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27 April 2007

Penis Fish

Can the candirú fish swim upstream into your urethra?

A question I'm sure we've all asked ourselves. The answer is yes...

I had the misfortune of having to sit through an episode of Grey's Anatomy last night....

***Note. Grey's Anatomy is one to the stupidest, cliche packed, over dramatized, forced comedic (or non-comedic), piles of horse manure on television today. Shows like this are the reason that I barely watch TV. Go LOST!***

I digress.
Part of the show had a man with a Penis Fish. The Penis Fish went on to become a metaphor for someone (or something) that is in your head (spirit) and isn't welcome there.
Something that got in there without an invitation, but creates HORRIBLE problems once it's in.
Something that you can't get out without intention.

Love that.

So henceforth, if we're chatting about life, and I say... "That thought... that's a penis fish". You'll need to remember that this object... hurts when it's in the urethra..


Eric said...

I sure hope that's not "Actual size"

Matt Vaandering said...

That's an awesome illustration. I didn't have a clue where you were going with that, but I love it. The guy narrating sounds like phil hartman. and what's up with the random pan accross the boob/nipple towards the end of the video?

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