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7 September 2007

Great Sex Blog!

I really do have great respect for people who dare to speak frankly... without arrogance... in the church. And sex is one the areas where a greater degree of honesty and frankness is like gold.

I found a GREAT Blog called "Love, Marriage and Christian Sex" right here. Someone once made the comment to me, "I didn't know sex could get saved." Smart mouth's eh!
There is an enormous variance in how sex should be thought of and dealt with as a Christian.

But the "bits and pieces" are pretty much across the board. One thing that Christians are scared to talk about (even within good healthy marriage) are the "nuts and bolts" (pun intended) of the sexual ins and outs. The "What's OK's and what's not's". So many ask people anonymously. And that's OK.

On this blog, someone asked about the Kama Sutra and if it should be used in a Christian marriage. He broke it down so well in warning that there is a spirit behind the teaching itself and cautioned against that... but encouraged the "nuts and bolts" of it. But how do you teach it? Teddy Bears of course

Awesome. I don't think it can be an overstated fact that sex impacts marriage. And what impacts marriage... impacts life... and that impacts ministry.

It's not a rocket science statement and I'm not expert but I do know as I've dug deeper and talked with friends, I've realized that Christians have taken on man-imposed boundaries that are not healthy for us.

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