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3 April 2007

Absolute purposeless nonsense that borderlines on gibberish


What in the sweet sweet goo of Herman is humor blogs? Basically they are a group of flesh eating maniacal juggler-donkey's in an old-testamentaly inappropriate online relationship with each other. If I were you... I'd click that thing above that appears to be 2 chocolate thumbs mentally destroying a cat.

***Note... when someone on the internet tells you to click on something, you should NEVER EVER QUESTION IT. It doesn't matter if the person appears to have no top on... just listen to Bambi and click away! The world is your oyster Elmer!***

Laughing at yourself and other's is therapy. I've alway believed two things.
1. If it's not in a box of 8 crayons... it's not a color.
2. If you see crap... you say crap.
3. The male breast is a beautiful thing

(Note I do not really believe this, but the breasts on the severed head on the right are stunning)

I had this email dice up exchange with one of my best friends last night after I genuinely, sincerely, with the heart of a lion, gently requested not to receive any more emails about a baseball pool that I opted out of...

Sam: Ya, do not bother Dave while he is hard at work at the wave. His
work is overwhelming, a
nd his deadlines are strict. If he also has to
take all the time to check and delete unwanted email,
he'll never be able to voyeuristically check up on everyones myspace, graffiti on someone's facebook wall, or find out what Hans from Germany put on his blog about how he felt today, and his excessive gas.situation...can we please be more considerate about our emails... besides we don't want to be the farmer that carelessly scatters our emails on unfertile soil

Dave: Agreed...I with all the relationship building, I barely have time to purchase obscure animals to fill my house with

Sam: Ha, just cause you don't know anything about them... doesn't make them obscure you'd think with all the hours you log researching useless crap you'd at least know a bit about them but I guess you can blame spike and leon on my apparent impulsive purchasing... well... that is if "impulsive purchasing" means research as much about said animals, prepare to purchase said animals, safely transport said animals, and properly take care of said animals... ya, that sounds pretty impulsive to me

Dave: I believe Homer Simpson once said "Just because I don't care doesn't mean that I don't understand"

Sam: true... he did say that... but I feel his philosophies are flawed... for it was also Homer simpson who said... "First you get the sugar, then you get the power, then you get the women." well... I have purchased more then my share of sugar... and still no power or women. do you think you could google what bono thinks about homer's theology?

Dave: Yeah... Bono would likely say... "Animals have no soul... focus on people"
Sam: Ha... that depends if it's before or after his Guinness
binge... enjoys
his.Guinness... in fact... I'm pretty sure he "swears" by it. but
you're right... Bono "loves the lord"... too bad he loves nature more

Isn't that awesome? We had the unwitting bystanders of that exchange almost wetting themselves while semi-publically pointing out areas where we're both dumb.

Hey Dumbo... here's the deal. I'm dumb... you're dumb... we're quite pea-brained most of the time. We talk a BIG game but truly understand little. It's very important to come at everything we do humbly, knowing that OUR knowledge is likely tainted with our own humanity.

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