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9 May 2007

Do you know Him?

Let me tell you something true.
God is enormous... but He "woos" us to come closer.

When we do, we can't take what we carry with us. We HAVE TO loose ourselves.
Be we GET to shed excess like doubt, worry, insecurity, lies, pride.

That stuff gets checked at the door of the King. It's not allowed.

Good thing is that God says that we reign with Him forever. ALONG SIDE Him.
That's astounding Ed!

He's more valuable than currency. Bigger than the Hubble can see. Closer than a brother.
He's The Beautiful Collision.
He's The Righteous Warrior.
He's The Active Searcher.
He's The Worth in Creation.

Do you know Him? Are you standing in His presence? Don't THINK it... GO there
Do you see Him. Isn't He something.


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