camp.

My friend Albert who is now the VP of Baseball in Ghana, just emailed me a scan of the newspaper article about the opening day of our league, a couple of days before we left 7 seven years ago... you'll have to click it to read it closely... I love it... they call me "Mr. Dave"

NOTE: I'm the white guy in the picture

In the coming months, I'm going to be making some connections here in Canada and the States with people who would be interested in helping to make this amazing league a long-term missionary viability.

One of the reason's I love this baseball league, is that it both builds on people's FELT NEEDS (job skills, career confidence, sports skills)

and also meets the MOST IMPORTANT NEED (an understanding about God... the well that never runs dry)

One of the major needs that Ghana has (in many respects) is to have the Western World partner with their passion... not come and stifle what they've been blessed with...

And recently Major League Baseball has come and made an investment of time and money in Baseball in Ghana.

It was such an encouragement to those on the ground... I can't even tell you. Our league has plans to put full time coaches in 7 cities, building relationships and investing in kids around the country. Let me know if you'd like to know more!


Matt Vaandering said...

totally cool!

Diesel said...

That is awesome, man. I'll be praying for your efforts. Nice work.

Jamon said...

Hey, Dave. This is awesome. I got to do a similar thing in Nicaragua. We actually went there to build 27 small homes for some of the Nicas, but ended up playing baseball with them and opening a door to share Christ.

If you're still working with them or know of opportunities to go on trips over there either as a player or a coach, keep me in mind and shoot me an email from JamonAbercrombie.com

Baseball is what paid my way through college, and if it weren't for some injuries, could have paid for some more. I also coached after graduating as well, and would love to get in on some sports camp missions opportunities.

Jamon Abercrombie

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