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20 April 2007

Minor Plot Flaws

Automatic right wing assumptions of North American Christians leave many as political and social drones. I list myself as "Conservative", and it's true that they are party I most support in Canada. I voted Harper. I like Harper. I support most of what he does. But the word MOST is the kicker.

God doesn't care much for "mosts". He doesn't say, give me "most of you". He didn't give us "most" of His son to die. He doesn't ask you to love one another on "most" occasions. He's and "all or nothing" kinda dude.

He asks us to be hot or cold. In between... we find ourselves in the "cast you out" place.
***NOTE*** Not a good place to be.

So just because there are more Christians who are Conservatives or Republicans, doesn't inherently make it Godlier. I saw this the other day and laughed...

I have grown to truly dislike the Iraq war and would be outraged if I were a conservative Christian Republican voter (and if I was an American... I likely would be by default sadly)

Following the Pied Piper, we turn our spiritual discerner's off without even processing the heart of God on matters. There is no correct political party because they are run by the consensus of men, instead of the leading of God. And let me say this. I, principally, support our leaders. It's RIGHT and BIBLICAL to build up our leaders... not tear them down because God allows certain men to rule for His purposes.

I vote Conservative... but hate the word because God is Liberal with His Spirit, His forgiveness...etc

I believe some war is allowable... but motives are not always pure

Because I believe in smaller government and fiscally enabling organizations like churches to take care of the hurt and needy instead of governmentally inept programs... does not mean that I'm a uncaring right wing ogre. Ya know?

It's a problem... because one party is NEVER right all the time. It's not an ALL OR NOTHING system, so it's not going to ever be perfect. So get involved, pay attention, get the spirit of wisdom and revelation... turn your ear to heaven and hear what the "mind of christ" has to say.


Diesel said...

I would add that the term "conservative" is -- or was originally supposed to be -- inherently vague. Real conservatism doesn't pretend to offer all the answers; in fact, in came about primarily as a reaction against people who thought they had figured out how to create a good society (French radicals). Conservatism is a philosophy that says, "We're not sure what the right answer is, so let's be real careful."

Big Ear Creations said...

Politically now, it represents it's own ideals, and I don't know if the word "conservative" accurately describes them or not.

In Canada, as well, we have gone back to the the term conservative from "Progressive Conservative" fairly recently

It also means something different (currently) in Canada than it does in the states. It's a complex little conundrum.

Because I'm FAR FAR FAR, from a Conservative person... but I have to use that word to describe me... weird.

Eric said...

I vote we start our own party called the NLCP (New Liberally Conservative Party).

I saw the iRack skit a while back and actually commented to a friend it was the best political satire skit I have EVER seen. It was funny and poignant at the same time. I was impressed with MadTV for that one.

Big Ear Creations said...

It would sure beat the Christian Heritige Party that is even MORE conservative.

It tries to make sacred some of the things about Christianity that makes me a little ill

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