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6 June 2007

Oh come on!

So this new Olympic Logo is getting a whole lot of smack talked about it.

According to this story, it's been removed from their website because it's causing seizures!

Call me uncompassionate but that's lunacy

Operator: Hello
Nut: Help I'm have a seizure...
Operator: Calm down nutty nut hole... what were you doing?
Nut: I was looking at a logo
Silence all around
Nut: A logo I tell's ya... its EEEEVIILLLLLLLLLLLLLL!


Isabella said...

I don't know if it causes seizures...but it is awful. The worst logo I have seen yet! I am not seizing while looking at it, but I would rather do so than continue looking!

Matt Vaandering said...

it's funny that walking is an olympic sport. also, that dancing with the ribbon and ball. wierd. ive always wanted to pole vault

Big Ear Creations said...

You know what? I actually like that logo... kinda cool.

But i just LOVE that it cost almost 800,000 to come up (WHAT????) That's a good gig man.

Then I love that an old lady in Michigan goes into spasms and they scrap the whole thing.

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