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31 October 2007

Musings from Sudbury

I'm in the hotel lobby of a Radison in Sudbury... GLORIUS Sudbury... Just thinking...

I was praying in the shower this morning and asking God... WHY is everything that I seem to do about someone else? He said... ITS ALL ABOUT OTHERS. Our lives are about others. There's no "waiting for the time that things are about me"...

Then the song "Your love is the compass of my heart" popped into my spirit. Hmmm... actually being physically driven by LOVE for others and God.

29 October 2007

Chosen Girls

Is this interesting or just weird?
I'm leaning to weird.

"Chosen Girls is a dynamic new series that communicates a message of empowerment and hope to Christian youth who want to live out their faith.

These courageous and compelling girls stand for their beliefs and encourage others to do the same.

Trinity, Melody and Harmony, a cross-cultural band, explode onto the scene with style, hot music and genuine age-relatable content.

Chosen Girls song journal free with the purchase of the CD features awesome tips and exercises to get you started writing your own songs"

I'm tired of trendy poppy Christians in real life. Not sure we're really in need of a cartoon to kick me in the nether regions with this imagined cultural relevance trap one more time.

But if I was going to...

... I'd want it to be from "Harmony"
She's dreamy.

Transition to Marriage Survey

My friend Lara is doing a high school project about transitioning in Marriage and asked me to fill out a survey... thought it was an interesting read.

1.For how long have you been married?

Our 9th anniversary was August 22nd. We were married in 1998

2.Before getting married, did you ever feel pressured to find “Mr/Mrs Right”?

No pressure no. We met in our final year of high school and knew very quickly into our relationship that we would get married. There was never the time to go through the "Where's Mrs. Right" for me. For Krissy in high school there was some put on her by...

3.If so, by whom and how often?

... herself.

4.How much pressure did you feel?

Any pressure only came from ourselves wanting to make sure we found the right person... not by others around us

5.How did you respond to this pressure?

Both of us, in the search to find the right person made some irrational (and somewhat regrettable) high school dating choices. Luckily we got together at a young age as both of us did WANT to find the right person sooner rather than later

6.What were some of the qualities that were important to you when choosing your spouse?

For both of us... believing the same thing spiritually was the most important issue. We got together at a time when I was deciding what I believed about God and life. We both liked each other. We made each other laugh. We were able to be open and honest with each other... but we knew that we could never be together if we fundamentally didn't believe the same thing. But after backing away from our budding relationship so I could clarify (within myself) how I desired to live... things all worked out!

7.What were some of the main things that impacted your decision to “tie the knot” ?

We knew that we'd never had a better friend. We bared the "everything we've ever done" stuff right up front and we found it just made us love each other more. We were 21 when we got married and I was still in college. But we decided that living together was the best and most fulfilling way to spend our time. Sex was another reason. We don't believe in living together or sleeping together before marriage. We wanted to do both. So we got married! Then we did both. Smile.

8.Before getting married, did you think you would have to adjust to anything? If yes, what were they?

Oh yes. We realized that neither of the homes we came from had a smooth marriage example and we knew that we would need to figure things out a bit for ourselves. We knew we would have some rocky roads ahead as we hammered things through. How to argue. How to serve each other. How to make real life decisions together. How to have a healthy sexual relationship and even marital friendship. We knew that there was going to be much we'd have to work through as we went.

9.What were a few of the hardest changes/adjustments to get used to, after getting married?

Quirks. When you live with someone, you're exposed to a whole new world of bizarre quirks. I was also still in college and commuted an hour and a half each way each day so there were some "I don't see you much" moments.

10.How did you deal with them?

Fought! ha... we had quite a good number of arguments in the first year of marriage. We soon learned how to fight. This helped us work through the actual issues. The key principle we learned was that instead of becoming critical of each other, we needed to show each other "Ridiculous Love". Compassion and understanding first even when it's undeserved. This defuses situation... helps you lay your arms down and get to the root of issues in love instead of in an adversarial way.

