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31 May 2007

Sam Brownback

You may not have heard of Sam Brownback, but he's attempting to become to Republican nominee for the upcoming US presidential election. What a fascinating Christian this gentleman is. Right now he's a senator in Kansas... but check out this article on Beliefnet HERE.

He asked if politics taints Jesus name when it's brought up...

Check this honey out...

"In America today, there are 40 percent of the kids born out of wedlock, 80 percent in the African American community. You've got the lowest level of family formation ever, in terms of marriages. You still have seriously high divorce rates. There are more people in prison per capita than in any other country in the world. Is there a historical precedent for turning this around with anything other than mass revival - in other words, through a religious conversion as opposed to something political?

I've asked that very question of historians, and they haven't been able to cite one to me. I think those two move together.

When you look at--I think one of the more recent examples that is somewhat close to it would be pre-Victorian England in the late 1700's, early 1800's, and you had the Wesley Brothers that came forward with Methodism. And then, you had the political movement that moved on top of it... and the end of the slave trade took place.

But, you had a culture then that was starting to deteriorate, and then was revived. And then, that revived culture then took on big topics like the slave trade."

He also talks about actual compassion for the poor, a real world-view, and releasing faith-based initiatives further to solve issues that politics and governments can not.

This man encourages me... because he's talking about NORMAL and POWERFUL Christianity.

God Bless America.

29 May 2007

Breath Taking

"As we talked I was speechless for my heart pounded.
As we walked a little while; I knew that I’d been found.
Here I am no more disguise, no longer blinded
I see it clear, I am yours

You are breath taking and breath giving

I rise above all the flattery and frowns
I put my head up to your chest and listen for sound
You make me brave every time I see you smile
I see it clear, I am yours

Doesn’t my heart burn within me
You are breath taking and breath giving"

"Bravery" by Charlie Hall

God's desires for our affections can be found when we look at what a real healthy person to person relationship is.

This could be a love song or a worship song.
It could be the story of young love, or a declaration of awe

These concepts are not exclusive... they are married. God DESIRES in the ways that we currently understand the word and ways that we're yet to understand it.

Lose yourself in His affection

28 May 2007

You can't go back

When I was a kid, we would go up to a place called "Flower Pot Island" in Georgian Bay where the water was so cold that it would numb you in moments. Most people couldn’t stand to be in this water because it was such a shock to the system that you would be feeling it (or not feeling it) all day.

I loved it though.
A refreshment that lasted!
Couldn’t get enough.

It was so refreshing that swimming in Southern Ontario suburban pools just wouldn’t cut it anymore. I love swimming but everything that I swim in, I compare to Georgian Bay. It’s nice but… dang that water!

Once, along with some close friends, drov
e to Buffalo for a weekend getaway...

Ministry life = Buffalo as the luxuries holiday... DOH

Many unfortunate things happened on this weekend.
The power blew out on our hotel room...
we got taken trying to buy scalper Buffalo Sabre tickets...
... but we found this steakhouse!

Oh momma those steaks were PERFECT. Everything that a human could look for in a piece of food, it had it. Thick… medium-well like medium well is supposed to be… unique but not overwhelming sauce… perfect.

As we’re eating this steak, we’re looking at each other moaning like we were in “When
Harry met Sally”. We knew that totally by accident, we stumbled on something so perfect, costly. Every time that we would go out for diner after that, it was compared to the steakhouse. I can barely order steak anymore… and forget about me making it myself. Nothing compares to that steakhouse. Those steaks cannot be beat.

God is like that. You can't go back. When you've tasted and seen that Lord is good... you can't go back to ordinary life.

When you've seen that sickness can be healed... you can't go back to living with pain.

When you've felt the freedom of salvation... you can't go back to bondage.

When you spend time with the Creator of the Universe... you can't go back to pretending life is about Nickels and Crafts.

27 May 2007


No matter how many times I misspell "beautiful" when I write it to her… it makes Krissy laugh.

That endears me to her because "I am my beloveds and my beloveds mine".

I belong to her.

She knows it and she knows me.

