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13 August 2007

I'm Christian... who's most like a Jewish-Hindu

These results couldn't be more Awesome

Which Springfield Resident Are You?

You are part Krusty the Clown. Being the life of the party isn't always easy. Most people adore your vibrant and unique sense of humor, even though it's just a facade disguising your cynical outlook on life.
You are part Apu. On the outside you are kind and a hard worker, but you lead a deceptively simple life. Though your cleverness might be underappreciated, you never miss an opportunity to sneak ahead in life.
Find Your Character @ BrainFall.com

You know... I used to be moved by the Home Makeover show (honestly... it's a great idea) but things have gotten a bit obscene. See for you yourself...

"... I said I ain't no teeth!"

On the other side of life... I've been feeling burdened to begin a regular early-morning prayer time at Freedom House, leading up to a week where our church is going to be praying 24/7 for a week in September!

I'm very excited about joining with so many around the world that have been responding to what the Spirit of God is saying and where He's going! Follow along with me at freedomhousebrantford.blogspot.com!

I'll be (along with the rest of my church's amazing leadership team) recording what God's saying to "The Church" If God is showing you something, please email dkcarrol@gmail.com or leave a comment.

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