11.Every couple has their differences, how do you deal with each other’s differences?

We've had to learn the concept of marriage being about serving each others destinies... not fighting for our own. It's my job to make my wife feel like the gem of a human she is and vice versa. It's not an easy principle to function in but releases each other to really by who we are as individuals when it's done right.

12.Do you think that being married has affected your character in any ways?

No doubt. I'm a far better human being married, because Krissy is very different than me in many ways. In those differences, I've learned from her and it's only added to who I already was. I've become more compassionate, understanding of people's beautiful differences, less judgemental. These are things that by simply being with this someone I respect and love, have rubbed off on me.

13.Do you have “assigned” household jobs? If so, what are they?

Some. Most are defaulted to who it makes the most sense to do that job. Aside from the garbage... for no particular reason... that's always my job.

14.How did you decide on each of you having these jobs?

Some we've had to learn. I used to assume (for some reason) that I should be the one to take care of our home's finances. I plugged through for many years doing poorly and even becoming panicked about it. Recently we realized... "this is dumb". She's good at. I hate it. So now I don't even want to know! Works waaaaaay better.

15.How satisfied are you with these jobs?

Increasingly more and more as we've gotten to know each other's strengths and weaknesses... and responded accordingly.

16.As a single, it can be easy to find or have time to spend with your friends, and on your own hobbies or interests. In what ways would you say, marriage has had an effect on those things?

Marriage itself didn't change our lives in this area very much as we had mostly the same friends going into and coming out of... but KIDS... THAT... changes everything.

17.Considering your group of friends and the activities you do, how did your social life change after being married?

Very similar as our church was very much our social circle both before and after... although we did begin to spend more time with older married couples once we began to be one ourselves.

18.Did you have to begin to prioritize your time and the things you do more than you had to before marriage?

Very much so. Again MORE SO with kids than just in marriage... but as time goes on, learning the discipline of making our marriage our priority in life become more and more important. Many things try and steal your time, but if things aren't right in this relationship... nothing seems right.

19. Do you still have time to do all the things you did while you were single (before marriage)?

Yes, the ones that were actually important and relevant to our lives as adults. In my view, it's unhealthy simply to cling on to the THINGS you did when you were single simply for the sake of doing it. It may no longer be applicable to your life. But being able to go out and do things without your spouse (eg baseball games with my guy friends) are very much important as well. Over time, you learn how to happily release your spouse's time to others too.

20.How has being married affected your faith life?

Strengthened it in many ways because it's someone specific that you're accountable to. They see you... they know you... and are there "spurring you on to love and good deeds". It also makes for a bit of an adjustment because there is now someone who is "one flesh" with you. So things with God can never be right if things are not right within your "one flesh". So have your marriage being strong is a MUST to have a strong spiritual life.

21. If you could give me one piece of advice that you think is most important for newlyweds to know about adjusting to marriage, what would it be?

It's the very beginning of a wonderful ride. You learn as you go... so don't expect to be perfect at it! And you'll find that waiting to have sex... is WELL WORTH IT.

28 October 2007

Pumpkin Carving

Up until 2 weeks ago, we hadn't decided what to do about the Halloween issue

Guess we have our answer

26 October 2007

Mail love. I said "m-a-i-l"

Send your wife a letter.

It's one of those things that arrive in the mailbox.

The one on the outside of the house. Poem from A beautiful revolution.com

Why I am an "evangelical?"

I had a long conversation with an old friend of mine last night. Someone who knew me quite well before I became a Christian. It was a one of those fascinating moments we all get sometimes, because we've both grown up quite a bit since high school and had a very honest discussion about "the church" and the "Christian experience."

I was again challenged to stop and explain the question... "what is your faith all about?" How does it happen and why do I feel compelled to share it. Check out this beautifully written article in Relevant today with some great highlights.

"I’d never had a conversation with a serious Christian who was genuinely interested in what I had to say"

"For the first time, I felt that I could ask the questions I’d always wanted to ask and feel safe, to feel respected, not judged"

"A gigantic crack had opened up in what I’d thought was a perfectly consistent world view."

