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31 August 2007

Dear Mr. Googleface

Great Googley Moogley... Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE Google.

And since Blogger is Google's, they're likely reading this right now.... so...

Dear Mr. Googleface:

You are a good and pleasant one. I like spending much of my spare time in your billions of resources. You tell me everything about everything. Now you would like me to have a Googlephone for 100$ and free talking over this so-called internet.

On said issue, I tell you... I accept your offer. I will watch whatever ad you see fit to show me. I will likely even consider purchasing their product. Simply because you THINK BIG. Yummy Yummy Google Thinking strikes again.

In summary. The letter "G" has always been far superior than the letter "i". Forgive me for my Ipod. In exchange for my slip-up Mr. Googleface, I will begin to use gmail more consistently. I will spread the virtues of Googletalk to others. I will expand my usage of GDoc's and Picasa. Please feel free to browse my private information in exchange for amazing cheap products.

I love you
Sincerely David Christopher Carrol

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Nice blog! I found you at Deconstructed Christian and especially appreciated your "play nice" comment! :)

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