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29 May 2007

Breath Taking

"As we talked I was speechless for my heart pounded.
As we walked a little while; I knew that I’d been found.
Here I am no more disguise, no longer blinded
I see it clear, I am yours

You are breath taking and breath giving

I rise above all the flattery and frowns
I put my head up to your chest and listen for sound
You make me brave every time I see you smile
I see it clear, I am yours

Doesn’t my heart burn within me
You are breath taking and breath giving"

"Bravery" by Charlie Hall

God's desires for our affections can be found when we look at what a real healthy person to person relationship is.

This could be a love song or a worship song.
It could be the story of young love, or a declaration of awe

These concepts are not exclusive... they are married. God DESIRES in the ways that we currently understand the word and ways that we're yet to understand it.

Lose yourself in His affection

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