"But once I’d faced up to questions that I couldn’t answer, I couldn’t go back"

"Something clicked, and I started to understand how our ideas of morality have to come from a higher source—from God."

"Without knowing it, I’d already started the experiment. And something was happening. I’d noticed a difference in ... well, in the texture of my existence. It was like the feeling of being slightly feverish, except that this wasn’t physical. It was something real, something happening to me and in me ... something I hadn’t expected and therefore certainly wasn’t inventing."

"Imagine it like this: from studying your science textbook, you understand that there is such a thing as gravity, and that it works in a particular way. Great.
Then you fall off a cliff.
Now you know what gravity is."

"I discovered that being “born again” is more than a nice metaphor"

"God doesn’t give us what we want; He gives us what we need. I’ve spent the past months in an intense process of discernment, and I’ve come to realize, through His continued guidance, that His plan for me is better than anything I could have imagined"

One of the reason's that I feel compelled to be an "evangelical" is that there is wonderful portion of freedom, liberation, and peace that comes when you accept Christ. Relief really. Sharing this gift with others in itself is an act of kindness. To me, it's showing how much you really care about their life. It's not an oppressive burden, it's share good things with people you love.

There are things that can't be answered within ourselves. Thankfully He knows when I don't.

25 October 2007

No turning back

Internal interview:

Dave's Head: Hey Dave, to you ever listen the words that you make come out of my mouth.

Dave: Oh yeah... I heard them.

Dave's Head:
You just told someone that you actually believe that God still raises people from the dead.

(Giggling) Yeah... that's a biggie eh?

Dave's Head:
Holy Crap Dave... hope you can back that up loud mouth.

Me too... good thing it's not my job.

God knows that if it's real... I'll live it. If it's crap, I'll be the first in line pointing at the pile.

This whole Jesus scenario is a narrow road sometimes. A stunningly beautiful narrow road. One that leads to a well that never runs dry. A place to stop and drink. And I'm very thankful for that well. It makes the narrow walk walkable.

Abstaining from the vote eh?

Just so you know, it's crap that politicians (in this case the Liberal Party) are allowed to abstain from voting in Parliament. Absolute rubbish. It's the kind thing that would be disillusioning about democracy if anyone cared enough to pay attention.

How can governments run ads, campaigns, rock the vote teeny bopper shows, to tell society how important it is to vote... only to duck out of making their own voice heard when it doesn't directly profit their own ridiculous party platform?

It's not our problem that you're party is out of money because you had to pay it all back because of long term corruption.

It's not our problem that you elected a lameo leader who seemingly has the ability to inspire confidence in NO ONE.

If I was a Liberal. First I'd take a good long shower. Then I'd be really really pissed that my voice wasn't heard about the Throne speech.

The great savior democracy in action. All hail the vote.

PS... I will still make my voice heard by voting in every election that I am legally allowed to. EVERY SINGLE ONE


24 October 2007

My Name is Earl

Always wanted the Fu-Manchu.

Appearing today for one day only.

The chances of THIS surviving tomorrow's "boy I look dumb" moment are a solid 0%

But today... oh brother today... My Name is Earl

23 October 2007

A picture's worth how many words?

Clint and Action Figures
Originally uploaded by xxxchurch.
The XXX church just finished up at the Toronto Porn Show...

Wish I'd been able to go. If only to hear the conversation that led up to this picture.

Thanks for that

It's funny because what I love about God... well...

This morning I knew I was supposed to get up and go for a run. In the rain.

So I did. Now I'm wet.

Thanks for that.

Obedience is success.

22 October 2007

As Michael Scott once said, "Diversity is the cornerstone of progress"

Last night, a group of Independent Charismatics (or whatever we are), went to the baptism of a Presbyterian dude, held in a Baptist church, and conducted by the Vineyard Church.

It's interesting that when we focus on the spiritual idea of "one Jesus", we're pretty OK with it, yet we still kinda point and snicker at each others routines and "how to's" that we all hold as "clearly the way".

