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27 March 2007

Web 2.0... Community?

Wow... in a half a day playing with Facebook, I found about 20 old friends from high school. About 3 or 4 I used to dig graves with (no really), and have near more "friends" than I did in great failed "MySpace" experiment. It's truly fascinating to me, and vividly displays the new concept of Web 2.0

I had this MSN conversation about this concept with my brother this morning...

Rick says: it is really weird isn't it

Dave at Work says: like people i haven't spoken to since 1996 people are all over the world.

Dave at Work says: so interesting

Rick says: it really is

Dave at Work says:
this is what they're calling internet 2.0 (where instead of the internet being a huge thing with unlimited resource... people are using it to connect with the smaller world... creating community)

Rick says: i had not heard that reference before - kinda cool it is

Dave at Work says:
oh really... i'm just hearing about it now... but with things like facebook... youtube... people are using it to keep their world smaller instead of larger it's like poeple have dictated a new direction for a tool that they thought would be for something different in the desire for community

Dave at Work says:
but the internet is a community with a certain disconnect that can (without actual relationship) can leave a very important part of a spirit untouched

I really do think it's amazing what can be done with the Web 2.0 concept. I found out one of my favorite friends from high school is a reporter at CFRB! Amazing!

But, just as with television... there IS a safe disconnect in the deceptive web world. It's stunning our new ability to be able to grow community with people that are at a physical distance... but it can also be a false front.

Web 2.0 can be addictive, and to some... consuming. It can seem that we are building relationship but without accountability, emotional connect, and genuine give and take... it can be incomplete.

Our lives were not created to master technology. Life was birthed to make an impact the world around us for GOOD. We are asked to function together as a body. A house of living stones. We really are responsible and accountable for each other in more ways than we realize and no technology will ever be able to take the place of genuine human touch... because God choose to use US to show HIS intense love for this earth and everything in it.

What are your experiences in the Web 2.0 world?


Brantford Revolution said...

Tonight should be fun! Community eh? Hmmm...

Eric said...

I too have more than double the Facebook friends than what I have on MySpace.

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