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25 July 2007

That Strippers and Bums BBQ

For some time now, I've spent my Friday night's hanging out on the streets of Downtown Brantford until the wee hours. We call it "Flippin' Fridays" but we've just recently found out that the BBQ's street name has become "That Strippers and Bums Barbecue".

Now... this name is quite apropos as the Barbecue is frequented by strippers and bums, (with the odd hooker and pimp thrown in for good measure!) It's an ironic ministry actually as it's run by a group of people whose Compassion level register's slightly below that of an amoeba.

We have no interest in merely meeting the practical needs of these folks and perpetuating their poverty cycle. Instead, we use each Hamburger as a tool to influence. It's meeting the "felt needs" of the neighborhood in order to meet what we all know is their "real need"... Jesus and a way out.

After a year of doing this Barbecue, WE'VE gotten past the dirt and grime and THEY'VE let their guard down enough to talk with us about the ins and outs of the corrupted cycle they've found themselves caught in. These people are REAL HUMANS with real everyday issues... like YOU. But when you're caught in this world, it makes getting free from it's grip hard because people stop looking AT you and begin looking right THROUGH you as if you aren't even there. You become less "person" and more "issue". That's a tough place to be in!

In Luke 10: 30-37, Jesus told the story of a good Samaritan that stopped and helped a beaten down Levite. Even though these guys came from different worlds... he had mercy on him and treated him like he was worth something. Why? Because He WAS somebody. Somebody who needed someone to offer him a helping hand up.

But you only get to be that person when (not unlike at a railroad crossing), stop, look and listen.

A youth devotional for "Portico" in Mississauga

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