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15 November 2007

I love live TV...

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LOVE it I tells ya.

I used to host "Nite Lite". 2.5 hours of live Christian call-in TV where people of all makes and models would... let's say... "share" their...let's say.... "thoughts" about... let's say..."everything".

A couple of my favorites were...

Woman: "Do you know Queen Esther?"
Dave: "Not personally but yes."
Woman: "Remember how she bathed in myrrh?"
Dave: (Worried) "Ummm... OK."
Woman: "How do I make myrrh?"
Dave: "Why do you want to make myrrh?"
Woman: "I'd like to bathe in myrrh"
Dave's Co-host: "Why don't you use a modern perfume... like Calvin Klein?"

Or the day I spoke with the prophet Elijah (who apparently lives just outside Vancouver).

Or the day the phone call started with...

"Once I was in a car accident and I was taken into the throne room of God. He had long flowing hair and rubies for eyes. He told me that in heaven we'd all live on lakes and be farmers"

Like I said... I love live TV

1 comment:

Eric said...

Apparently lightning strikes send you into hyperdrive? Haha!

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