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11 April 2007

Walking on the unseen

I go back to work tomorrow morning after a week off with growing family of 5. A few minutes ago, Krissy and I just stopped and thanked God for how He's blessed us. And He HAS Blessed our family. It can all be traced back to one place.

This day in the picture on the right was our second last day in Ghana a few years ago now. It was our "Missionary Commissioning" ceremony as we were "sent" back to Canada to live life to the fullest.

This day I made a vow to God. I haven't made many real honest-to-goodness, full-out "vows" in my life, because there is no going back on a vow. A vow is a done deal.

This is the deal I made with God on this day...

"God, if you'll promise to always take care of my family, I want you to give me a life that challenges other's view of how big you are."

I've learned a few things about living a cutting edge life. Earth shakers don't react to situations. They understand the times and move before inevitability sets in.

This practice usually leaves one looking like they're standing alone in mid air much of the time.

It's Coyote theology. As long as the Coyote was focussed on chasing the Road Runner, he could run a straight line off a cliff. As soon as he looked around and thought, "hmmm, I shouldn't be able to do this....", he plummeted in a puff of desert dust.

In my world, it's about hearing the voice of God and doing what He says. It's not a figurative metaphor for something else. It's quite literally stepping out of the strong current of daily life, listening to a living God speak (because he knows best how to set us up for future success), and walking off the cliff into the unseen as if it were already there.

The first part of my vow involved asking God to fulfill something He already promised in Luke 12...

"Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear. Life is more than food, and the body more than clothes. Don't set your heart on what you will eat or drink; do not worry about it. Your Father knows that you need them. But seek his kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well."

Good deal. The second part, involves trusting God enough to do astounding things through faith. A number of years ago, I defined what I felt we should strive to be in life...

"We need to be truth-seekers, willing to walk by faith, expecting great things to come out of obedience"
Do you know what the first thing most people say when I tell them that we just had a 3rd child is? "Wow, how can you afford that?". I cannot begin to tell you how distasteful, selfish and impotently-short sighted that is. It actually make me very sad for many people.

Having 3 kids at the age of 30 wouldn't have necessarily been in my "How to take over the world" game plan. But my destiny involves making God's name ENORMOUS, and it's HIS master plan that I get to play a small, yet significant role in. Having my amazing children has been a part of walking on the unseen.

It's put us in a place of NEEDING to allow God to fulfill His plan His way, because it's a LOONGGG drop down if we choose to take that peek. The result is a perfectly fitted puzzle, pieced together by the designer instead of life of worry and second-bests.


Matt Vaandering said...

I like that teaching dave. You have a ton of faith. sometimes Christians don't give God the glory when he fulfills his promise of providence, but you certainly have. faith is seeing God in all things, and you have seen God in a place that people often don't even look for him.

Notes from the Tall, Dutch Guy said...

Thanks David, I needed to hear this post. perfect timing too, although you wrote it 2 days ago. Methinks I will be stewing over this one for a while.

PS-> the 'how can you afford it' thing is a load of crap (i know you already know this but I thought I'd reiterate it for ya)...pay no attention to that stuff or the man behind the green curtain (no idea where that came from, i haven't watched Oz in a long time)
Sad realization-> the lion in that movie terrfied me as a kid....and still does

Brantford Revolution said...

Oh great and powerful Oz...

Thanks guys. Your lives are encouragements to me


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