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29 November 2007

BrantNOW Magazine!

If you live in Brantford... be on the lookout for BrantNOW's first ever MAGAZINE!

Flip a few pages and check my article called "Version 2.0". It all about speaking LIFE and what can happen when you speak good thing about a city.

Big props to Jamie Stephens (BrantNOW.com) on a great job!

Alright... because you asked... here's the article (but still read the Magazine)

Prayer Version 2.0

Word travels fast these days. How we interact with each other has been given and extreme-makeover. I hope you saw it coming. Because if you're not a Facebooker or a "Text Monkey", you're likely sitting at home right now wondering, " why am I not getting any emails, or phone calls, or telegraphs any more? Do I offend?"

Whoever "they" are, call this new wave of Internet usage, Web version 2.0. Where the Internet has given birth to new online communities of people who congregate and gossip about excruciating minutia. But this concept has much further social ramifications. It's changed the way our information is distributed. It's why movies are releasing longer trailers on You Tube and you can listen to… and re-post new, full, copy written songs on your blog. Word travels fast.

Reputations grow... plans are destroyed... opinions are formed by the masses. Life version 2.0 has given voice to the young, dumb, and easily influenced. Suddenly, who you are matters. Which brings us to Brantford. You can find a facegroup group "I finally gotten the hell out of Brantford", who's most recent comment is "Downtown smells like bird poop and Oreo's". Stay classy Chico. Yet this statement has influenced 714 people to join this group! 1341 Brantfordians are proud to declare that their lives have been touched by "Mike on a Bike". Many have take photos with him and posted them. (Including me). What does this really mean? Nothing. But it's making a statement of something inside their own heart. Speaking out loud what they see, feel and believe.

What are you speaking out loud? The truth is that your voice and what you say has always influenced your city. Because a city IS its people. Civic squares are nothing without people to skate on the rink. But if enough people band together and stir up bad sentiment about it... nobody will be there. And the best laid plans of mice and men will come crashing down.

What would happen if you decided to speak LIFE over Brantford. What would happen if you gave voice to the things that are great about the city you've chosen to live in. Think about it. Why are you here? You're free to NOT be here... but you are. Why? What would happen if you started speaking out the whys? I'll tell you what would happen. Others would say. "Hmmm. That’s a good point." All of a sudden, 2 people are speaking good things about Brantford.

I'm calling this Prayer version 2.0. Speaking life. One muggy Tuesday night this August, some of my radical, modern day hippie (only we're clean and have jobs) friends and me walked down to Victoria Park armed with an acoustic guitar and a nice new set of bongos. We looked at the Bank and spoke about financial prosperity in the city. We looked at the new University building and we spoke about educational success. We looked at St. Andrews United Church and we spoke about restoration and blessing the poor. We looked at City Hall and spoke about political understanding and unity.

We were simply talking to God and asking Him to increase "LIFE" things in a place that all too frequently sees its share of "DEATH" things. 6 or 7 people gathered around us and wanted to know what we were doing. We told them and asked them what they'd like to see change in Brantford? They said some really harsh, raw things like racism, gun fights, anger, violence, hallucinations and what one girl called "bad things". You didn't have to be Dr. Phil to know that "bad things" really meant some unspeakably bad things. It's not that hard to tell. So we prayed and spoke life, peace and hope. And that's exactly what every member of our team, and even the passers-by, left Victoria Park with that muggy summer evening in August... Life, Hope and Peace.

Prayer is the only way to make the midnight dreams make sense. It paints "the should be" shadows on a canvass then hangs it in the living room. It’s something that seems so intangible yet I know its real.
How? When my eyes are open... everything is fluid. Quickly changing. Unstable and built on ground that could shift at a moment's notice. When my eyes are closed, I come right back to the place of "what should be". It's unchanging and unshakable. It's a place we can call home. And we all need that place.

It's Brantford's "Revitalization Plan" version 2.0. We have to
choose to speak life. Not just for your own sake, but you never know how speaking LIFE could lift the spirits of the next great Brantfordian. We're living in a Brantford where LIFE spreads fast! Want to team up? Email me at brantfordrevolution@gmail.com


Kendra said...

you visited a few months ago, but i just found your comment and am browsing around your blog.

great place you have! i'll be back...

Joseph said...

Maybe of interest on these topics..


Anonymous said...

Great idea! This was the best travel related interview I’ve seen in a long time. Very interesting!

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