She knows my unfit offering is real and honest.

It's imperfect... yet it's an offering of love to her

26 May 2007


Pronunciation[peen-yah-tuh, pin-yah-; Sp. pee-nyah-tah]
(in Mexico and Central America) a gaily decorated crock or papier-mâché figure filled with toys, candy, etc.

Today, 1 boy and 4 girls beat a melange of Disney princess's with a stick until their stuffing came out. It will be cherished memory for the ages.

22 May 2007

The Nations

This awesome old Animaniacs clip popped into my head over the weekend. I played it for Jared and he's been trying to sing it ever since. You're good but have fun with this one boy...

The Bible talks a lot about "The Nations". That's a pretty big thing really. Yakko just named quite a number of them. And there are now more because I'm quite sure that there is no more Czechoslovakia.

I drove past one of Brantford's numerous run-down old motels today and God spoke something cool to me. He said that He's going to fill the hotels and motel in our city because people will travel from "The Nations" to Brantford to meet with Him. Tourism and the economy of the city will explode when God's Spirit does. They'll come to get healed because they know He's doing it in Brantford.

Some might look and say, "God can come anywhere anytime so why run to a place. He's omnipresent eh." While this is true... the woman who grabbed the hem of Christ's garment didn't care much about that.

Christ was there. She knew this was her shot. She grabbed him while he could be found. God honored her fervent desire for freedom.

If you're not from Brantford (first of all, maybe you should be WINK), pray along with those of us here. I'm not just blowing smoke here. I actually believe this. That "The Nations" are going to changed by God's coming spirit outpouring in my city. I've tried to leave it numerous times. But all of my best plans have been thwarted.

And when it comes... look out man.
Because EVERYTHING changes

21 May 2007

The Good side of Parenting

It's not all 3am wake up calls

Victoria Day at the Waterfront


The other side of parenting.

Not all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.

She's still cute.

More than I can say for me

19 May 2007

The Garden

This garden is found here.

Astounding that things so small are noticed in a world so large

18 May 2007


Hello again people I know. Just wanted to let you know that you should check out my latest article on BrantNOW!

It's called "Looking at 21... from 30". It's remembering getting married at the ripe old age of 21. Some of you were there. Some of you were not. Some of you weren't born. Shudder.

Friday Nights on the Street

Last fall and summer, we spent every Friday night out on the street Barbecuing for whoever came by. It was quite fascinating to see the hamster running around in the wheel of people's minds as they tried to figure out why people were doing something for nothing.

But you know what? Meeting people's physical needs are just A method of opening door to meeting their real need of salvation. It's A METHOD of achieving something... and not THE goal.

Mark 8:36

What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?

Stuff is just stuff. Food is just food. Clothing is just clothing. God says this...

Isaiah 61:10
I delight greatly in the LORD; my soul rejoices in my God. For he has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom adorns his head like a priest, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels.

Tonight... I'll be headed out on to the streets... letting God meet REAL needs with a different method. It will be a Victoria Day weekend to remember for someone.

16 May 2007

I was 21

At 21 years old, I stood on a pink carpeted generic church platform, singing Great Big Sea shanties in head, trying to distract my mind from sweating. It's all I could think of doing while waiting for my bride to appear through the solid pine double doors.

There were dusty rose bows on the pews. Simple.
The nondescript church candelabras were hauled out of the storage closet/baptismal tank and topped out the usual wedding trappings. Lukey’s boat being paint green allowed me to stop from giving in to the combination of laughter and vomit that was struggling for premium position inside me. Thankfully for the immediate family in the front row, the raucous vocals of Alan Doyle won out.

An overwhelming moment. A good portion of me felt confident.

I assumed I was ready for the glorious martial life that lied ahead. I mean, we passed the Pentecostal Assemblies martial scan-tron test didn’t we?

I thought that I had grasped the magnitude of what I was doing. Many of the guests KNEW we were far too young and naive. I could hear the whispers. Some were not happy that they had to come to a wedding that was having its reception in a gym with no booze. I knew this and cared not. They were all getting Kaisers with ham it… so drink your orange drink and be happy!

