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22 May 2007

The Nations

This awesome old Animaniacs clip popped into my head over the weekend. I played it for Jared and he's been trying to sing it ever since. You're good but have fun with this one boy...

The Bible talks a lot about "The Nations". That's a pretty big thing really. Yakko just named quite a number of them. And there are now more because I'm quite sure that there is no more Czechoslovakia.

I drove past one of Brantford's numerous run-down old motels today and God spoke something cool to me. He said that He's going to fill the hotels and motel in our city because people will travel from "The Nations" to Brantford to meet with Him. Tourism and the economy of the city will explode when God's Spirit does. They'll come to get healed because they know He's doing it in Brantford.

Some might look and say, "God can come anywhere anytime so why run to a place. He's omnipresent eh." While this is true... the woman who grabbed the hem of Christ's garment didn't care much about that.

Christ was there. She knew this was her shot. She grabbed him while he could be found. God honored her fervent desire for freedom.

If you're not from Brantford (first of all, maybe you should be WINK), pray along with those of us here. I'm not just blowing smoke here. I actually believe this. That "The Nations" are going to changed by God's coming spirit outpouring in my city. I've tried to leave it numerous times. But all of my best plans have been thwarted.

And when it comes... look out man.
Because EVERYTHING changes


Matt Vaandering said...

cool, I'll be here for it. It's gonna be great

Matt Vaandering said...

that's a great video. Animaniacs was the bomb. i loved pinky and the brain. I think they were on the same program thingy. there was an episode that they made fun of seinfeld and friends. i haven't seen it for years, but i remember it to be quite funny

Notes from the Tall, Dutch Guy said...

I put a pinky and the brain quote on my grad photo for the yearbook it was awesome. THe question was "future plans" and I wrote "same thing we do everyday pinky, try and take over the world". sigh, good times.... I also quoted pink floyd, and it worked cause I looked 100% stoned in my photo (even though I wasn't, nor ever have been I might add)

The Bean Bag Chair said...

I think Brantford City of God is a support group for people who have tried to leave, but can't for whatever reason. Dang it...God is unique in how He pens his plans...lovin' the ride so far tho!
It reminds me of the phrase used for Christ..."what good can come from Nazareth?..."

Big Ear Creations said...

I'm telling you...

I'm more and more convinced.

And if God could bring back the Animaniacs while He's at it, I'd be greatly appreciative

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