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24 July 2007

Interesting Pot Pouri of Link Goodness

Found a wonderful interview-style article on Christianity Today about (one of my favorite subjects)... Sex and Spirituality. It's writen by 4 Christian Sex Therapists and is a great mind blow about what Sex is all about. I don't think we in North America can learn enough about this topic after being BOMBARDED day after day by Sex depicted the wrong way.

You really must "Simpsonize" yourself at Simpsonizeme.com. That's me... with the Big Ear there. Shocked? I am.

Check out this story about the Salvation of Korn's former lead guitar player! God is simply awesome at what he does. Top of the heap even.

I did stand up at a Young Adult Festival a couple of weeks ago and the band "Hewit" closed off the night. The lead singer Joel Auge has this absolutely fantastic voice! Really Really something else. Take a listen In my quest to seem "Techy", I found this cool free photo editing program that can easily make you look much cooler than you are called Picnik. You should go play.

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