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5 March 2007

"Jesus gave us a new van"

This is what my kids say about our vehicles. It's what we tell them... because it's the truth. A few weeks after our "vehicular breakthrough"/ car accident. Friday we welcomed a 1999 Ford Windstar to the fam. The insurance money we received from "AstroBoy" being written off totally covered this new/used van.

The day in the photograph on the right, was our Missionary Commissioning Ceremony on our second-to-last day in Ghana back in the winter of 2000. That day I made a vow to God. Biblically, I suppose they're called covenants. This is the deal I made with God..

If you always take care of my family and provide for their every need, I'll live a life that challenges people view of how BIG you are.

It's extremely fun on a daily basis to see how both of those things manifest themselves. Because God simply does not fail. Because he's God.


Matt Vaandering said...

despite the fact that the van was covered by insurance, i still would consider it "reaped". Thus, sow 1 car, get 3

The Bean Bag Chair said...

Nice van...nice theory matt...NICE GOD! I love it that he is in the car business!

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