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15 April 2007

Manifestations and Orgasms

Spiritual Manifestations by themselves are physically meaningless. Think about intercession. It’s not the act of moaning, groaning and shaking that allows God the right to move into earthly situations. That’s just what it looks like sometimes when Christ goes to the Father on our behalf to change things. Because it's the natural colliding with the Holy.

But if we attempt to control the physical results of a spiritual situation, we severely limit the potential moment.

Manifestations are like orgasms. You can have meaningless sex and still seemingly achieve the desire goal of marital intimacy, but “The Big O” only happens when you sell yourself out to your lover and abandon inhibitions. The desired results of sex happen when we don’t focus on the “physical manifestations of sex”, and instead give our selves over to the moment. The rest just happens... and it sure is good. Even better when it's spontaneous instead of scripted.

The same is true for those who fake ‘em. The outward appearance appears to be the desired result, but you have robbed your partner of the satisfaction of the intimacy of surrender, instead opting for control and manipulation of a Holy situation.

The same is true with spiritual “manifestation”… it is a result of our humanly bodies getting closer into the holy of holies and abandoning self. You don’t know what it’s going to look like, sound like, feel like…. Because we are entering into a place of surrender with a creative, powerful God. What your body does is not about you. If you decide one way or another that you will not do something… or that you do not believe in something, you'll never stay in a dull, routine place. In the shallow end of the pool...at the expense of Holy Ghost intimacy.

“In the presence of a Holy God, who can stand?”

Manifestations are mere man’s honest reaction to a beautiful collision with a Holy God.


Notes from the Tall, Dutch Guy said...

i think i may have to inform blogger about some objectionable content.

Dave said...

Literally my twisted mind at work. Oh wait... it's scriptural.

So I'm ok

Matt Vaandering said...

I love it! I can't wait until I can relate though. Can I say that?

Big Ear Creations said...

Yes... you can let the Holy Spirit take you over anytime... Light it up!

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