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4 September 2007

Take THAT Darwin

The right fights back?

It really is ludicrous that THIS is our society. That Christians have to feel nervous in DARING to speak that there could be intelligent design in our universe.

Go Ben Stein go.


Shannon said...

Wow, looks very interesting :) Go Ben!

Matt Vaandering said...

that movie looks really good. however, i don't think christians are afraid to talk about this, but the likelihood of a hollywood production company releasing this sort of documentary is very slim. it's funny because people not believing in God and having such an agenda against Him prove his very existence. the spiritual warfare is very intense. Ben Stein managed to convince some people in high places that this is a good idea, but Ravi Zacharias would have a tougher go at that.

Matt Vaandering said...

o yes, i just thought of this. remember when the pharisees give Jesus crap for letting the disciples worship him and Jesus says that if they don't do it the rocks will cry out? well, i guess that this movie sorta proves that 'cause I don't think Ben Stein is a christian. when the christians don't step up to the plate, someone else will

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