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29 August 2007

Christmas in Brantford returns????

A couple of years ago, those Grinch's on city council took away the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas in Brantford. A bi-yearly day of garbage-filled goodness.

A day for the giving and receiving of each other's trash.

Where I can freely put my soiled mattresses out of the boulevard and KNOW without a doubt that it will be gone in 10 minutes... to be enjoyed by another. Today this man.

This so called "Vince Bucci"... proposed to bring back Christmas in Brantford. This man has renewed my faith in Brantford... land where the trash-exchange is acceptable and encouraged.

God Bless you Godfather Bucci. God Bless you everyone.


Eric said...

Christmas in July (or whenever they replace it) is coming back? That's great for my flea market ventures! Haha

Matt Vaandering said...
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Matt Vaandering said...

Except it promotes enormous amounts of waste. Canada statistically produces more garbage per capita than any other country on this planet....but when I say stuff like that I sound like lisa simpson or debbie downer. I, too, have fond memories of the giant garbage day. as a child, i was convinced that every TV at someone's curb would work perfectly and would look great in my bedroom. my parents had a conflicting interest. also, i can remember some hearty laughs on my front lawn as hicks would rumble by in there '84 Ford F350 duelly-diesels with 15 foot tall stacks of lawn mowers in the back.

Big Ear Creations said...

Every time I drop a can in a blue box, I feel like I'm voting Democrat. (So Liberal)...

Somewhere al gore breathes a huge sigh of relief.

These statement are not true... i just think they're funny

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