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14 June 2007

Another World

Some of you know my story about how I got my bike. It's a fascinating tale with police car rides, tickets, and excessive kindness. I blogged about it here... check it out when you're in the mood for a tale.

It's far from a kickin' bike. It now squeaks when I ride it. It doesn't have shocks because I had no idea what I was looking for when I bought it, since it had been many years since owning a bike. But my bike has been a really, honest blessing. It's been like... when you're playing Super Mario Brothers and you find a secret level by accident. I had no idea this world was there, but exploring it is titillating.

With 3 kids and more and more to do in life, I don't get the opportunity to ride as much as I'd like. Sometimes it's 5:30am, sometimes an hour opens up in the evening... but when God provides me the time... I gear up with my helmet and IPod, and move into another world.

There is a fabulous trail system that weaves in and around the Grand River. All along the river, Brantford has put up signs calling it "Exceptional Waters". The river itself may not be particularity impressive at the first glance in comparison to some, but the sun setting or rising over this winding river causes you to reconcider. In a one hour bike tour, you ride through thick Carolinian Forest and open river views. You ride by golf courses, beautifully tucked away homes, and majestic bridges.

You also meet "trail people". There are not many segments our our society left where people greet one another as the rule. But in this world, it is common courtesy to acknowledge other trail people. Anything less is culturally unacceptable.

It's a different world that you get to dip yourself in, as long as your legs hold out. It's refreshing, because it altars your view of the world you ordinarily live in. I become a different person with different customs, thought patterns, and social norms while in bike-world. I see and feel things differently. My success's and failures revolve around pushing to conquer a steep incline. No more or less real... just different.

Our world is bigger than what we see. To a great degree, we're products of the environment we're in. Our routines effect how we see truth. There's simply more to reality that what we see with our eyes. Sometime you have to dig. And simply LEARNING about other worlds doesn't change you like being enveloped by them. Throw yourself into the unknown. It's ALL bigger.

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