As Michael Scott once said. "Diversity is the cornerstone of progress".

Of course, Michael Scott is an idiot. God says that where there unity, He commands his blessing. But how to do you really unify when we're all still shouting "googey googey" at each other while we smiling politely?

I think my friend Keith's traditional Baptismal sparkler dance hit the spot.

Down with religion

20 October 2007

Standing up

When I was a young, dumb doofus... there was part of me that always knew I could do stand up comedy if I tried. But when I gave my life to Jesus I learned an important principle very early in my Christian walk.

Funny isn't "what I am" or "what I do". Embracing that idea for years of my life led to many insecurities and unhealthy mindsets at a young age. I began to believe the lie that THAT was ALL I was because it's what I was GIFTED at.

God taught me, that being funny is just another tool that He gave me and therefore wanted to use to tell of HIS Name and HIS Renown.

Now as a 31 year old, dumb, doofus... God's begun to open some doors and has given me the chance to do something I really wanted to try. It was one of those things that I'd always wanted to know if I could have done it if I tried. In college I got to know a couple of full-time working stand up comics and realized just what total LIFESTYLE commitment it is. I wondered if I'd ever get that chance as I knew that wasn't the road I was headed down.

Now I am getting to do this thing! And I consider it a bit of a little gift from God. I feel like it's God saying...

"Hey... you were right. You could have done it then. But just LOOK at what you're obedience has done. I've made it a GOOD AND PERFECT GIFT scenario instead of something selfish and ego-feeding."

That friends, is a GOOD God.

To look around the room of a little church coffee house last night and to know that my simple jokes about Southern Gospel Music, Generation X and Baby Poop were "encouraging the brethren" was an excellent feeling. Having a swarm of friends laugh along with me was really something.

But topper of the night... was seeing my increasingly attractive wife look at me after and say... "I'm so proud of you" with those big gooey wife eyes. Shoot. That's a GOOD AND PERFECT gift that only willingly bowing our own will and desires to God's plan and timing can bring.

turns out I can do stand up.
Who knew

18 October 2007

Generation Y

The Canadian Policy Research Networks have released a paper called, "Lost in Translation: (Mis)Understanding Youth Engagement". It's a very fascinating, and I believe a quite legitimate, peek at Generation Y.

I didn't used to believe it this social generation Gobbledy Gook. It's only been very recently that I've really realized the enormous disparity in thinking patterns, even better a tail-end-Gen Xer like myself (1976) and the start of the Y'ers (1979). It's vast, but largely unknown difference, that the Boomers and me, don't imedietly pick up without digging for it, because it's not a loud, proud, vigilant thing to them. It's a, "I'm just not going to play these games with you. I'm just going to live passionately and you can fight it out amongst yourselves," kinda thing.
Here are a few quotes:

"Our youth are very much engaged but they have certainly rejected traditional politics,"

"They don't even want to be defined as political. They see political as partisan, self-serving, narrow and not meeting their interests at all. And yet these are youth who are highly engaged in social movements, in social action and doing things that give them a real feedback."

"Members of Generation Y are more likely than older Canadians to participate in political demonstrations, to volunteer and to be a member of a group or organization."

"Generation Y has been told to 'act locally and think globally,' that 'less is more,' and that 'small is beautiful.' They have been prodded to 'be the change you want to see."

youth have tended to reframe engagement in more individual and less institutional terms."

Traditional research methods and ideas about what constitutes political participation are simply missing the mark with the youngest generation.

This is one of bits that I like to do when I comedize...
(I'll like do it Friday so shhhhh... don't spoil it for others)

"I’m over 30 years old now… and that means that I’m part of the dreaded Generation X. There aren’t many things that Generation X hates more than everything.

A number of years ago my wife and I were missionaries in Ghana. It’s confusing being a missionary as a “Gen Xer”. Why would a poster boy for disillusionment travel half-way around the world to "make-a-difference”… we don’t even want to make a difference here. Who wants a surly bunch of rebels as their missionary anyway. The natives would take one look at a Gen X’er and say..." this guy?” “Isn’t there anyone else?”

