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30 April 2007

An Inconvenient Truth... Responces

let me write what's been rolling through my mind about it first... I'm going to write harshly and off the cuff... but that keeps you comin' back for more doesn't it?

Big Ear Creations said...

In No way should the environment be THE issue for The Church. I think it would be a gross misuse of the church's time.

I think that there are so many forces going into this issue. Spiritual, economic, social, geographic... and the shear fact that there are THIS MANY PEOPLE on the planet all of a sudden for no reason whatsoever... that we have to realize that SOMETHING is happening.

What is happening? I don't rightly know fully. But I know that God desires MANY people to be his freed, equipped, and released army.

There will need to be people to take care of those caught in the days (that are coming recycle boxes or not) where there are famines, floods, wars. I see very very little in the word of God about the environment. I see LOTS about people.

I think there will be those called to make revolutionary change... because it's an area where PEOPLE can be influenced for Christ. It's an area of influence... like feeding others... like working at an office... like cleaning up puke in a bathroom. No more... no less.

We cannot stop the world from it's destiny in my opinion. The number's are staggering... and historically, our moves to solve one problem... usually cause others. Humanity and the earth we live on is sick and putting disproportionate value on cleaning the surface leaves the cavities still festering.

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Matt Vaandering said...

when I hear about the whole evironment vs. saving souls or saving souls vs. feeding hungry debates, I think of the passage in Corinthians about the different members of the body of Christ. All different functions, but no one is most important. I think it's totally out of context, but it makes sense. It's like when Oprah built that school in Africa. People were all pissed cause she could have used that money for schools in America. But if she had used it for school in america, people would complain that she doesn't give enough to Africa. You can't win...

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