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29 June 2007

I got nothin

You know how there are some days where you've got nothin' to say? Thoughts are mundane, and you're OK with that? I'm having one of those days today.

It all started last night after the kids went to bed and Krissy and I sat playing scrabble. I like scrabble...but what horrifically boring game. We're fasting the TV when we're alone together so that we can do more productive things with our time together... but silent scrabble was far from productive!

I just wanted to numb out my head by watching brainless crappy TV.

I don't even really want to be interested or engaged or entertained. I don't enjoy these days but there seems to be no escaping them every now and again.

I'm thankful that they don't happen often or I would bore myself... and then others... then I would wind up a shaggy, fat, old loser sitting in my basement alone playing video games, eating the crumbs of the cheese doodles that I dropped on my belly the night before instead of getting off my lazy arse to make a peanut butter and honey sandwich.

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