I come from the generation that “ruined it for everyone” we were too young to be middle aged and too old and cynical for our own good.

I come from a generation that wept as def leopard’s drummer lost him arm… but still cared enough to mock him at any given moment.

I come from a generation that saw me travel all the way to politically war torn West Afrcia… see the beginnings of baseball there, see sinners saved from the miry clay... and educated others from AIDS… and yet still have the most memorable moment be the first rain where I stuck my hand out the window and triumphantly say… “Hey, I felt the rains down in Africa!!”

16 October 2007

As my Grandma used to say... "Makin with the jokes"

Hey so what do you normally do on Friday nights?

Sit at home...
In your underwear...
Eating Chicken Balls...
Watching reruns of Yosemite Sam...

Hoping for a telemarketer to call so you can tell them what you think about your furnace bill so that you can watch a vacuum demonstration so that you get a free weekend at a 2 star motel in Buffalo?

ME TOO! Normally...But not this Friday

I'll be performing stand-up comedy other with a few other comedians at Parkwood Gardens Church in Guelph (Map Below). It's an outreach night called "The Art and Life Cafe". Admission is free... so if you're around... come on up to Guelph and support my new friend Jim Tice... it would be a blast to have you there!

We'll all go out somewhere after!

Keep on rockin' in the free world
Chill to all the Ice Cubes in the Tray

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12 October 2007

Living Life Together

Coming into the fall (as is the custom in ministry) I began to plan how to do young adult ministry at The Big Blue House. I kept coming back to one concept...

"Live life together"

I've been starting to re-read one of my favorite books, "That None Should Perish" by Ed Silvoso. In fact I'm doing a small group on it at my house on Tuesday's (dkcarrol@gmail.com if you want more info). It's a book about how entire CITIES came to Jesus which is quite an astounding thing. One of the key scriptures in it is the beginning of 1 Timothy 2

Check this...

Pray especially for rulers and their governments to rule well so we can be quietly about our business of living simply, in humble contemplation. This is the way our Savior God wants us to live. He wants not only us but everyone saved, you know, everyone to get to know the truth we've learned.
I've been thinking A LOT about Acts 2 and the church culture that the disciples had. They were the first city takers. After they were empowered by the Holy Spirit, it was a very short period of time before Jerusalem KNEW about what happened to Jesus!

This is quite the depiction of a wonderful church isn't it?

Acts 2 43-45Everyone around was in awe—all those wonders and signs done through the apostles! And all the believers lived in a wonderful harmony, holding everything in common. They sold whatever they owned and pooled their resources so that each person's need was met.

46-47They followed a daily discipline of worship in the Temple followed by meals at home, every meal a celebration, exuberant and joyful, as they praised God. People in general liked what they saw. Every day their number grew as God added those who were saved.

OF COURSE people liked what they saw

It was a group of people eating together!
It was a group of people sharing together!
It was a group of people in good health!
It was a group of happy party people!

I love this. I want this. In fact... in many ways I have this. But I want it to increase.
We've chosen to do a bit less formally at our church in this season. We're not doing a regular weekly Young Adult "night" per say... instead... I want the time to live life with these Revolutionaries. Be with them when they walk out their dreams.

I want to live life with well-rounded, smart, funny, spirit filled friends who I can play Cranium with today, heal the sick with tomorrow, and giggle at a fart with after.

And this includes my family. Krissy's "my team". Having to "do ministry" without part of my "one spirit" is ludicrous isn't it? I don't think it's too much to ask to have it all? Do you?

"There are too many nerds in the church."
Dave Carrol (you can quote me on this)

Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1) - Cite This Source - Share This nerd [nurd] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation –noun Slang.
1.a stupid, irritating, ineffectual, or unattractive person.

Stupid irritating ineffectual unattractive people. Yup. Had that rant before.