My policy for the previous year had been, no matter how many episodes of “The Wedding Story” that I was forced to sit through… never give an opinion on a wedding dress.

Not a “that’s a nice neckline”… or a “what a stupid looking train”. Nothing.

The truth is that I think most wedding dresses look foolish. Enormous poofy explosions of lace and beads. And wedding makeup? Why is deep sea blue over top of the eye supposed to be attractive? I like my ladies looking like they’ve been in a hockey fight. And wedding hairdos? They all end up looking like an army of hornets have built a summer home in the bride's skull. Wear that to work on Monday and you would be a laughing stock, but today… “belissimo”.

I was “taking one for the team” and would, for all eternity, insist that the dress was a beautiful garment that was etched in my brain for all eternity.

Then I saw my bride.

And everything stopped.

Her appearance knocked me in the throat yet I didn’t really even see it.

If we didn’t have pictures taken, I couldn’t have told you what happened for the rest of the day. All I remember was sporting a goofy grin that I couldn’t shake.

Marriage is sloppy.

It’s messy.

It’s inexact.

It’s blood, sweat and tears.

It’s victory and it’s defeat.

It’s intensely secure and it madningly repetitious

It's truly an adventure that you have the privilege of sharing with your best friend, lover, and mate.

You NEVER know what lies ahead. But when you walk there with her in one arm... and Him on the other... it's a tale that Tolkien couldn't pen.

15 May 2007


I'm not sure what's the best part of this video...

1) This man's name is Estus Pirkle


2) The hymn singing crippled midget


3) His warning of dying in an earthquake


4) The emotionally stunted audience

It's likely more like a Freedom House Sunday than anything I've ever seen

9 May 2007

I'm on Deadspin

Hey check this out... my little John Gibbons Boomhauer dealy is a story featured on Deadspin... which is a very cutting edge Sports Blog (whatever that means)

Well that tickles me in a place you're not allowed to see

Do you know Him?

Let me tell you something true.
God is enormous... but He "woos" us to come closer.

When we do, we can't take what we carry with us. We HAVE TO loose ourselves.
Be we GET to shed excess like doubt, worry, insecurity, lies, pride.

That stuff gets checked at the door of the King. It's not allowed.

Good thing is that God says that we reign with Him forever. ALONG SIDE Him.
That's astounding Ed!

He's more valuable than currency. Bigger than the Hubble can see. Closer than a brother.
He's The Beautiful Collision.
He's The Righteous Warrior.
He's The Active Searcher.
He's The Worth in Creation.

Do you know Him? Are you standing in His presence? Don't THINK it... GO there
Do you see Him. Isn't He something.


8 May 2007


Today I know that I'm walking stronger
Today I know that I'm standing larger
Today I know that the Spirit of The Sovereign God is upon me
Today I know that whole world is filled with His Glory
Today I know that Healing is upon me
Today I know that Breakthrough is a door right in front of me
Today I know that Salvation is full
Today I know that His word is ALIVE
Today I know that I'm living it.
Today I'm walking stronger

7 May 2007

Another fictional interview with John "Boomhauer" Gibbons

Wow John, things have really spiraled downhill quickly haven't they?

Dang 'ole team dud dang gone 'ole cold.... dang

"Dud dang" fo show John. To what do you attribute this phenomenon?

Well dere Dave (adjusts cup and snorts). Baseball's about three importent tings. Ya gotcher number one. Ya gotta hit da ball. Ya gotcher number two... ya gotta pitch da ball. Aaaand dere's a number three two... (trailing off) ya got any cornbread?

No. Think hard about number three. Think. Think.

I'll be danged. It was me pappy dat told me about da three... but I can only remember two

Is it fielding?

Could very well be dere Dr. Science... but Johnny Ballgame don't care much for it... so I'm gonna run wit buntin'. Yeah Buntin' is number three.

Bingo. Let me ask you about the pitching staff.


Exactly. Moving on...

(Beginning to rustle through his fat guy windbreaker for something to eat)
Hey dere... you got any cornbread over dere?

