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16 August 2007

Vehicular Movements

This is a post I just made on the Freedom House Prayer Blog (Recording the Prayer Journey of Freedom House as we move towards a week of 24/7 prayer in September).

You MUST read this. It's absolutely amazing.!


Let me tell you something Freedom House. God is MOVING. He's doing something RIGHT NOW. And it involves us all.

Yesterday we went to Sharlyss's Dad's Memorial Service in Peterborough and were driving home after a long day. It was about 10pm when we hit Toronto. We had been chatting a bit (about nothing overtly spiritual) when the Paul Baloche song "Your Name" came on the Ipod.

Then... all I can say is that God MOVED in. This is has only happened to me once before when it was evident to EVERYONE in the car that God's presence became "More there" all at once. Let me show you what Trina Hill wrote about it as we partner with God's moving... because it's not about US, it's about HIM and partnering with HIS desires.


From Trina: I have to admit that the prospect of going on a long trip with Dave Carrol and friends got me hoping that something "God-like" might happen. I don't know about anyone else but I am desperate for God to move and I don't want to wait! I don't want it to take 10, 20 years for God to take the city. Let's take Brantford and move on to the next city!

I love committing and being involved with anything and everything Freedom House does, but the things I most want to be involved with, like early morning prayer and Friday nights, just don't work right now. I've been feeling discouraged and left out until I read Dave's email: it didn't say,
"where have you all been every morning, don't you want God to move?". It encouraged us to pray whenever possible, come by when you can, pray in unity and hear what the Spirit is saying. I can do that and so can you.

So the car trip...We're all sharing our hearts,which I find easier in the car rather than face to face and I felt like God's wisdom started to flow a bit. Dave started worshiping out loud and as soon as he said something in tongues I must admit I took that as an open door and jumped through it.
I wanted God! I sang the words to the song like they mattered, like I meant it...like it could actually be possible that the name of Jesus is a strong tower like no other, like the name of Jesus really does have the power to save, heal, deliver.

I saw the heads of the people of Brantford turning towards God. God says that the harvest is white. I believe that the harvest is so ready that people will turn to God because of the simplest things. They will suddenly notice the sun set again and wonder about our creator, they will experience the kindness of a stranger and wonder what the kindness of God feels like.

I believe a major move of God is about to take place in the elementary schools. God loves children! The bible says that their angels are always before the Father! No matter how they've been raised or what they've been taught so far, their hearts are pure and open. We need to pray for our Freedom House kids as they go into their mission field in September. We parents need to ask our selves how we can be involved, how we can make a difference in the schools. Find out the needs of the school from the principle and pray!

Dave talked about being a watchman on the wall of our city. I feel like no matter what banners have been placed over the city, the banner of Jesus is the one that now flies!! This is our city and we have authority here. Alcohol? Crush it! Poverty? Crush it! Take the enemy underfoot and CRUSH HIM, like you can!! Feel empowered! Feel bold! Know who you are and live like it!!
Love you all. Pleasure to serve with you!! Be blessed!


Let me encourage you... Pray!!!

In 4 days equaling a total of 4 measly hours... God has begun something that in people's hearts that is sending spiritual ripples in our city. 5:30- 6:30 doesn't work for everyone... but pick an hour... or half an hour... sometime in the day. Stop. Pray. Hear. Declare. Then share it with the house so we can "jump off" what God said to you and take it even deeper!

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