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9 July 2007


One of the reason's I like some of these social networking type things is the exact reason why other's hate them. It's expository. It's revealing. It's accountability.

Blogs... Facebooking... online photography... even Goggling! You're throwing your life into the world of the "who-knows-where", for the "who-knows-who" to pick apart. It can be a bit of the standing in front of the crowd in your underpants feeling.

But many times, things that I've read, looked at, followed in other's lives have inspired me to altar my method of thinking for the better. Challenged me to be a better person.


1) Accountability for my actions. You can't "tag" me in a picture doing something that I'm ashamed of... because I'm not doing anything that I'm hiding!

2) Testimony. I desire to live an exposed life that points toward Jesus. So by exposing my life to others... God's name SHOULD be lifted high.

I've just joined a photo group on Flickr called "365 Days", where people take a self portrait of some kind every day. I'm on Day 5... we'll see how long I can stick with it, but again... cataloging my movements over the course of the year should be quite fascinating to see what life really looks like! Good... Bad... and Ugly. Because THAT is real life and we all live it.

Follow along... let me know if you do!

Day 2
Day 3

Day 4Day 5

I really believe that when you "Expose" yourself to others, you...

1) Have nowhere left to hide
2) Nothing left to hide from

It's quite freeing actually


Notes from the Tall, Dutch Guy said...

Is picture #5 really you? I don't believe it..... it can't be.... really? no way.

Big Ear Creations said...

oh yeah willy... those subtle pouty lips.... that's all dave

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