Still no. Does it worry you that your shortstop appears to be utterly incompetent at all aspects of the game and both of your catchers are only in the major leagues because of their novelty-like appearance?

(Still looking for cornbread)... I swears Milly rustled me up some cornbread to take me dud dang 'ole mind off dese here tings. Weellll... Royce is takiner one day at a time and tryin' to stay within' himself... and big Sally... he's... big. (Throws hands up in the air). It's all Gibby's got.

Indeed. Johnny I like ya. Gimme a hug

No Deal

5 May 2007

Really... who are we?

See because I'm "a church planter" (not the puppet that Christian has there)... but we also don't follow the "emergent Church" model.

We dress down... but are in no way "seeker sensitive"
We play the hip shakin' devil music... but also sometimes worship with no lyrics at all
We call the fire and function as fully as possible in the spirit... but hold being "normal" as a value.

So WHAT does Christian mean?

4 May 2007

What do I call myself?

I've had a bit a dilemma lately. What word do I call myself???
On Facebook where it asks for your religion... Christian seems so broad and means so many things to so many people. What do I say?

How in the world did we get so fragmented? Some of us are revered and irrelevant. Some of us are rootsy and poo pood. Some of us are stodgy... some are flaky, some are spiritual yet invisible, some are practical yet impotent.

What do I call myself to properly identify what I am.

Christians were called Christian because it meant "little Christ". But most brandishing that name, bear no resemblance to Christ. I still like it though. It's what I strive to be.

Changing the image of the word is up to us to live like it. Live in love. Live in truth. Live with passion.

2 May 2007

Totally Unsubstanciated Blue Jays Conspiracy Theories

Check out my article over at Bluebird Banter

Wiped Out

This must be why people take vacations.

I need a nap.

One that lasts 3 days.

I feel like I'm working all the time.

Yet... I wouldn't trade my life for anyones.

Glad I do like it too... because I don't see an end in sight.

I honestly wonder how people take vacations.

How do they afford it?
Where do they put their kids?
How do they get jobs that give them time off?

Krissy has always wanted to go to Hawaii. But anywhere topical would be much fun.

I 'd love to go somewhere with no activities. Activity people bug me. George Costanza once said "Everybody is doing something... we'll do NOTHING". And no people.

I like people. I honestly do.
I have written in my old King James Bible that;

"Time spent with God is the best way to prepare for time spent with man"

It's a true statement. But allow me to make another true statement.

"Time spent alone with your wife stops your from going postal on other humans."

Dreaming..... mmmmmmmmmmm.......

Hey you still here?
Leave me alone eh... I'm dreaming...

Oh great... now it's gone.
Thanks for that numbty.
Back to work.

1 May 2007


For reason's I'll never know... my pretty little blonde, meek, mild wife loves the show Pimp my ride. It's awesome. Amuses me to no end.

Pimp my Blog... I doubt she'd be as into. But me... I'm "down".

So I've pimped up my Blog a bit. Why you ask? Because my day job is lulling me into a coma. Either way... i think my blog is now officially pimped.

Freedom House

Makeshift Policy
Originally uploaded by PEEJ0E.
Our Church is in the process of changing buildings... where to you ask? Beats the hooch out of me! If God tells you, let me know OK?

But my friend PEEJOE (this is his amazing photo BTW) is in process of collecting pictures past and present about our church Freedom House and is collecting them in a Flickr Photo Group.

Now because some pictures will contain private photographs of those not wanting to be exposed into cyberspace... it's only for those who are a part of Freedom House (or friend of)

If you have some cool pictures of the Big Blue House... check me out on flickr here
Sign up for an account and share the Big Blue Goodness!

Fasting Journal

When you see this logo... just click on it and follow along with me as I fast. I'm keeping a bit of an Blogging Journal, tracking what God is doing and saying as I fast.

It's fairly exposed... but that's kinda the point I suppose.

I wasn't going to share my journey... but part of what I'm called to be is exposed so that God can use my path to bring revelation and understanding to others... along with myself. So here we go...

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