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26 April 2007

Why do Baptists have all the cool Blog's?

As far as unique, thought provoking, creative Blogs go...

Baptists clean up, (likely none that I've ever met). But like the Passion kinda Baptist peeps. The tricked out Baptist Bloggers.

Emergent Churches are right there in the mix too. But that's what they do. They're modern hipster holdovers. When the living room is the "meeting place" (that's the hippy term isn't it?) you've got branch out into the wireless coffee shops don't ya?

There are some cool Catholic Blogs. Pius... but cool.

If you're looking for Blogs written by church disillusioned, fragmented from society, vague remembrance of God, social misfit, round about religious, sarcastic about the church Blogs... well as Desmond says,

" brother you ain't gonna have much of an problem finding on of those."

But I'm here send out the call for the Holy Ghost a breathin', annointin' oil a pourin', revival fire a callin', prophetic vision a seein', independent church a startin', mainstream church a splitin' people... you know. People like me.

Come on you Revival Monkeys!

Get out into the Bloggersphere. Make YOUR wild unsubstantiated comments. Show us pictures of YOUR cat playing with a ball of yarn and how it relates to the book of Philippians. Then GO into all the Blogger world and make disciples of those writing about heathenish items like software, quilting, and recipes.... GO I SPEAK TO YOU!

Am I even making a point?


Oh good... well then it's all been worth it.

*** Note... the opinions expressed in the preceding Blog in no way reflect Freedom House Church International or those who dwell within.***


Notes from the Tall, Dutch Guy said...

note: i like the disclaimer at the end.

note: Using placebor* may cause irratablity, nausia, diariea, sleep lose, or death. Please do not use placebor* with water, food, or sleep. If you notice these symptoms, do not talk to your doctor, buy placebor 2.0*.

Matt Vaandering said...

Friggin funny!

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