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9 June 2007


Well we're doing our "Taking the Land" Conference this weekend at Freedom House and we were out on the street last night doing our free BBQ until 1:30sh

So that meant about a 2:30 bedtime... followed by a 7am wake up call!

There was a time that I was nighthawk.

That time...

... is NOT this time

It's all worth it though. And I'm not stopping.

God says that he'll give "seed to the sower" and I've chosen to be a "time-sower" as a lifestyle. So God just needs to give me more time. Honestly.

I'm praying that my little sleep be supernaturally restful, and that I will have MORE THAN MORE THAN ENOUGH time to give, invest, rest and play

1 comment:

Evildobbi said...

Hey Dave. Sorry I wasn't there last night. I took a nap around 5 and didn't wake up till 11. So I missed it :(

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