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4 May 2007

What do I call myself?

I've had a bit a dilemma lately. What word do I call myself???
On Facebook where it asks for your religion... Christian seems so broad and means so many things to so many people. What do I say?

How in the world did we get so fragmented? Some of us are revered and irrelevant. Some of us are rootsy and poo pood. Some of us are stodgy... some are flaky, some are spiritual yet invisible, some are practical yet impotent.

What do I call myself to properly identify what I am.

Christians were called Christian because it meant "little Christ". But most brandishing that name, bear no resemblance to Christ. I still like it though. It's what I strive to be.

Changing the image of the word is up to us to live like it. Live in love. Live in truth. Live with passion.


Jeff said...

There ya go...you've got your religious views for Facebook right there..."Trying to be a mini-Jesus" :)

"I shall call him...Mini-me!"

I know what you're saying, though. Everyone from the strictest Presbyterian to the barber that doesn't even believe in God calls themselves "Christian", so the name loses its meaning. Maybe it's time for us to change the name to something equally as significant...like, I dunno...Jesus-ite? Hmm...I think I'm going to have to sleep on this one...

Mimo said...

True! I thought about that too. A friend of mine wrote to that bit in facebook "take care of orphans and widows; love the poor".

Nice blog!


Big Ear Creations said...

Yeah it's an interesting concept that's still rolling through my head.

Do I call myself something for "Me" to help define myself? Or do I do it so other's can understand what I am.

I just wish Christian's functioned as christians... so we could just say Christian!

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