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10 July 2007

Sunrise @ walmart

Sunrise @ walmart
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Ahhh... The stunning beauty of a sunrise over a Walmart . I didn't take this shot, but I DID watch this scene happen today.

I'm not the kind of guy to cry "you paved paradise a put up a parking lot"??? I'm sometimes more inspired by the people who make parking lots! What a business! I paid 10 bucks to park outside of the Rogers Center on Saturday. That's a pretty big profit for pavement.

But we surely do live in a world that thinks awkwardly about what we do. Short sighted consumerism. Now...I shop at Walmart because it's the only place in town to buy underwear frankly.

We continue to pave, pollute, struggle, wrangle, fight, grapple for temporary delights. Passing fancies that end with bare cupboards and decaying urban wastelands.

I'm quite pro-industry. But there must a shift in the consumer cookie-monster mindset of win it all at all cost.

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