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3 September 2007

Bundles of Wheat

Some very very cool things happened this morning on Labor Day morning prayer. I'm personally so geared up for fall this year (it's my favorite season)... and I think there are some great "harvest" moments ahead for our church and city!

God showed me:

In the middle of our main room floor, He showed me tall stalks of wheat. I was singing "O Come let us adore Him" and God said that this wheat was a "harvest of Adoration". I begin to symbolically walk around and around the wheat as if I was tying it up with a big rope, getting it ready for threshing.

After about a half an hour, God brought me back to the wheat and showed me it all harvested and tied up in bundles and lying in a big pile. One by one, the Christians in the city showed up to pick up "their" bundle and took it home. I believe this was signifying the discipleship of those about to be "harvested" in our city!

Not only does God want us to harvest... He wants us to take real ownership of those "harvested"! All of us! Awesome!

God also said:

"Turn your noses toward heaven, you can smell the seasons if you try. Use all your senses. Sometimes I bury my truths to make you dig for them. Because as much as I desire to come back for my bride, I want her to look gorgeous first. I'm not in any rush here"

I'm not always a big "there's an angel in the corner" guy... but today, there were Angels in the house! 3 times I saw a glimpse of something and an overwhelming sense that we were not alone this morning. They were at The Big Blue House to be dispatched; picking up their assignments.

This morning they were headed to the Elementary Schools to get the classrooms ready for the kids headed there tomorrow. This is the 2nd time in our (now week 4) prayer journey that God has specifically targeted the elementary schools. So that means that He doing SOMETHING COOL there...


Can't wait for tomorrow!

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