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28 April 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

I just watched Al's Big Movie. I'm still processing what I think about it.

But honestly. There's really nothing to refute. It's fact.

Question is... how does the church respond?

How big of an issue is it?

What is the world's most important need?

I'm asking you... how do you process it?

April 29th PS

... I'm going to write more about this but it's a HUGE issue that everyone MUST think about. It's inescapable because the potential results and inexusable to the younger generation to not have it dealt with.

And while this film is targeted at the US as the major offender in the world (and it is...) as Trudeau said in 1969... it's like being in bed with an elephant.

John Baird (Environment Minister), David Suski, and Al Gore have had some exchanges in the last 48 hours as well. Check that story out.


Matt Vaandering said...

I would say VERY important. When Manhattan and venice are underwater cities, we're going to say "what the hek were we thinking. we knew everything we needed to know, but we didn't respond the way we needed to." I can't imagine that God wants the Church to ignore the fact that his earth is being destroyed. I think God even told us to take care of the earth before he ever told us to evangalize...

Lisa said...

I still haven't seen it. Looks like I sorely need to!

Matt Vaandering said...

I have to say some more things about this. I was just in Michigan and I was talking to some americans about how Al Gore should be the next president. They thought it was so dumb because he used the documentary to put out his platform before he runs for president. First of all, that isn't a bad idea. I don't think there is anything stupid or crooked about it. It's marketing and it's brilliant. Also, people call Gore an idoit cause he doesn't put his money where his mouth is. He uses a buttload of energy and he has his fingers in some oil companies. That definately sucks, and it shows lack of integrity. However, it doesn't make the cause any less worthwhile. protect the earth...everyone bike to church from now on!

Big Ear Creations said...

He actually said that we were supposed to subdue it... not make it a priority over man, but bring it under the subjection of man.

The fact that stands out in my mind more than others that there are more people alive right now than at any time throughout history combined.

How is this possible? It's not a "man plan" to all have more babies at once! So to me, many of the facts are not totally discernible with rational thought. I think that there must some spiritual influences at work.

Jeff said...

I've seen the movie, and although the message of trying to save the earth is a good one, I really didn't like the movie...they could have cut out about half of it to get rid of all the "look at me, I'm Al Gore trying to save the universe" stuff. It was very politically charged, and considering the jabs at Bush and the money he's made off this film, I don't like the way he's put out the film.

That doesn't mean it's not important to take care of our earth. I don't think it's really even a Church and Christianity issue - more of just a general humanity issue. If we don't figure out the problem, our kids and grandkids might not have the chance to fix the problem. We're in essence saying "Hey, we destroyed the earth...here you go, we're giving it to you now." I think Christian or not, we should all be doing our part, if only to give the next generation a future to live.

Big Ear Creations said...

Yeah the "look at me, I'm Al Gore" parts are a bit nauseating.

Baird's point is that Al Gore's time in office also didn't produced what he is preaching... and you know why? Because leadership is difficult and there are NUMEROUS factors to consider.

I would say since I just got a blue box at Christmas time... I have some person life changes to make yes...

... but if the Church's job is to bring Christ's name to the ends of the earth, should we be KEYING on this issue? Should this be THE issue or just begin to encourage Christians to be responsible?

Notes from the Tall, Dutch Guy said...

It has to be a issue of the church but whether it must be THE issue (other than making disciples of all nations) is another question.

its quite a dilly of a pickle...
I've always been quite a hypocrite when it comes to the environment, I've often said what a problem it is but never done anything about it.
But here's the thing about whether it should be THE issue. If we made it THE issue, the church would be be able to gain some respect back that it has lost over the years.

Lately, in Canada at least, THE issue has been gay marriage. We've fought and we've fought and we've become the bad guy. Instead of reaching out to the person, we've tryed denying what they want (note: not defending gay marriage).

Now here is the thing with the environment, if we make that THE issue, we are only making the great commision all that easier. This is an issue that the church and society agree on, we need to run with it. If we choose to take a stand with something most seculars agree with, now all of a sudden in their view, the church isn't all that bad, and christians aren't such jackasses.

So, yes, the environment should be THE issue. Not only are we doing something which God has commanded, but also it makes our other jobs much easier.

Matt Vaandering said...


Big Ear Creations said...

Interesting conclusions.

I feel quite the opposite. That in No way should the environment be THE issue for The Church. I think it would be a gross misuse of the church's time.

I think that there are so many forces going into this issue. Spiritual, economic, social, geographic... and the shear fact that there are THIS MANY PEOPLE on the planet all of a sudden for no reason whatsoever... that we have to realize that SOMETHING is happening.

What is happening? I don't rightly know fully. But I know that God desires MANY people to be his freed, equipped, and released army.

There will need to be people to take care of those caught in the days (that are coming recycle boxes or not) where there are famines, floods, wars. I see very very little in the word of God about the environment. I see LOTS about people.

I think there will be those called to make revolutionary change... because it's an area where PEOPLE can be influenced for Christ. It's an area of influence... like feeding others... like working at an office... like cleaning up puke in a bathroom. No more... no less.

We cannot stop the world from it's destiny in my opinion. The number's are staggering... and historically, our moves to solve one problem... usually cause others. Humanity and the earth we live on is sick and putting disproportionate value on cleaning the surface leaves the cavities still festering.

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