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28 May 2007

You can't go back

When I was a kid, we would go up to a place called "Flower Pot Island" in Georgian Bay where the water was so cold that it would numb you in moments. Most people couldn’t stand to be in this water because it was such a shock to the system that you would be feeling it (or not feeling it) all day.

I loved it though.
A refreshment that lasted!
Couldn’t get enough.

It was so refreshing that swimming in Southern Ontario suburban pools just wouldn’t cut it anymore. I love swimming but everything that I swim in, I compare to Georgian Bay. It’s nice but… dang that water!

Once, along with some close friends, drov
e to Buffalo for a weekend getaway...

Ministry life = Buffalo as the luxuries holiday... DOH

Many unfortunate things happened on this weekend.
The power blew out on our hotel room...
we got taken trying to buy scalper Buffalo Sabre tickets...
... but we found this steakhouse!

Oh momma those steaks were PERFECT. Everything that a human could look for in a piece of food, it had it. Thick… medium-well like medium well is supposed to be… unique but not overwhelming sauce… perfect.

As we’re eating this steak, we’re looking at each other moaning like we were in “When
Harry met Sally”. We knew that totally by accident, we stumbled on something so perfect, costly. Every time that we would go out for diner after that, it was compared to the steakhouse. I can barely order steak anymore… and forget about me making it myself. Nothing compares to that steakhouse. Those steaks cannot be beat.

God is like that. You can't go back. When you've tasted and seen that Lord is good... you can't go back to ordinary life.

When you've seen that sickness can be healed... you can't go back to living with pain.

When you've felt the freedom of salvation... you can't go back to bondage.

When you spend time with the Creator of the Universe... you can't go back to pretending life is about Nickels and Crafts.

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