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5 June 2007

Summer of Love

A few years ago... I began down my journey of really hearing God speak. At first it felt a whole lot like Morpheus telling Neo about the Matrix. But once you head down that rabbit hole and begin to hear God speaking, just like he always has to "he who has an ear", (and boy do I have an ear for him!)

... there's no turning back.

40 years ago, the world experienced, "The Summer of Love" where the mindset of our world changed.

God woke me up at 5:30 this morning to tell me about this "Summer of Love"...

"Hey Kids... The Summer of Love is about climate change. The world is worried about the wrong climate change. When the atmosphere in the world I've made changes, you sense it. You react accordingly. It gets hot and you put on shorts. It gets cold and you put on a jacket. My climate change is slightly different, but no less real.

My climate change has to be walked out to be felt. But the beauty is that, you can bring it into being for others to feel. When you walk by faith (which is no different than what I've always asked you to do by the way), you walk to the new atmosphere. And unlike before, where there was a limit to my presence (for basking in, healing those you cry for, watering the soil heavily-planted-in... my goodness there are so many seeds!), the new atmosphere is a greenhouse.

It's thick with presence. It's quick to heal because the ointment lingers in the air. And harvest? Come on... the harvest springs up everywhere around you because the atmosphere and the age is now right! Thank goodness that there were those of you who got even enough to eat in the past. It's only by my grace... you know that right? Shudder. What a mess this place was.

But I am now in need of you. It's one of my great contrasts that make me Me. You're "A Mere Phantom going to and fro", yet it's obedience, action and worship that fuels my fire. Come on baby light my fire. Just kidding... but really not.

Read the beginning of Joshua. That's you right now. It's been other's too... but right now it's you kids. Now I know that I did promise Moses these things...it's true. It wasn't just to toy with his emotions though. It's because you're no greater than he was... you just get a different part to play. But I'm counting on you to play your role with excellence. Rehearse your lines. Know what you're to say and do it before you have to say and do it! That's why I've taught you to hear me! You can all do it... so just see... hear... and do. What an advantage I've given you to know what's coming.

You've got a head start to run, runner. This new atmosphere allows others to easily do what you've learned the hard way. Teach them what they're doing because, Dear Lord, this could get hairy for a little while! But no worries... that's kids for you! You don't expect them to get it right away. That's what I'm still here for.

Welcome to the new world. To start, it will look like the same world to many... not most but many. But as your action releases the laden-atmosphere, it will permeate things that used to be solidified. The new atmosphere's molecules are small enough to get into tight places, then envelope death... breaking up its tight grip. Try it out. It's really quite fun. Find somewhere that you thought I couldn't get into. Come on, be honest. You may have prayed the words, but I know there were times they were just words. I'm God... I hear this stuff eh. Try it again. Trust me. This is going to be fun working together. I'm very excited about this because you're a good partner.

I didn't give the ancients the knowledge and ability to do and know what I've given to use because the world was smaller than. They needed to make wheels, and new foods, and language. It was pretty significant at time. But because their minds (just like yours) were finite, they couldn't have fathomed the world that you're living in. Technology (while interesting), isn't really for what you thought it was for. It's just some THING. I've let it go the way I have (and sometime I have wanted to squash it! Frustrating!) so that your mind would expand about how easily my Message can spread.

A single Message can now spread throughout the world like a wildfire. No one can argue that. You know it in your mind, and some of you have had a revelation in your spirit about it too. But now is the time to see it come to life. Technology itself is not the message, nor even the medium. Miracles are the medium and I am the Message. The rest I take care of. I'm the master plan. I know where I'm taking this revival. It's got many twists and turns that, if you're listening... I'll let you in far enough in advance that will make you effective players in it.

Shoot, that will be a lot to process today. Take my word (both written and spoken, because it's the symbiosis of these that is the most effective growth tool) and meditate on them, yes. But more than anything, I ask you to take the brass ring that I've dangled in front of you. Nothing is ever just handed to you because I want to see who's lazy and who's not. I won't give my kingdom to the lazy. I just won't! It's just not who I am. Blah!

Sleep well church... for tomorrow we dine."

I would say that THAT is exciting and just REALLY really cool.


Matt Vaandering said...

i never had any angel sightings or anything like that. but when i was driving back from the funeral i was at i heard the song "convoy" on the radio. ha!

RunningFree said...

Dave that IS really cool...it def. tugged at my spirit--there's so much to look forward to because of Him!

Big Ear Creations said...


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