This is not the church that will win cities... and it's got nothing to do with trendy clothes or pocket protectors. It's a church that is wonderful group of genuine, caring people that support each other at personal cost, live in freedom so they don't have to front, AND function alongside the full-on Holy Ghost.

These are the people who I have the distinct honor of living my life live.

*** Here's a Post Script... interesting article on "Living with Less"***

Late Summer Wedding

My girls
Posted by Picasa

11 October 2007

My Kids fighting for my love

Parenting lesson number 1...

"Whenever possible ask your kids to argue over your affections"


Also the Jared nose pic at the end is a nice Thanksgiving moment

10 October 2007

Visable Tapestry of Time

As published at BrantNOW.com
By Dave Carrol

I love the melancholy ways of Fall
It's more than just the annual rusted quilt that beds my weary, summer-scorched yard.

It's the smell of the damp.

The thrill of the dawn and the creeping of dusk.

Enough of this boisterous summer, with it's flashy cars, muscle shirts and teenagers possessing the landscape.

Let them be set aside for a moment of unspoken soliloquy... for the earthly hush, and mature introspection of Autumn.

It’s the texture of the fall gets in my nose.

It’s a visible tapestry of time.

You remember when life was conceived; you had your moment in the sun, and you can taste the cold coming.

It's what happens between "the yesterday" and "the tomorrow".
Summer is for amateurs and screamers.

Fall is for those confident enough to know that the sun is shining somewhere.

It's the unseen and under-touched.

***Pics are from my annual Thanksgiving Camping Trip to Owen Sound***

5 October 2007


This is a clip of a TLC show called LA Inked. It's a clip of worship pastor named Carlos Whitaker getting a tattoo. Very interesting.

I'm not sure I could pull off the tattoo thing... or if Krissy would let me try to pull it off! But that hasn't stopped me from thinking about what I would do though! Ha ha.

If I ever did, I think it would say,

"For His Name and His Renown".

Out of everything I've ever read, heard, spoken, thought, it rings the most true as the 1 thing that:

a) I want to use as the filter for my actions
b) I want to have as my life declaration

Ever thought about it?
It's quite a commitment a tattoo.
It better be something meaningful.
Something that you've DECIDED your life is about.

"On the outside? They hardly care. They wear clothes like costumes to communicate and celebrate but never to hide."
Pete Greig's "The Vision"

4 October 2007

Worship like "The Boss"

I turned 31 yesterday. Kind of anticlimactic after 30 the year before... but for the second year in a row, I got to spend my BDay at Freedom House worshiping with friends. Now, this year there was no large yellow chicken... but it was fantastic.

I remember hearing stories of old Bruce Springsteen concerts where he would performing for 3-4 hours... wind up a sweaty, exhausted, voiceless mess on stage. Just a dude with guts enough to lay it all on the line. That's how I love to worship. Full on.

I used to say that if there was 1 thing that I wish I could do was sing. I've never had the best voice. It used to be horrible. My wife used to cover her ears as she was lifting her hands (in worship) so she didn't have to hear me sing beside her! My church is loud enough that I can shout it out loud, and last night I felt led to do more than that. This is had been on my heart all night...

You are my King
Giver of good things

Under the shadow of your wings

I sing for Joy
I sing for Joy

Living God, Living God, Living God
Birth like a Baby

Roll like a stone
Bloom like a tulip in the spring

Bring us new things.

I had been singing it loud. Not pretty... but hard, impassioned, and true. I took the Mic and started belting it out to the funked out rock groove that our worship team had been playing wordless for about half an hour.

It felt GREAT. I love how worship comes out of each individual differently. There is some honkin' anointing on the genuine worship of the people of God.

When you care not what your body looks like.
Voice sounds like...
Words are saying...

Just opening up and "lettin' 'er rip"... that's some good worship kids.
Happy Birthday to me.
God's Good

3 October 2007

New Carrol's (we're very excited)

Please welcome the 3 new members of my technological home.

Camera... meet Computer

Computer... meet Rogers

Rogers... thank you for removing Bell Canada from my home.


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