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18 April 2007

You... shake your junk

I've imagined this scenario many times. I want it.

I've always thought that doing obscure things in public is a wonderful way to spend a day.

I once walked into a convenience store with a Mike Krukow baseball card stuck to my forehead, poured myself a slushy, then dumped in on the counter in front of the attendant... and walked out.

For a 2 week period, I called a local donut shop daily and cryptically in a Yoda like voice would simply say "Cookie... One... I'll pick it up... Saturday". Then hung up.

I once walked into a grocery store... got some milk and a box of cereal... sat on the floor... and ate them together... in blessed unity.

While going up on escalators, I'll alway say things like "and then the elephant and I began to ballroom dance. It was beautiful because it was so spontaneous" loudly enough so those going down have to turn and look.



Matt Vaandering said...

friggin HILARIOUS post!

rjlight said...

okay, -- I am one of the few readers who probably know who Mike Krukow is -- I was a fan... well still am sorta I guess.. anyway, I am a bit offended!

Big Ear Creations said...

He truly was the Polish Prince... or so it said on the back of my 1986 topps wood frame mike krukow card

Eric said...

Still got the video proof of the cereal incident? THAT was classic!

rjlight said...

well, I admit I used to make up languages and talk loudly in them to my friends...Oh, man that sounds so boring compared to what you've done...why did I mention it?

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